Monday, April 30, 2012

I cannot recommend them enough....

I was afraid I had started to become a little jaded with all of the shows I see at Old Town.
Then, these guys and gals played a show on Saturday, and I am h o o k e d.
And, I might add, they are incredibly nice people.
So, take a listen, and if you like - go buy some of their tunes.  You will not be disappointed!
They are Sweetback Sisters, and they are amazing.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Go figure

So, apparently some strangers do not appreciate my humor.

I had a lady go all passive aggressive with me on the train this morning.
BZ and I were running our usual color commentary on the annoying people on the train.


It's not OUR fault that we cannot sit together, and therefore have to sit across an aisle from each other.

It's not OUR fault that the aisle fills up with self-serving ignorant people well before we are close to the station.

It's not OUR fault that we are HIlarious.

I guess it is BZ's fault that she called the people assholes, but that's what they are.

So, this chick next to me went all P/A on me.  What did BZ do when she figured out what was happening?
Well, the P/A lady called us ignorant, so BZ hops around with her hand in the air loudly saying "Ignorant! Ignorant!"

See, we really do not care.  And when we hate days, like today, it's best to stay quiet and leave us alone.

I'm going to guess that little miss P/A will be sitting in a different car from now on......

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My day

I am all fried out on the sugar today.
Like, I got a little dizzy before lunch - hopped up on the goods.

It's Secretary'sAdministrativeAssistantsProfessionals Celebration day.

And I got stuff.

First, I got a card with an iTunes gift card (they know me so well).  Then I got a cake pop.  Then I got a cupcake.  Then I got lunch at Capital Grill.  Then I got some candy.

I don't have the heart to tell them I'm a coordinator, and not a secretary....

A little office humor there.

And no, I didn't eat all of the things I mentioned.

Happy Day to all of those that are behind the scenes, keeping every one sane and running the show.

We rock.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Sometimes, my body has to tell the rest of me to slow the fuck down.

And that's what happened yesterday.

Body gave me tummy troubles late Sunday night into mid-day Monday.

This kept me home from work, and on my couch.

I looked around and said "Hey, my apartment looks like this! HEY! This IS my apartment!"

Back to work today.

I survived my three day in a row thing at Old Town.  I didn't love it, actually.  I need to remind myself to not do that again.

I'm feeling better today thanks.

Friday, April 20, 2012

I have the need

to live vicariously through all of you.

My normally awesome life is slanted a little towards the "responsible adult" side of things this weekend.
Here you go:
Tonight, working a show at Old Town.

Saturday: Breakfast with VonMom, guitar class, working a show at Old Town.

Sunday: Brunch with my little fluff ball*, working a show at Old Town.

So, the ratio of responsibility to awesome is skewed in the wrong direction, alas.

Instead, please tell me all of the fun things YOU are doing this weekend. M'kay?

* My little fluff ball.  Sigh.  I'm going to need to write a post just about her.  She's a 23 year old little clinger I have acquired.  She is damn persistent on the "let's make plans!" front, hence the brunch.  All kidding aside, it's nice to have a minion.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Damn it, Chicago

So, on the twitter thing, I've been spending a lot of time following and promoting the food trucks of Chicago.
I dropped most of them today.
I wasn't feeling the love, except from a few, so I've kept those.  I've also decided to keep following other tweeters who's entire feed is food trucks.

Since I don't want to take the shunning silence too personally, I think I know what happened.

The darn police.

Unfortunately, Chicago has no love for food trucks.  The restrictions are ridiculous here.  They cannot cook on the trucks.  They cannot park ANYWHERE.
And now, they're cracking down even further.
Stupid stupid stupid.
You'd think they don't have anything better to do?

So, I'm thinking since this crackdown, the trucks have been circling the wagons (see what I did there? I am so clever!) and not building too many relationships with random tweeters.

Too bad.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Kinda nice to hear something nice.....

I received two very nice letters (ok, emails, but still) on the same day.

A little back story - I take great pride in my work. Whether I am at day job (working for the man) or night job (working for musicians), I always try my best. You see, I consider myself incredibly lucky to have not one but two jobs that I LOVE. 

Ok - here you go.
Letter #1 back story:
At my last day job (that I had for 10 years, and left 5 years ago), there was a dude who was a "fixer" he pretty much came in to companies and fixed all of the things that he could.  He was intense.  Like a tornado.  Whenever he came to our office, I'd be exhausted for days after he left.  But I admired him, and he taught me many many things that I keep in mind to this day.  About how to be a professional, how to earn respect and security, how to be a "fixer".  SO
I sent him an email on linkedin the other day and let him know he made a real impression on me, and that I appreciate all that I learned from him.
He wrote me back super quick, and here's a snippet:
Thank you for your note.  Sometimes in life you never realize that you make a difference.  I am grateful to you for pointing this out.
I am pleased to hear you are doing so well.  However, I always knew with your brains, heart and tenacity that you would go far.

Um, squee!!! Huge compliment.  I was very young and not always professional there, but I worked my butt off, and someone very important saw that!

I didn't think the day could get much better, then I got
Letter#2 back story:
Friday night I worked a show. This is not news, I work a lot of shows.  This show was Graham Parker (OMG!!!), with Gretchen Peters as the opener.  OMG part two.  Gretchen happened to write one of the most important songs to me, "Independence Day", and she also let Sarah Palin know she could not use her song ever ever ever.
Anyway.  I got all nervous on my drive to work that night.  Asking myself 'Should I tell her? Should I just say thanks?'  All the while getting more nervous to meet her.
So, of course, the producer asked me to keep an eye out for Gretchen and her husband and take them down to the dressing room.
Gretchen shows up all lovely and awesome, with her husband - also lovely and awesome.  I grab her hand in both of mine.
Kinda said it loudly, but more just word vomited it.
Then I took her husband's hand in both of mine (you know, like, I do this ALL THE TIME) and said so nice to meet you.
Two days later, got an email forwarded from my boss:
To A, T, R, D, Von and all the gang,
......Thanks to your kind hospitality, we had a really great night
From Barry and Gretchen.

Um, double squee!! Not only did I not scare them off with my over eager ness, but I did good work.

I have printed both of these emails out, and plan to keep them around me.  When I get down on myself, I'll just pull them out and remember that other people think I don't suck, so I shouldn't either.

Fridge Note:




Friday, April 13, 2012

Why is it.....

  • that when I put my ear buds down for 30 seconds to answer a phone call, they are all tangled and knotted when I pick them up again?
  • that Shuffle on the iPod plays favorites with the songs?
  • that I cannot keep my blankets on the bed for more than 1/2 the night?
  • that any of the Kardashians still exist on this planet?
  • that I feel horrible not finishing a book I was reading, even though I really really hated the book?
  • that every time VonMom makes tacos, there's something different about them?
  • I can't remember what I did last week, but when I think of certain people, I remember every moment I've spent with them?
  • that Wrigley Field gets to call itself a ball park, when it's really an open air bar/meat market?
  • that I'm booked halfway through July already between work and social calendars?
  • that no one wants to head hunt me? I'm awesome, aren't I?
  • that he doesn't miss me as much as I miss him?
  • that Tupac had to die?  (thanks for putting him in my head, BZ)
  • that spelling and grammar are lost on the young?
  • that I really do not like sitcoms?
  • that even though it's Friday I have this sense of dread?
  • that my iPad seems to need to be charged every weekend, at the most inconvenient time?
  • that the rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain?
  • that I can't buy New Glarus beer in Illinois?

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hello, my past

Back in July of 2008, I wrote a post about how I had a dream about this set of dude twins I had known back in the day.  The post was about how I wanted to find them.
A few weeks or days (not sure) later, I wrote a follow up post that I had found them.  One is a Dr., professor of many things, and one is an MBA / opera singer.


B (who lives around here) has been going through some stuff lately.  Not my story to tell, but let's just say he's at a cross roads in a few areas.  I've been trying to be his friend, and be there for him, but he would pull away almost as quickly as I'd offer to help.

Sunday night, as I was nestled on my couch in my p.js, I got a call from M's cell phone.  I lept to answer it, because I was afraid that something bad had happened to B.

Nope - it was B, telling me that M was in town, and asking me if I wanted to hang out. 
Now, here's the thing - Nothing (ok, not much) will get me off my couch on a Sunday night. 
I have this flaw? asset? that I am loyal to my friends to a fault.  When certain people call, I will come running, no matter what.  Most of the people I would do this for would never take advantage of it (I hope) and they would do the same for me (I hope).
Of course, I got off the couch, put some real clothes back on, and headed out to the 'burbs at 9:30pm on a Sunday.

Admittedly, I wanted to see B in person and know for myself that while things are not exactly awesome for him, that at least he was getting along ok.  I also wanted to see M.  I hadn't seen him in a very very long time.

The three of us sat in B's sparsely furnished new apartment, sitting by candle light, drinking beer and listening to all kinds of mellow music. 

I need to separate out the weird by brother, to make it less confusing:
First up - M
V: "M, I can't remember the last time I saw you"
M: "Well....."
V: "What? I really don't know for sure when it was"
M: "The Cass Hotel"
My face flamed up all red and hot.  Shit -that's right. The last time I saw M, I tried to seduce him.  Well, not really seduce him.  I guess I was trying to sleep with him.  We had been getting into something more than friendship for a while before that. 
Needless to say, I failed in my attempt.  I was mortified, crushed, and kinda let him go after that.  It was easy - he was living out of state and was not coming back.  This was many many years ago.

Well, M is considering a move back to IL.  Maybe not Chicago, likely not Chicago, but back to IL.  Me being me (no filter) I said:
"Huh. Not sure how I feel about you living in the same state as me again."
He gave me a look, then proceeded to tell me that he's aware there are a few Illinoisians that might feel the same way as I do.
I can't remember what exactly was said, but at one point, B said to us:
"Should I leave you two alone?"  kinda joking, kinda not kinda thing.
There was no need to leave us alone - I was made aware that not only is M still involved with someone in NY, he also has someone in MO. 
As I was leaving, M said
"So, you'd come visit me in Dekalb?"
"Sure, B will come with me"
V: sigh "We'll see. Maybe. I don't know"

Now for B
B was my junior prom date. Remember your junior prom date? I'm so lucky to still be friends with mine.  He and I "dated" (as much as you can date in high school when you live in two different cities and don't have cars) for a little while back in the day.  Long before the "thing" with M.  That was college.
I had no thoughts of anything slutty or subversive, so the flirty Von was turned off.
B headed to the bathroom and M leaned forward and said:
"Please. Don't sleep with B"
I started waving my hands around and sputtering - "Wha? Who? What the?"
I finally composed myself enough to get a little pissed at M
"Why would you say that? The thought hasn't even entered my mind!"
"Well, he's thought about it, I'm sure."
So there it was.  M proceeded to tell me that over the past few months, B has been a little out there as far as women go.
I still wasn't sure why this was being discussed but whatever.  I guess the candles and music were starting to make some sense.
Lots of chatting.  Lots of smiling at each other.  Means nothing, I think.  Late night, beers, been a few years since we'd seen each other.

Said my goodbyes, headed home.  Long drive home in the middle of a Sunday night.

Lots to mull over. 

I texted them both on Monday, separtely, to say how happy I was to see them, and the visit was worth staying up so late for.
M texted back that he will let me know if he got the job in Illinois or not.
B texted back to say he had fun too.

As of right now, this moment - I'm happy just to have them both as friends.  Good friends.  It was like no time at all had passed.  I don't think I have romantic feelings towards either of them right now.  I stand by the fact that I want someone entirely new, not at all connected to my past in any way. 

Still, I felt it was a story worth sharing with you all.  So there it is.

Monday, April 9, 2012

How very.....

Since I don't go to Mass anymore, I decided to run out to the grocery store early Easter morning to buy the stuff I was supposed to bring to brunch. 
I didn't break a sweat - I was in charge of bread, rolls, and orange pop.

I was overtly nice to all of the little worker bees at the store - I was sure that some of them had religion, and yet by circumstance or necessity - there they were, working on Easter.


Got to the register, and as I'm waiting for my turn - a ruckus starts one checkout lane over:
"I don't BELIEVE THIS BULLSHIT! I mean! Really! I have to go to GOD DAMNED MASS  in an hour!"
Apparently - this fine God-fearing Christian was super pissed at all of the world because he could not purchase his Ernest and Gallo, box o wine, and Old Style at 9am on a Sunday.  He was told (very politely) that he could come back later to make the purchase, but state law is state law.

"BUT I'M HAVING GOD DAMNED EASTER AT MY HOUSE!!! I have to go to Mass at 10:30!!! What the hell!! This is unbelievable!!"

Rant rave roar

I checked out, gave some $$ to the charity listed at the register, and smiled at and thanked my cashier.

Walking out to my car, I was smiling and shaking my head -

So, who is the "better person" here?  The heathen (me) who has sworn off Mass for good, but still believes in the basics of do unto others and such; OR the Mass going Church loving drunk who felt good about berating the entire grocery store before his precious Mass?

Von - 1  Mass - 0

Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday ramble

I've got 10 minutes to spare before lunch, so what the hell.

Here's some random rambles for a Friday:
  • This morning BZ and I had a dance party at the train stop. For real. The song was "Where is the Love" by the Black Eyed Peas.  Typically, I do not like the BEPs, but I do like this song. Enough to dance to it at 7am in public.  And it makes me luv BZ all the more.
  • It's Good Friday. "Von, what did you give up for Lent?"  Great question, readers.  The answer to that would be sex.
  • Currently listening to a 55 song playlist created the other night.  It's called Goodbye. It's for me to get past a 23 year thing that just needs to go the hell away.  I need to refind my value, and clearly, to RS, I have none.  Song on right now? "Stronger" by Kelly Clarkson
  • Bestie Shannon is doing really well here, working for the man.  I have no doubt that she will get hired permanently once her 90 days is up.  We IM pretty much all the time.  We're going out to lunch today.
  • "Von, what are you doing for Easter?" Well, not going to Mass (see post I wrote about that nonsense).  I will be sleeping in, then wandering upstairs to VonSis's for eating some foods and stuff. First Easter without VonDad.  Not loving this year of firsts.  I will be bringing bread items, as that's what spinsters do.
  • I will be distributing mass quantities of New Glarus beer this weekend.  I want it out of my kitchen.  I have PLENTY of my own, and don't really need cases all over my kitchen.  Because there are cases all over my kitchen.
  • I am a VERY generous friend (see above bullet point)
  • Three minutes until lunch time.  Damn, I either type slow (HA) or think slow.  I'm going with think slow.
  • I have every intention of spending a LOT of time in Milwaukee this summer - so Z, we need to talk, yes?
  • I promise to be back next week bringing the snark and the love in equal parts.
Happy Weekend