Monday, March 2, 2009

Ups and Downs

Right about now, I: Dislike: Sundays Snow Taxes McDonald's Plantar Faciatis (or however the hell you spell it) Knee pain Dane Cook's continual lameness Nap-free weekends Cold showers with no water pressure(putting this on the HATE list) Pink Dry skin Physical therapy stretches German Lifetime television for women A lack of NCIS marathon this weekend Being brokeish Beyonce Babies with absolutely no schedule and loud screaming habits The near epidemic of the bed bugs in the "greater Chicagoland area" Like: Shamrock Shakes Freshly painted, though short, nails A clean, cozy apartment Gifts given that seem to be a hit Red velvet cupcakes My homemade afghan from my Tante A homework free weekend My job A stylist who is also a friend who will give your bangs a trim when you don't have an appointment because she knows this is of the utmost importance to you A vacation day pending Old Town (it never fails to lift my mood) Dervish Daily Bar and Grill, and those that work there My WoodWick candle (it's just awesome) PAWS, Anti-cruelty, and the pound. Looks like I'll be seeing you soon ( I hope!) Love songs My crush(es) *An amendment. I wrote this list yesterday. Which was before I woke up today, sick as a dog with a horrible evil chest cold. I'm wheezing. I need to cough, yet can't, because it hurts too much. I'm more than a little pissed at whoever gave this to me. And I was just thinking how I had avoided getting sick all winter. Jinxed myself there I guess. So, I am home sick from work today, sitting here just trying to breath without coughing. So, this evil chest cold and whoever gave it to me are #1 on my list of dislikes.


Poptart said...

I'm so sorry to read the you are sick! THAT SUCKS! I wish you lived closer because I would bring you Lois to make you feel better - she is so good at being a sick-person cuddler. Feel better soon!!!

Adorable Girlfriend said...

We share the love of red velvet cupcakes and Shamrock Shakes! Do they put cocoa on them in Chi-town? They don't in the South and that is just wrong, wrong, wrong!

Hope you are feeling better and spring enters soon. :)

Anonymous said...

I hope your feeling good enough for FRIDAY! We get to rock out!