Friday, April 18, 2008

This just in

Here's what just happened. It's a good story I think. So, I was meeting Shannon for lunch at this fantastic little Thai place down the street on Michigan. It's another fantastically beautiful day here in Chicago. I had my ipod on and was waiting to cross Michigan with a bunch of people. I was the person closest to Randolph about to cross the street. So, the light changes and I wait the 2 seconds to see if anyone was going to run the light. No one did. So I started to walk, just like everyone else. All of the sudden, there is a car bumper practically attached to my knee. I ended up with my hand on this car that wanted to turn right, right into me. It's the closest I've come to being hit by a car. So, dumb bitch driver stops, I stop, crowd crossing street nearest me stops. I press pause on my ipod. DBD says out the window "I'm sorry BUT...." at this point, I get pissed and scream at her "NO! No I'm sorry but! Either say 'I'm sorry I damn near hit you with my car two seconds ago' or say 'I'm not sorry' but do NOT say 'I'm sorry but'!!!" This is when the strangest thing ever happened. DBD said nothing, but the crowd around me started to clap. It was like out of a movie, albiet a bad one. I managed a half-curtsy and went on my way. No one let her complete her turn. Hm.


Kathleen said...

yay! Strike a blow for the pedestrian!

that's an awesome story.

Sorry you nearly got run over though.

Vonnie said...

Thanks K. I am very glad I did not get run over. That would have been a whole different story, I'm sure!

Anonymous said...

I HATE it when people try to qualify their apologies! Good for you!

Adorable Girlfriend said...

I wrote a whole comment and the computer went farkakta as I tried to send it.

Just tell me you are OK.

Chuckles said...

Striking a blow for the pedestrian is awesome!

I have started hit cars with whatever I have in my hand if they refuse to stop for me in a crosswalk when I have the light. I whack them in the mirror with my book.

Vonnie said...

Welcome Chuckles!! I feel you must have just found my blog. Glad you're here. Had I book in my hand instead of my precious ipod, I probably would have beat the car with it.