Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The last for 2011, I think **updated** I owed an ode

Making a decision to make this the last post for 2011.
Going to write all of my peeps little vonversions of Haiku.
Fuck the real rules, I'm just going 5 - 7 - 5
These are in place of the schmoopy things I originally wrote and then deleted.


Saying Yes is boss
She is the most amazing
I am blessed with her

MenD, my buddy
My snarky partner in crime
Knowing you is grand

Zombie is my dear
Pumpkin who teaches me stuff
About music nice

Snag has snagria
A cut above all others
A friend to me now

Brando listens well
To my drunken stories swill
And yet, still my friend

BG is a saint
She hears my rant and my roar
And likes me anyway

K-Unit delight
Gives me many things to think
She is wicked smart

Mikey, Mikey, oh
Twitter chats with you are best
You know you matter

B4, before you
I was not so flirty, hm
Fun with you is FUN

Fish is not to blame
About the bad year I've had
Fish is Fish is Fish

Thunda, is there rain?
Not when I read your postings
Orbs and other things

Smut Clyde, you thrill me
I always learn something new
Eager for new words

Another Kiwi
A friend from far away - lucky
I know I am now

Mandos silent dude
Doesn't speak often lately
But sometimes, does so

Pinko, my pinko
Why no love for me at 3?
I like to comment

To those I don't like
A quick punch to your faces
Go away trolls, go

So, there you all go.  My commenters, my friends, my people, my heart.
Without you I am less than, and without you, this sucky blog would not exist.
See you in 2012.*

* Unless something really awesome happens, then I'll totally write about it!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Well, F that

I just wrote and deleted three different posts.  I didn't like my voice at all for them.  That doesn't really happen, so I'm feeling not good about trying for a fourth.
So, instead, here is the video of the song that Sister Hazel closed the show with on Friday.

For those of you not on teh FB, I need to let you know that after the show Friday night, I was genuinely, fully happy for the first time since I lost VonDad.  So, love or hate the band, they did wonders for me just doing what they do.  My favorite lyric of this song: Oh yeah, I might be crazy, that's not the same as insane. I know I'm scared, but that's not the same as being afraid.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Well, at least it's Friday

Wow. Kinda get the feeling that I can pretty much write a bunch of nonsense here, and some people will just comment about whatever the fuck.

So, here's some nonsense.

Tonight, I go see Sister Hazel go ahead and mock, they are my favorite band to see live. I love them.  I didn't get to see them at all in 2010, and I really missed them.  So tonight I go.  To House of Blues.  No point in heading home to just head back downtown, so I'll be hanging around downtown solo for quite a bit tonight. Might get interesting. 

Tomorrow night I go with VonMom and her two friends to the Songs of Good Cheer show at Old Town.  This is a huge deal because: a) This show was one of VonDad's favorite things to do. b) I have never been to Old Town as a concert goer. Never. I don't even think I'll know how to just be there.  I intend to be wasted anyway (see reason a)

Yesterday a little group of us from work - we are calling ourselves the South East Corner Group - went out for a little holiday lunch.  Mad props to Mercat a la Planxa, home to Iron Chef Jose Garces.  Informed of my food allergies, they were more than awesome to me, providing me with my own little plates of awesome when a dish contained something I could not have.  Amazing food, tasty sangria.  Your friend here had a little too much sangria, and now is subject to her fellow SECG people calling her Y-Von and Roxie.  I need to learn now to not tell some of my highly amusing yet very personal stories.

Went to the bank yesterday to cash in a savings bond of mine that we had found in VonDad's things.  Sure, the dude helping me was young, but I didn't think anything of it until he said:
"Wow! I've never seen one of these this OLD!"
Um....that was purchased for me when I was six months old. Fuck you, fuck your youth, and give me my fucking $131.57.  Thanks.

Next week I am only working Monday, Wednesday and Thursday (hopefully just a 1/2 day on Thursday) and am then off until 1/3.  I'm not entirely sure what kind of blogging I'll be doing in that time, part of the reason being that my internet connection at home is sketchy at best.  Besides, since the end of October all I do when I'm not at work is sleep anyway, so not too much to write about there.

Anywho - so those are my tidbits for today.
Now. go do what you all do, and write about completely unrelated things in my comments.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Random stuff

  • VonSis and I decided to get VonMom a piece of "mom jewelry" for Christmas, a little special something to make her feel special on this first Christmas without VonDad.  I had the idea, I did the research, I found the necklace*.  Well, ok, there were three that I liked, and I let VonSis make the final call.  She picked my favorite, which has two charms -  one star, one moon. Each will be engraved with one of our names. VonSis? Of course, she picked the star.  It's cool though - I think the moon is more me anyway.
  • Both VonSis and I realized that last night, the 14th of December, neither of us had even taken the plastic wrapping off of our chocolate advent calendars. Yep, neither of us is really feeling holidayish this year.
  • I had dinner and drinks (ok, it was burgers and beers) with a friend last night. A friend, her husband, and their two kids.  Turns out, my friend needs me. Just for someone to listen, or hug, or for advice.  Time I climb out of my pity pit and help a sister out.  Because lord knows she's been there for me more than a time or two.  I'm happy to be needed instead of needy.
  • I tried to use cheesy hair metal lyrics as my FB status updates this week. I'm ashamed to say it only lasted three days. Sigh. Ok, but please note, I was trying to use lyrics that fit in to my life. So, not just throwing up an "She's only 17....". But relevant. Or, as relevant as cheesy hair metal lyrics can be.
  • I did use Dishwalla lyrics today, though not metal, they are the lyrics that are most like me, or so I've been told by more than a few dudes I know. They are: "You had the look like of an angel, it was such a bad disguise. When you drink it makes you angry, when I drink I want you more and more and more".  Good song, better lyrics. 
  • Friday night is the much anticipated Sister Hazel show at the HOB.  Sure, I bought one ticket, and would have been totally fine going by myself.  BUT - it looks like I have at least two fine people meeting me there, so it will be an even more awesome time.  Sure, go ahead and mock, but I love love love Sister Hazel live, and I didn't get to see them once last year. I can't let anymore time go by without seeing them.  I need the mood lifter I know their shows give me.
  • We're going to some fancy place tomorrow for holiday lunch. It's called Mercat a la Planxa. I was ho-hum about the decision to go there, I usually love our steak house holiday meals, but this place is owned by Iron Chef Jose Garces.  NOW I'm intrigued!! I'll have to report back on that.  We're also changing it up a bit, and going with some other people in the office, and not just LB1 and me.  There's seven of us going all together. Should be fun.
  • Book club book is 1Q84 by Murakami.  I sadly had to put Dance with Dragons down again, as I'm obsessed with reading the book club book the second it's assigned to us.  Um, a w k w a r d - there's a whole lotta sexy times in this book.  Not that I can't talk about that kind of thing with book club, but, **shuffles feet** I'm not sure I can talk about that kind of thing with book club.  And I'm only about 60 pages in. 

*Etsy, bitches!! Shop small businesses this season !! yeah yeah yeah!!!

Monday, December 12, 2011

99 problems

I don't know why I've been on a streak bender tear writing about man troubles lately, but here is another story for your reading pleasure.

If you recall, I had a wicked crush on GermanClassDude for a very long time.  I had promised myself that should the occasion happen that one or both of us was no longer taking the class that I would ask him out.

A while ago (kinda too embarrassed to tell you just how long ago, so a while ago) it happened. He dropped the class, as did I, and I emailed him. We emailed back and forth for a bit, and I finally hit send on this email:
'well, let me know if you want to hang out sometime!'

And I received no response.

I was bummed, then I was pissed.  I could not believe that this "nice guy" was not so nice, and I went out on a limb and .......righteous indignation etc.....

And I told my best gal pals all about it.

And then they dropped the bombs on me - one right after the other:
Apparently, my email was VAGUE and could be discounted and misinterpreted etc etc etc.

Time would pass, and I would see GermanClassDude around with his cute bald head and walking his cute little dog.....and I would seethe and ignore him.  Sure, on the occasions that he saw me, he'd wave, and I'd kinda pretend to not see him and just keep on driving......

Gal pals decided recently to bring up this whole debacle.  And they harangued me. And pestered me. Ok, maybe they just suggested nicely that I get to the bottom of this. Were they right? Was I vague? I am never vague!! Or was I right? He wasn't interested, and was not nice guy enough to just say it......

Then last night happened.  I was a little tipsy with a combination of Champagne, beer, and sugar cookies, and I went online to see who was around.
And there he was.


Typy type type

So, I need to ask you a question!

And then I proceeded to go there.
I said blah blah
He said email? refresh my memory!
I did.
Then I asked the question - vague? or not interested?
and I waited
and I opened another beer
and I waited

Ah, yes, I remember this email.
It was, without a doubt VAGUE

Oh? Ok, well sorry to bother you blah blah blah (in my brain? Why the fuck did I even bring this up! He must think I'm insane! Because clearly, I am insane!)

His response:
There's something to the not interested too - I was dating a different woman at that time. But I should have responded, either way.

No no no!! Bluster back pedal (wtf am I doing!! crazyVon! crazy!)

Him: I'm sorry, though. I wasn't sure if you wanted to "hang out" or "go out"
in for a pound, in for a penny!!!
Me: Well, I wanted to hang out to see if we should maybe go out.....

Him: Oh. Yeah, still it was vague.
Me: And I'm guessing you're not single now....
Him: Nope
Me: Friends?
Him: Sounds good.

At least I have a story to amuse you.  And I'm guessing he now has a story to amuse his friends and co-workers, so there's that.

And now I know the deal.

But, really, ME?!?! VAGUE!?!??

Happy Monday

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Small world, take 2

Christ on a cracker.

That's what I muttered last night when:

I was sitting at  Jury's having a drink with a lovely friend waiting for the rest of the book club ladies to show up
Lapse in Judgement 2010 walks in the fucking door.
With clearly his chubby yet not cute kinda troll looking girlfriend.

We avoided each other the entire evening.

Which didn't prevent me from thinking to myself fifteen times once or twice....
'Ew. I slept with him??'

Monday, December 5, 2011

It's a small world, after all.

I've always thought it was not only cool, but kinda handy to know a million billion people.
Because, I know a million billion people.
I'm not stupid nor vain enough to say all of these folks are my friends, but I do know them, and they know me. 
LandOverLord recently said that he and VonSis are going to create a game called Six Degrees of Von. Bet it'd be just as interesting as the Kevin Bacon version.....
And in some instances, some of them swear they know me, but I don't know them - but I blame that on my horrible memory.
Last night came the first but I'm certain not the last time that knowing all of these people is not a good thing.
I was hanging out with A, who is one of my current distractions.  We were talking about nothing in particular, when I remembered a question I had been meaning to ask him:
V: "Where did PC go to high school?"
A: "Loyola"
V: "God fucking damn it"
A: "?"
V: "This year's lapse in judgement (known to you, dear reader, as L) knows PC."
A: "Who's that?"
V: "L" **sigh**
A: "Oh damn. I know that guy. You dated that guy?!!?!"
V: "Dated? No....I just know how it is...."

A: "That guy is a douchebag. He had  some issues too"
V: "Uh, huh. Well, PC is a douchebag, so I am so not surprised they are friends"

At this point, I lost any and all interest in any further discussion on the topic. On any topic really. Truthfully, I wanted A to leave.
A is not really a stupid guy, and he told me not to be upset about the whole L thing.  I informed A that he had no idea what he was talking about, and that I had no interest in talking about it further.

Sure, I get it, I did this to myself. I could have kept the knowledge to myself, and I have no idea why I even brought it up. I think I knew the truth without having A validate it for me.  I had no idea that I would get bummed out about it.

My ideas of fun, frivolous place holding distractions are already getting messy.  I don't know if it's me or them, but it's definitely happening.  I'm wracking my brains trying to figure out why this is happening, which isn't really helping. 

Turns out I might be more of a girl than I currently like to admit to myself.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

F*ck you Thursday

 Today, I give you Fuck You Thursday

The topic of today's Fuck you? 2011.
All of it.
I'm done done done with it.

Here's a recap-
February - H1N1
March - Pneumonia
April - TMJ
May - Busted the hell out of my ankle, which lasted through August
July - This year's lapse in judgement (L bastard)
August - see July
September - Root canal that led to infection, that led to  C Diff (again), that compromised my kidneys (again)
October - Lost my Dad
November - Porcupine in throat/chest cold from hell

With very few exceptions, 2011 has SUCKED for me. As in, the worst year of my life, as it contains the worst day of my life 10/23/11.

So, here I sit, counting down the days until 2012. No, I have no big plans for New Year's Eve. Likely, I'll be taking VonMom out to dinner then home to bed.

I have no hopes for 2012. I've turned in to a realist that way. No knight in shining armour will be sweeping me off my feet, I will not win the lottery, I will not write a prize winning book. I will not master the guitar and write the next great song. 
I simply hope it will be slightly better than 2011.

Because I'm tired.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Totally stole this. Don't care.

1) What are you reading at the moment?

A Dance with Dragons. George RR Martin
2) As a child, what did you read under the covers?
All of those evil VC Andrews books - Flowers in the Attic, etc. So scandalous.
3) Has a book ever made you cry, and if so which one?
The Time Traveler's Wife, and every freaking one of the Songs of Ice and Fire books. Stupid George RR Martin.
4) You are about to be put into solitary confinement for a year and allowed to take three books. What would you choose?
The Mists of Avalon, Pride and Prejudice, Behind the Mask: The IRA and Sinn Fein
5) Which literary character would you most like to sleep with?
The vampire LeStat
6) If you could write a self-help book, what would you call it?
You must be really F-ed, if You're Reading THIS Book

7) Which book, which play, and which poem would you make compulsory reading in high school English classes?

Book: The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao
Play: Go Ask Alice
Poem: Dr. Seuss (any and all)
8) Which party from literature would you most like to have attended?
The tea party from Alice in Wonderland
9) What would you title your memoirs?
Stop me when I'm Lying
10) If you were an actor, which literary character do you dream of playing?
Buffy from Feed

Monday, November 21, 2011

Stupid post

I've written and deleted three different posts for today.
I guess that goes to show where my mind is at.
But I wanted to post something, so the fourth time may be the charm.
Weekend Highlights:
  • Shannon's birthday at DANK. Cupcakes, Schnapps, People, Bohnanza.
  • Dance show at Old Town. Not just entertaining, but truly fascinating.
  • Saturday night. Totally confused by my messed up memory and my misconceptions about someone. Pleasantly surprised overall.
  • The play list I've been working on for a while is finally finished, and finally perfect.
  • Solid three hour nap on Saturday, 2 1/2 hour nap Sunday.
  • Work thing finished, handed in, and proud feelings about that.
Weekend Lowlights:
  • "Tucked Dad In" aka - the interment of my Dad's ashes at the cemetery. Yes, I lost it a few times. I would have been ok-ish had the priest not brought up Thanksgiving. So I lost it.
  • Person I really really really dislike that I had to work with at the Old Town. I try to ignore her, but it's pretty impossible.
  • Breaking one of my own rules, which messed up most of my Sunday.
  • Had a dream about Dad, woke up sobbing, could not fall back asleep.
  • Questioning my ability to read people.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

So busy, so I'll cheat. And break a sweat

So, I was out too late (again) and didn't get any sleep (again), so I was a right Zombie when I got in my car at 6:30 this morning.
Turned on the radio.
Heard the above.  I car danced my way alllll the way to the train station.

That is all.
W!O!R!D! UP!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Tough love via a guitar

Last week, VonMom made this statement about VonDad's guitar:
"If you're not going to play it, then you cannot have it."
Way to tough love me, VonMom.
So, went to breakfast Saturday morning with her, and assured her that yes, the guitar was in my car, meaning yes, I was going to class.

I went to Old Town - after I parked, I realized it was the first time I'd been there since VonDad passed.
Got myself in the door, got myself signed up for class, picked up a paycheck, and headed to the store to get the guitar tuned.
Handed guitar to dude in store.
Dude: "Wow. This is a really nice guitar."
So, I did go to class, knowing full well that favorite teacher man knew the situation.
"I will sit by the door, in case I need to leave."
"You do what you need to do."
Not only did I survive class, but ultimately, I enjoyed it.  We played a few songs  I had learned before, so it was easier than I had expected.
Whenever I looked up, teacher man was smiling in my direction, nodding his head - his way of encouraging me to keep going forward.
At one point, he said "It's like riding a bicycle."  and I felt that that was true.
About half way through class, I found myself singing along and enjoying my playing, which I didn't think would happen so quickly.  It was mostly bitter, small parts sweet, but I did it.

After class, teacher man said "See you next week?"
*sigh* "No, we're having my dad's internment. I'll be at the cemetery." *sigh*

One step forward, two steps back.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I mean, how could you NOT.....

Man, I was TOTALLY going to marry Slash.....
But this is more about the weather and my mood than the hot that is (was?) Slash.

Enjoy, minions  CO-HORTS (better???)

I must go wipe the sweat off my brow.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Me quoting me

Yep, I said it.
Here are some of the things I said over the weekend.*
'Cause it might be entertaining.

  • I think J is married. Or dead. These are the only two logical explanations.
  • No, I did not have company last night. That was your tennant. Go, tennant, go.
  • Why, yes, I did throw away the Color Me Badd and the Debbie Gibson.
  • You can shower at my house, and sleep in my bed. I promise not to touch you.
  • It took me over five hours and three industrial garbage bags.
  • I need you to come downstairs and bring a killing thing with you.
  • If I can't shit, you can't sit.
  • Oh, my, you look so Or Polish. Or both.
  • .....spins a web, from his hand, Man that's cool Spider Man!.....
  • I think, you know, like a spring. But not just a spring, a cool spring, with stuff in or around it.
  • Thank you for not making me smack your heads together.
  • Ain't no party like an A Team party. Which one am I again?
  • So I'm just supposed to rinse the still moving legs down the drain?!
  • and then, you know, I got those unsolicited dick pics......
  • How nice of him. Want to come play barbies?
See? Now it's like you were right there with me.
And yes, I was sober the entire weekend. No, no new meds, just no time to drink.

*In completely random order

Friday, November 4, 2011

borrowing Fuck you Friday

So, I'm going to go ahead and borrow Fuck you Friday from the Zombie.
I don't think he'll mind.
And if he does, I apologize.

Today's target of the Fuck you Friday are the couple 'o dudes in my life who find more fun in flirting via text and email and IM than in actually hanging out in person.  Flirting is fun and all, but I want MORE.

Head Games by Foreigner just popped up on the iPod - a sign? I think so!

Saluting you with a kiss to my middle finger E, A, and J.
You're almost out of chances. 

Because, you know, I'm vulnerable and prone to making bad decisions......

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Awesome people are awesome

Against all wishes, time does indeed soldier on.
I guess I'll have to move along with it.
Back to work this week. Some days are more difficult than others, but the busy distraction is definitely good for me.

So, there was this non-Von-birthday thing last Friday night.
I had every intention of cancelling it, but VonMom argued against it, and to be honest, VonMom pretty much gets whatever she wants these days.

I went ahead with it.  I sent an email to all those invited and said hey, let's all meet and have a drink to my dad instead.

I had a friend pick me up an hour early, just so I could get there and have a drink and settle in to the evening.  Upon arrival, ran into two of my Old Town friends who were early for the get together.  An area was secured and we got to drinking.  My first drink was a perfect Rob Roy on the rocks with a twist - Dad's drink. It was super yucky, but I drank it.  A steady stream of people I love started showing up.  An even steadier stream of beer found it's way down my throat.  A few shots decided to join the party. "To Bob!" "Yes! To Bob!" slam slam slam.

This awesome person showed up with her awesome hubbs. She said "So, a friend of mine is coming." My response "the more the merrier" and all that business.
Not long after, she said "My friend is here", so I turned around and there was this guy. I fully admit that I almost started crying to see him there, but the case of New Glarus beer he had brought me put the smile right back on my face.  I made my way around the bar, and realized that a good third of the place was my friends and family. Not to mention the dear dear friend of mine who was bar tending that night.  As I was talking to some people, another great friend showed up. There was hugging and happy bdaying and condolencing. yes, I totally know I made that word up, so shut up.

Wow, three of my favorite bloggy friends, all in one place! Four if you count Grizzled, and I totally do.  I don't really feel I had enough time or sobriety to spend with them, but the fact that they were there is so special to me.

Sure, I got wasted, and sure, I told some people some secrets I probably should not have, but I'm hiding behind my family's statement that I am 'vulnerable and prone to making bad decisions' right now.  I DO remember telling the entire bar that I got me some the night before. Why, yes, reader, you totally read that right - I got me some on my birthday. But that's a post for another day. Or, you can ask Jennifer, Z, or Brando, since I'm sure I told them the story more than once at the bar!

I received this email from eldest VonSis* the next day: 'It made me smile to see you hugging and telling every single one of your friends that you loved them last night. And I know it wasn't the booze or the cupcakes talking, you actually meant it. You told them all. That's great.'
She's right. I did hug and tell everyone that came out that night that I loved them - because I do.  I don't think (aside from our parents) we tell each other that enough.  As you all well know, my friends are incredibly important to me, and I do love them. Each and every one.
Sure, I may be vulnerable and prone to making bad decisions** right now, but I'm also living the John Mayer "Say what you need to say" mantra right now.
I hope that I continue to be honest with my feelings with everyone for a while, and that it's not just a knee-jerk reaction to losing my Dad. We'll see.  I could use a little softening around the edges.

*Officially dropping the Step sib moniker from the J5.  They're my family, and I'm going to try to keep them that way, so from now on, they'll all just be VonSis and VonBro. There are five of them, and one actual VonSis, so I'll try to be pretty clear about who's who.

**Whoever makes me a tshirt, button, wall hanging that says this phrase will be my new best friend forever.  If tshirt, I'm a 3x. I like 'em big.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

See that twinkly smile?

Here they are, VonMom and VonDad.
See the twinkle? That's where I get it from.
This was just taken on October 2nd. At my sister's birthday party.
Such a great day - he was happy and smily and having lots of laughs.

No regrets, Dad, you and I? We loved each other well.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Fridge note:

Dear -
  • Fish
  • MenD
  • BG
  • K-Unit
  • Pinko
  • AK
  • Smut
  • B4
  • Thunder
  • Mikey
Please email me your mailing address. My email is


Monday, October 24, 2011

Everything to me

This week, I had been planning to write a letter to myself, for my birthday.
But of course, life got in the way, and yesterday was the worst day of my life.
My dad died yesterday so suddenly that I'm still reeling, and in shock. So instead of sleeping or getting ready for tomorrow (which promises to be another awful day), I'm going to write him a letter.

Dear Dad,
Thank you for choosing to be my dad. With five kids already, you didn't blink an eye when you took on the tornado that was me and my sister.  Thank you for loving my mother so fiercely and completely for as long as I can remember.  Thank you for telling me to "look it up in the dictionary", because today my spelling, vocabulary and grammar are enviable.  Thank you for telling me to "not piss my life away", because that is the reason my life is so full and awesome as it is.  Thank you for loving me enough to see past the tattoos, the weird hair colors and clothes, the cranky and snarky that is me and love me every day anyway.

Thank you for handing me the unfinished crossword puzzle last Thursday with the little grin on your face, when you said "Can you help me finish it?".  Thank you for asking my opinion on everything from baseball to cars to politics.  Thank you for teaching me how to put air in the tires, check the oil, and jiggle the wires until it works again.

I loved that our phone calls always started with "Hi Dad it's me!" "Hello me! What's up?" and ended with a chuckle and an "Ok honey, you take care."  I loved to make you laugh, and tried to do it every time I saw you.  I loved your laugh, and the twinkle in your eyes, like you and I were the only ones in on the best joke ever.

You taught me just about everything I know, and I think my love of music and desire to play music comes entirely from you.  I'll never forget the day you came into my room when I was blasting a new CD over and over. I expected you to tell me to turn it down. Instead, you asked who I was listening to, stayed for a minutes, said "I really like this" and walked out.  I was so happy that you were so hip!

Though hugging you was so hard for me since you had become so little over the last few years, they were always good long hugs, with a bristly peck on my cheek to follow. I know you know that that was way better than the nights that I just yelled down the stairs to you "BYE DAD!" "Bye honey!"

Thank you for being so very honest with every question I've ever asked you. I think you were shocked more than once by the questions, but you always gave them thought, and answered honestly.
Thank you for having an opinion on the things I was smart enough to ask your opinions.  Especially on the most important thing I ever went through on my own.
On the same note - thank you for letting me live my life as I saw fit.  You really gave me wings to fly and I think you really dug watching me soar. You never meddled, I always felt like I was on this great ride, and you and Mom were watching happily from the ground, keeping an eye on me, but letting me have the loops and thrills along the way.

I love that you have always loved my friends, all of them.  Though you admitted that they are a huge, diverse and sometimes motley crowd, you took pains to remember who was who, and I think you genuinely liked to be in their company, as much as they liked to be in yours. I was so proud to have "the cool Dad". I'll never forget the day you said to me "You're just like me, Vonnie. Can't leave the house without running into someone you know! Between the two of us, we probably know everyone!"

I think the universe got it right when it put our family together.  There couldn't possibly be any other man who could have been my Dad.  A perfect fit, even though it didn't happen the usual way.  I am so grateful that there is not a moment of my life that I don't remember you in.  I feel that the time I've had with you is just not enough, but 100 years wouldn't be enough. 

May angels lead you in, Dad - a wonderful Dad, husband, grandpa, engineer, pool player, tenor, musician, magician, jokester, gin rummy winner, silly dude.  May angels lead you in.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Party's Over

Please pick up after yourself. Let's leave the place as clean as we found it. In the meantime, one more video.

Sweating all over Von's blog

Friday, October 21, 2011

Von Voyage!

Thanks to Thunder for the title.
I think my phone is working, but this font seems off. Who cares! We're in Boston and it's going to be wicked pisser! I may never come back .

One more before I go

I thought I'd leave one more "post" before I go. If you can call posting a video a post!
I might try to post while on the road, that is if my stupid smart phone lets me!
Now, it's on to BOSTON!
Oh, you know I love you. Play nice while Von is gone. I'll be watching!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Update on the un-dateable

Yesterday I had to quit both free dating web sites.
I had been thinking about it anyway, but then this happened:
I received not one, but TWO emails containing pictures of stranger men's penises.
And NO, I didn't ask for them.
I had been emailing with one man who seemed nice enough, and out of the blue - BAM - dick pic.
I thought, ok WTF and stopped emailing with him.  Then I reported him to the site.
Logged off there, went over to the other site, same thing happens!
I sat back and did some intro-spection -
'Am I the kind of woman that attracts this? What did I do to make this happen? Who in the hell does this?! What kind of reaction are the expecting to get from that!?!?!!?'
As I got more and more irate, I just went and disabled both accounts.
Before I disabled them, I did email two other non-dick pic sending men I had been having normal chatting emails with. I gave them my phone number so they could call or text me instead.
I doubt I'll hear from either one of them.
You get what you pay for, I guess, and these sites were both free.

I did have to laugh when my new train friend B said "Well, were you disgusted by the pictures, or more.........disappointed?"

So, here I remain - Vonbyherselfforfuckingever.

I'm blaming L for my current state of being.  I was totally and completely fine being alone before he got himself involved with me and then dropped off the face of the planet.
Now, I'm wanting something I hadn't wanted for a while, and confused and hurt as to why I just can't have it.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Not awesome

Things are not going awesome in the world of online dating, at least for me.
I've had a few go nowhere texters.
I did meet one guy the other night.
I was sure that I would be the one to politely decline a second date, as in my opinion I was 100% dating down, but he gave me the heave ho via email the next day.
Sure, it was two hours and $4.75 of my time, but it's shaken my ability to read people.
It has also called in to question my high opinion of myself.  Perhaps I am not as awesome as I think I am.  Or, even worse, perhaps my personality does NOT outweigh other less stellar attributes.

Tonight, I'm supposed to be meeting Junior. I call him Junior because he is 5 years young and 3 inches shorter than what I consider my minimums.  But, he's persistent, and we've had some fun via email.  A little concerned we are meeting without having even exchanged phone numbers yet.  Stranger still that the meeting is likely to occur at either my house or his.  This is only because our first meeting plan is to have an incredibly competitive game of Scrabble.  Sure, I could get murdered, or disappear, BUT if I do go to his place, it will be proof to me that he is not married.

I may be way too naive for this whole Internet dating thing.  My biggest concern is this:
My friends are so fantastic, and do not lie to me.  I do not lie, in fact, one of my faults is being way too honest way too much of the time.  I'm finding out through this Internet trial by fire that I assume everyone is as honest as my friends and I are, all of the time.  I need to stop doing that.  It's not doing me any good, not in this area, at least.

So, this is more of a rant than a post. But it's all that's in my head right now.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Von for MEOW

Um, so I don't have a cat, I'm allergic. But if I could, this would be my cat.
This is Simon's Cat.
If you haven't seen any of these before, you are MISSING OUT.
So check out the rest.

p.s. I do an awesome Simon's Cat voice.

p.p.s. Yes, smart asses, I totally broke a sweat posting this video for you.

Happy Friday.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Plenty of what the f.......

In an effort to forget that L ever existed, and to get myself out of the emotional rut I've been in, amongst other things....
I drunkenly signed up on two free dating websites.
Why one when you can be on two??

Anyway. I did this over the weekend when I was home, alone, drunk.

So, yeah, not an awesome start right there.

The upside, though, is that I'm damn funny, even when drunk.  So my profiles read wicked awesome.  And I have three cute pictures of me that I put up.

I forgot about it, then went on both sites Sunday afternoon to see what was up.
Oh, F word.

Damn it all to hell. Fat fetishists (ICK) and chubby chasers galore.  NOT for me.
So, I had to put the bitch beat down on every single one of those.  Some were a little more persistant than others - those had to be reported to the sites.  I do not play around with the nasty side of things.

Once I got over the shock of all the nasty, I weeded out some definitely nots - nicely, sent them all reply emails with various reasons why they were not the one, ending with 'Good luck with your search!' - and ended up emailing with a few very nice dudes.

It's now Wednesday, and I'm up to three Tims, who are now Tim Dom, Tim Pumpkin Hat, and Tim Cupid; Bill (fiesty one), Jeff  (sweet and too young, but the email was so nice he's in the keep pile), Adam (we'll see on this one) and two other dudes I don't know the names of yet.

I'm really kinda not too serious about this, some might call them place holders (ahem, story for another day, if it ever gets fully resolved), but I'm willing to give it a shot.

The downside is that it's like a gdmn part time job. The texting, the emailing, the picture posting, the updating.  Thank God both sites have apps for my Android. Still, though, it's a pain in the ass.

Currently in the lead is Tim Cupid, who I'm likely to meet this weekend. He's heading out of town next weekend for 2 months for work training. So we're going to meet to see if we want to be email or text friends while he's away.  He's hilarious, and agrees that I have fantastic hair.

At the very least, you all should get some pretty good stories out of this whole thing.

And oh, yeah, my internet crushes - you probably know who you are - you're still in my heart o' hearts, you're just both so damn far away.......

Monday, October 3, 2011

Random Monday

  • Someone is heating up something stinky. It's only 11am, c'mon people.
  • I'm going to see the Mekons on Wednesday. And hanging out with a Zombie. Be jealous.
  • Bedroom overhaul 2011 is moving forward, full steam ahead.  I have about two weeks to take everything out of there and clean it. Then my bestie will be painting it. Hopefully after that the overlords will be putting it all back together when I'm out of town.
  • I'm going to BOSTON!! In 18 days.
  • Oh, and Shannon and TheMarty are going too.......
  • I'm learning new things about college football. I like to yell "GO BIG RED!"
  • I only moped minimally this past weekend. Yeah me. 
  • Von birthday fun times is happening 10/28. Get yourselves to Chicago, and I'll buy you a beer. I swear it.
  • The episode of Dr. Who on Saturday blew my mind. I watched it twice. TWICE.
  • SNL was actually good on Saturday - Melissa McCarthy was hosting. Enough said.
  • I love having a DVR thingy.
  • I've read 27 pages of A Dance with Dragons.  Only 800,000,000 to go.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

All I can write today

Once upon a very different time,
There was a very different girl,
With purple plaid well fought for,
A blue ring that was never quite right,
and yard and yards of perfect white satin

Monday, September 19, 2011

Movies movies movies (aka Von's boring weekend)

So, L was out of town this past weekend, and likely is in the process of kicking me to the curb (more on that another day)
Which worked out well, because one of my bosses needed me to do some work over the weekend.
And by some, I mean a lot of mind numbing researchy stuff.
So I thought
'Hey! I can finally watch those two movies I've had from Netflix since June!'
I am so not kidding. What, I get busy a  lot.
First up?
The Social Network. I liked this movie. I dare say I even liked it more than I thought I was going to like it.
Followed by:
The Kids are All Right. Or whatever the fuck it's called. I stopped caring by about minute 29. Needless to say, I hated this movie, and everything about it. I guess it's cool to name your kid Laser. I guess. Ok, no, it's actually not cool at all. Hated this so much, I want that time back.
Since I was on a movie kick, I ordered Paul on the tv.
I was SO disappointed in this! I am a huge Simon Pegg/Nick Frost fan. I will watch Hot Fuzz, Spaced, or Shaun of the Dead over and over and over and over.
Hated Paul. Perhaps because I hate Seth Rogen, and he voices the alien, but no, I think it was way more than that.
Looking for some movie redemption, and a break from working, went to see Contagion.
Great movie. Saw it with a friend who has a Master's degree in Public Health.
She filled me in on how very realistic it was.
Remembered my shitty health year I've been having.
Went home and googled "bubble". No such luck.  I now have hand sanitizer containers just about Everywhere.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Sorry, this one is a downer

You all know I'm addicted to delightful God-daughter (DGD, I'll call her for the rest of this post) like she's crack.
She's everything to me, and the closest thing I'll ever have to my own offspring.

Well, Wednesday morning, I woke up to this text from her mom:
'One of DGD's friends died. I don't think I can handle this'

Friends, DGD is 11 years old.

She's never experienced death before, being lucky to have very healthy grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc.  I think she had a gold fish die once, that's about it.

After a flurry of texts and emails, I found out that DGD's friend and classmate had passed away six days before his 12th birthday. He had brain cancer, and had been diagnosed under a year ago. 

My stupid question was how is DGD handling it? Her mom told me that there's a lot of sobbing in their house, and things are not good.

The only thing I can think to do is cancel my plans for tonight, and go to this wake with them. Of course, both of DGD's parents will be there, but in this situation I think she needs all of the people around her that she can get.  Like I said, it's the only thing I can think to do. Being with her always makes me feel better, I can only hope that I do the same for her.  I don't think I'll have much to say, because what do you say?  VonMom said I need to be strong for DGD. I'm not sure how strong I'll be. Admittedly, I do not have nor ever intend to have kids of my own, but if anything were to happen to DGD, Oh My God. I can't even.......

So take this for what it is.  Hug someone you love today, whether they are a child or a grown up.  Love someone you hug today.

And say a prayer for that poor little boy.  May angels lead him in, and comfort his family.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Monday, September 12, 2011

And I remain....

Two years ago, a reader asked what Von for now meant.
At the time, I was not prepared to answer that question.
This being my 500th post, I think it's a good time to try to explain it.

Hi, I'm Yvonne
Before I popped out of VonMom, in her head, I was to be Yvette.
She forgot.
No, I'm not kidding. She found the note in her purse a few days after she had me with Yvette written on it.
"Close enough", she thinks she said. Thank GOD, because I am so not an Yvette.
Though she tried really, really hard to get the world in general to call me EJ (middle name is actually Jae. Cool, for the mid-70s, I guess). It didn't stick. There's one person in my life who calls me EJ to this day, and I call her Sissy even though her name is Diane.  EJ is ok, but like I said, it didn't stick.
VonSis wasn't down with either Yvonne (fyi, pronounced EEEEE-von, and do not fuck it up, or I will killz you) or EJ.  She had her own mind, even at 1 1/2 years old.
She decided on Vonnie.
And it stuck.
From birth to mid high school. I was Vonnie to just about everyone. Even the places I worked.  The Girl Scouts of Chicago organization only knows me as Vonnie.
Yes, I have corrected about nine million people that No, my name is not Bonnie. It's Vonnie. But it became second nature, like breathing.

There started to be variations, after a while: Vonster Monster, Y-von (pronounced Why-von), Y, you get the drill.

Eventually, I met Shannon. She doesn't really like nicknames, and she had a best friend growing up named Yvonne, so I started the slippery slope back to my "given name".
But I was uncomfortable in this Yvonne-skin. 
Yvonne is me at work, when networking, when working at Old Town. Yvonne is very serious and task driven.
Yvonne is NOT me, at least not 100% of the time.

Then I met SIL1X, who has nicknames for just about everyone in her life.  Sure, who she met was Vonnie, but who she named was Von. 
I LOVED Von, pretty much more than I've ever loved a name I'd been given (ok, except for "Tuesday Night", but that's another story for another time).
Von is the social butterfly made of metal. She was a teenage anarchist. She is the music loving, wishing to dye her hair blue to this day, rebel who still owns her black leather motorcycle jacket.  Von, it turns out, is pretty bad ass.
No wonder some people who had been in my life longer than others did not take to Von. Not only did they not take to it, they hated it.  Perhaps Von is not the person they think I am, or want me to be.

So, when I decided to start this whole blogging thing (holy shit, 500 posts ago!), I started thinking about a name.  I didn't want anything trite, lame, bland.
I realized that I am not a still pond.  I am a roiling ocean - ever changing, ever challenging.
As I change, so does my name. As I grow, so does my life.

So there you have it.  I am Von, for now.

And as it is my 500th post - I want to say part of who I am today, mostly the good parts, I thank you all for. Most especially: Jennifer, Mendacious, Zombie, Brando, Becky, BG, K-Unit, Mikey, B4, Snag, Fish, Thunda, my beloved New Zealanders and Mandos. Wicked props to TheMarty and of course Shannon, for showing me this wacky wonderful world of blogging.
Hope you all keep reading, and I'll keep writing.

Friday, September 9, 2011

A GENTLE reminder

I NEVER got my Toy Story aliens (THE CLAW!!!) cake last year.
Y'all have 48 days to get that done.

Here's a picture, to get your creativity all awhirl.

Just saying

My personal laptop is on the fritz. Again.
Normally this would freak me out, I mean, if I don't buy at least a handful of songs on iTunes, I go through withdrawal.....but anyway.
This time, I took a deep breath
and called my brother.  Both brothers have mad skillz when it comes to anything computer related, but I called the one that has a link up installed on my computer.
"Hi. My computer is broken."
"Yes, again."
"Ok, so it won't connect to the internet, like at all. You fix?"
"So, um, can you get into my computer and look around?"
*chuckle* "You don't have internet. So no, I can't get in and look around"
It would be funny if it wasn't so unfunny
Because he's awesome, he agreed to come over last night and check things out.
After about two hours of messing and digging and digging and restarting and me whining that I was hungry he offered to take it home so he could mess with it when he had time.
Of course I agreed to that.
I also agreed to tag along to dinner with him and his lovely wife. 

Which he paid for.

The point of my boring Friday tale?
See, I spend a lot of time talking about how awesome my friends are, and how much more they are to me than my own family.
And then something like this happens, and I have to say to myself
"Hey, my family is pretty cool sometimes too"

Now go hug a family member or something

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Random schtuff

  • Yes, blogger, I am aware I have 4 three posts to go before the big 5-0-0. I'm still thinking about that one.
  • When it comes to people in general, I am wicked good at dealing with them, when it comes to men I fancy, I have zero clue what I'm doing.
  • I CAN survive and stay awake for a 6 + hour drive that begins at midnight after working seven hours and being up all day without a nap.
  • I can do the above because Shannon is hilarious, and incredibly easy to talk to, and my best friend.
  • I can also survive the car ride when the destination is the North Woods of WI. So so so pretty. Too bad it was such a short trip.
  • Sometimes my food allergies and food hang ups (ie, I do not eat ribs or chicken wings simply because I cannot eat meat on the bone. If my teeth hit bone, the meal is over for me) make me very shy and self-conscious.
  • New people can be entertaining, but pretension can be annoying.
  • New Glarus beer is my favorite beer right now.  Again? Still? Either way, yum.
  • I do not like the show "Big Sexy". The girls on it make fun of skinny girls. Not cool, ladies.
  • I will always help clean up any mess I made, but will punch someone if I have to clean up a mess I had no part of.
  • Playing games is super fun. I don't think I play enough games. I need to start scheduling some game nights or something.  Plus, playing games often leads to fantastic inside jokes - even if you just met someone.
  • I fear a man who carries a machete around for fun.
  • I cannot go two and a half days without listening to my music, or music I like. Sorry TheMarty and Shannon, I needed it like a drug on the drive home.
  • Eight people in a cabin, five men and three women, and only one bathroom. Not a problem. This time.
  • I'll be in Boston in eight weeks. Who's counting? I'm counting. Didn't make it out there last year, missing it like a phantom limb.
  • L's favorite band is Rush. I know this is a problem for some friends, and a bonus for others. I think it's funny.
And how was your weekend?

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Just thinking

I don't watch reality television, pretty much ever.
Sure, I'll admit to recording (dvring?) every episode of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding over the weekend, and staring transfixed at that for hours, but beyond that, I don't do it.
I don't count Food Network shows (Iron Chef, the Best Thing I Ever Ate, Dinner Impossible) as reality tv.
I saw a promo that intrigued me.  Some channel is debuting a show called "Big Sexy". I think it's just a few episodes, following some charmingly chubby chicks in some big city, New York, likely.  I think they do or want to work in fashion somehow.  There's like five of them or four.
See how well I pay attention?
What I found interesting in the promo was how one of the women said
"Some people don't get that not all fat chicks want to be thin"
I could totally be friends with these girls. It appears we are like-minded.
I saw bravo to the network (not sure which one) is going to be airing this show, and double brava to the women in the show. 
I'm all for fat acceptance, and promoting body positive ideas. I hope the show does well. 
I won't be watching it, because it's still reality tv.  I believe more in getting out and living my life, rather than sitting on my ass watching other people's lives on tv. 
My life is WAY more fun and interesting than anything I could watch on tv.

Monday, August 29, 2011

That's what friends are for....

I've got the greatest friends EVER.

You know how I know?

Because they are there for me, at the drop of a hat, every time.

Thought I had plans Friday night, turns out I was wrong. Found out late Thursday night, when L deigned to spend about an hour with me.

Woke up Friday morning in a panic - I was in NO mood to stay home Friday night. That would have been pretty awful, considering my mood lately.

I calmed the F down, and made a quick list in my head.  Texted first person at 7:45 am.
"You free tonight?"
Alas, no.
Texted next person on list at 8:01 am.
"You free tonight?"
"Yes I am!!"
Ah, the tricycle of awesome is truly awesome.
Shannon got us a reservation at Hearty Boys Restaurant.  Wow, we had a fantastic meal!! And some good honest conversation, which I needed. And some drinks. I'm SO off the wagon.

Saturday was Toni's big 4-0 birthday dinner.  Spent a perfect evening at Old Oak Tap. So good. Good food, good company.  Sure, L didn't show up like he had said he would, but I didn't let it ruin my evening.

Sunday, the first person I texted on Friday texted me.....
"What are you doing today?"
My response was that I had to work at Old Town at 5, but was free before then. 
Her response:
"Come over at 3 for fried chicken!"
As in, homemade fried chicken.
Ended up having a fantastic dinner with four people that I really love spending time with.  It was a shame I had to leave so soon, but it was still a blast!

Got to Old Town right on time, and immediately fell into massive crush mode with the entire band Mountain Heart.
They were fantastic, adorable, talented, did I mention adorable, fun.... I highly recommend you check them out. Whole lotta fun. And adorable.

So, while I remain disappointed in the L situation, I'm more than making the best of it.  It helps when you have the greatest friends in the world.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Evil iPod

My iPod is with me today, and on shuffle.
And it's totally messing with my heart feelings this afternoon.
After a calm morning of some good tunes, it's now gone all 666 on my little ticker.

"Lips of an Angel" by Hinder
"Everthing Changes" by Stained
followed by:
"Let it Happen" by Jimmy Eat World
and then:
"You and I Both" by Jason Mraz

Fucking hell, iPod, do you want me jumping out a window?
I'm trying to get some man problems OUT of my head, not dwell on them!
Music - it can fuck me up like nothing else.

Yet, I never turn it off.......

Monday, August 22, 2011


I totally had to delete the last post posted.

It was crap.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Yep, still breathing

Just realized it's been a while since I've posted, and I've got my own rules about these things, so I'm past due to type at you.

I am, as the title suggests, still breathing.  Health-wise everything is pretty good. Down to physical therapy once a week for the busted ankle, and no new aches, pains or illlnesses.

Otherwise, not so awesome.  I have a bad feeling about the guy thing that has been going on for the past month or so.  And I know to trust my bad feelings.  So, I wait for the other shoe to drop, or the blow off to occur, or whatever.  I had spent the first two weeks of this "thing" happily ensconced in "whatever land" where I would be ok either way.  The second two weeks I dared to hope for more/better, and it's looking like that didn't do me any good.
So, I'm working my way back to whatever land. It's not going well.
Damn me for being such a thinker.

Doesn't help that I'm on the wagon, and intend to stay firmly on said wagon until the end of September. I'm telling you, if anyone needs a drink right about now, it's ME.

I did survive/do ok at my first show actually Working at Old Town in my new jobby.  Admittedly I was terrified extremely nervous through most of the evening, but I got through it without having to ask too many questions, and I was able to complete my checklist for the show, so I count that as a win.  Two weeks before my next show, but I don't think I'll forget too much.

Work work is good. Things are steady busy, which provides some distraction from my ever-churning brain.

Chicago has the shittiest radio stations on the planet. Consider this today's public service announcement. 

Friday, August 5, 2011

The return of Fun Friday

I was just told the best thing ever, courtesy of TheMarty:

You are a social butterfly. Made of metal.

This is going to be my new motto/descriptor.

So - minions friendz:

What is the best compliment or description of you have you heard?

yes, I'm going schmoopy mushy for the day. Don't get used to it!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


So, I just typed and deleted and then typed and deleted and then typed and deleted some more.

I'm feeling extra bitchy snarky today, but am not interested in burning any bridges today.

So, you get nothing.

Because I'm feeling a little too mean and evil, even for me.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Go ahead and laugh......

......just know that I can punch. Hard.

I went to see Night Ranger, Foreigner, and Journey on Saturday.
And of course, because I'm me, there's so much more to this story!!

My friend S had purchased the tickets, so I just assumed I'd be making the 90+ minute trek out to the burbs with her.
Not the plan.
S was on vacation until Saturday, and her plan was to meet us there.
Us being me, and her barely friend and his friend.
So, I ended up having to ride out to Tinley Park with two complete strangers. 
I didn't think they were going to kill me when the plan was formulated.  I didn't think anything of it until other people in my life started to freak out about it, thus freaking ME out.
Clearly, I am not dead.
Me being me, they found me to be wonderful, delightful, charming company - or so they kept saying over and over and over.

Alas, due to missing our exit (because I am all of those adjectives, and the conversation just flowed!) we also missed Night Ranger.  Who performed a couple of Damn Yankees songs too - it doesn't suck to have lead singers who were in other bands.

I was super girly excited to see Foreigner.  I had forgotten how much I loved them!! Ok, sure, haters, it's not the original singer - but new guy did really well.  I was hoping for Say you Will, but nope.  They encored with a lengthy guitar filled Jukebox Hero.  And yes, they did sing Dirty White Boy.  I'm adding my Foreigner to the iPod tonight. And putting it on repeat.

Admittedly, I was less excited about Journey. New guy? Asian? Young.  And then, little dude started to sing.  If you closed your eyes through the whole set, you could have swore that Steven Perry was up there.  Plus little dude was excited and energetic and a pleasure to watch.  Sure, I sat during their new tunes (yawn), but LEPT out of my seat for every older one. 

Thankfully, S drove me home so I wouldn't have to ride back with the two strangers. Sure, they were fun, but still.....

Go ahead, make your hate haters, just know that I will remember........and I will punch you.

Happy Monday!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Not bad, really, and how are you?

I honestly had no idea it had been almost a full week since my last post. Sorry about that, lords and ladies.
I've been obsessively following SDCC* on twitter, working, twirling my hair, going on dates, doing laundry, etc.

Bad things have happened in this world in the past number of days. 
Is it right to blog about nonsense?
I guess.  I don't even know where to begin on Norway things, and I don't have too much to say on the Winehouse thing.
Ok, just one thing - let's not induct her in the 27 club just yet. She was 27, true, but that's where the connection needs to end, m'kay?

I wasn't even sure I'd post today, but then read a fantastic post over here by my good buddy
and realized that even though I may fear it, the big 5-0-0 fast approaches.  But his post gave me some great ideas.  IwillNOTstealidea IwillNOTstealidea IwillNOTstealidea......

I'm not going to review my weekend for you here today.  I don't want to bore you with that, nor do I want to cat-vaccuum this post to hell by just repeating what I do.

I will say that I'm kinda glad that I have more to think about these days than I have for a while. And by more, I think I mean it in a good way.  We'll see.  I'm just going to chill out and let things play out.  I can't really do much more than that.

I'm 325 pages into the 967 pages of "Clash of Kings". I'm way into it. WAY into it.  The first 100 pages weren't really doing it for me, then something changed and I cannot put it down.

I get to go to see regular Doc for my 6 month check up today.  Can't wait to show her the letter that informed me I had been exposed to Legionnaire's disease while I was in Vegas. Awesome.  No worries, mah frenz, I'm well past the time that symptoms should appear. Better safe than sorry, though, so I'm going to tell the Doc about it. 

I'm more glad than I can say that Shannon and TheMarty are home from their 2 week trip. I missed them, and tweeting/texting back and forth minimally just did not cut it.  Plus, I need a ride across the WI border to get me some New Glarus beer. I'm going to bribe them with gas money and lunch.

Other than goes on, t.v. gets dvr'ed for a later date, blogs get read and written, the world keeps spinning. And sometimes, when I'm lucky, like today, I'm reminded just how much I adore the song "Let It Be".  I was lucky enough to hear it this morning and just zen out for a bit.  Making the lyrics my theme for the rest of 2011. It can only serve me well, I'm thinking

*San Diego Comic Con - are you fucking kidding me that you didn't know?!?!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

So, things don't really suck these days.

I love when people at work ask me:
"Didya have a good weekend?"
Because then I can answer:
"Of course! Have you met me?"

Sure, it makes me sound a little bitchy, but I really do have good weekends, pretty much all the time.  This year's exceptions being when I am sick or injured.

Anyway - so this weekend I:
  • Tried chicken and apple sausage. I was sure I would hate it. I didn't. I liked it. Yummy.
  • Met up with two friends for some martinis very last minute, but so glad to see them and spend some quality time with normal, caring people.  The friends in my life do not suck.
  • Took my coveted photo print thingy I bought from BK (Blue Girl's talented offspring) to a frame shop. Very excited about my background-mat-thingy that is red and matches part of the photo, and the gold washed wood frame that brings out other colors. Pricey to frame, but soooo worth it.  Plus I know someone at the frame shop, so I got a deal. Of course I "knew someone", this is Chicago. Every has either "got a guy" or "knows someone" just about everywhere.
  • Painted my finger nails blue. That is how I roll. A shade of blue that also matches the above mentioned photo.
  • Spent a very awesome evening with John and Toni and a couple of John's friends. Might be an interesting development coming from that evening. We'll see. "We'll see" is also the theme of the development.  I will surely keep you all posted.  But as of right now, this is all coming at me out of waaaaay the fuck in left field, so I need some time to process it and let it play out.  Once there's something actual to tell, I will!
  • Went to bed at 4am on Sunday, and was wide awake at 8:30 am on Sunday. I can still hang.
  • Was completely useless on Sunday - to the point that I spent the entire day watching all of my dvr'd shows.  Shit, I watch A LOT of summer t.v. programming.  Help me, I'm turning into my mother on that front.
  • Purchased all of the ingredients for a dinner meal dish thingy that I would like to make and eat. Then, the temperature went way way way up, so no cooking in my house for this week. But I'm excited to try to cook something, and will do so as soon as it's ok for me to use the oven/stove top whatever!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Easy peasy

Easiest way to delay 500th post?
Don't post.
he hehheheheeehee.

Sorry, kids, I've got nothing.
Work is kicking my ass this week, and doesn't really allow for play time.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Huh, look at that.

I'm 15 posts away from #500.
Shocked and awed that I'm approaching that number.

What do you want to read about in the big 5 0 0 ?

Ask and you may receive.....

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mish mosh

  • When I got to work this morning, something awesome was waiting for me. And I do not mean the Tiffany & Co playing cards I got from my boss.  I received a picture I had begged for. BG's offspring has a knack for photography, and I've fallen in like with many of the pictures he's taken.  So much so that I purchased one. And it's here! And it's fantastic! And I cannot wait to frame it and hang it in my living room. So cool.  It reminds me that if had never started this b.s. I call VFN, I wouldn't have all of you endearing, interesting, fantastic people in my life.  I heart you all, muchly.*
  • My weekend working Folk & Roots kicked my ass. I took a personal day yesterday to sleep in, do laundry, get some things in order.  I was lucky enough to spend some time with Sil1x, and also with delightful God-daughter and family.  It was a great, if hot and humid, weekend, and a good day off.  I'm still tired, and my ankle is screaming at me, but whatever.
  • Why, yes readers, we are going to ignore the fact I made a slight change last week. **I smile brightly at you**
  • I don't understand why every time I'm in a party-party drinking situation (aka Sunday night at F&R), I get chatted up by the hot preppy guys. WTF.  Clearly, they will not be taking me home or asking for my digits, but for some reason I'm the go to girl to chat up. Upon reflection, I realize that this happens to me All The Time.  Again, I have to say, WTF?
  • I fear my book club is in danger. The same club that I have kept running for two and 1/2 years so far. I might have to go tough love on the current planner. If she does not plan a meeting soon for the awful crap she made us read, I'm moving on to the next book with no meeting. No one fucks up my book club.  The book, "Jimmie Hendrix turns 80" we started reading in the end of May. It's time for a meeting!!!
  • I started physical therapy with my Chiropractor yesterday for my ankle. He's fixed my foot and worked on my knees, so I figured I'd give him a shot at the ankle.  He's got a lot of work cut out for him, as I waited too long to go to him, but he's up to the challenge!! He started yesterday. Of course today my ankle hurts, but it's always that way at first, plus I did a lot of walking for the fest all weekend.  I just want to be better and move on!  He said I have at least 12 appointments ahead of me.  He's the boss!
  • I'm obsessed with "Falling Skies".  If you aren't watching it, you should be.  Thanks to TheMarty for making me watch the first few episodes when we were in Michigan.
*Thank you, Mikey, for checking on me this weekend. You don't know how much I appreciate it. You're the best.