Monday, February 28, 2011


I wish I could give you a delightful recap of my weekend. I will try: Friday evening was ten shades of awesome, as I spent it at Jennifer's house. I tried to smuggle out Squirmy Dog and YL (who is also squirmy), but that didn't turn out so well. I did manage to leave with a copy of "Icebergs" by one TLB, so that was cool. We had a lovely time hanging out, chatting and being snarky. I think Jennifer only hit me two or three times with throw pillows, and I know Grizzled nearly spit beer twice. (He's catching on to me). Saturday was guitar class/graduation. VonParents came to see me graduate (aka play on the big stage). We played "Hide your love away". Not my first choice, but I was actually happy with how we did. Ok, with how I did. VonDad did say that I'm getting better. No discussion as to the ownership of his guitar (that I've had in my possesion for over a year now), but that will come in due time I guess. After graduation, I had lunch with VonParents at DBAG, my favorite Bar and Grille. Both our server and bartender are friends of mine, so it was a great experience for my parents. They really like it there, and they don't eat out that much, so I was happy they had a nice time. Post lunch I had to go to a wake. Thankfully as I was getting out of my car I ran into my OTSFM co-worker. We headed in together. My friend/boss (who's father's wake it was) cried because I had shown up. That made me tear up a little. I'm a sucker for tears. Spent some time there, then finally headed home. It was a loooonnnngggg day for me. Cancelled my Saturday night plans, and had zero plans on Sunday. I blame winter and h1n1. I have zero interest in leaving the house until a) It's not snowing b) There's no chance it's going to snow or icestorm c) I don't have to wear 18 layers of clothes. Sorry, but I'm a winter wimp, and I've had enough. My couch/books/ds are all the company I need until spring. Though, I'm having a huge hankering for some Olive Garden. That I would leave the house for in a blizzard. Did watch the Oscar's, kinda. I wasn't really interested, so I had it on while I read the latest book club book. Went to bed early, had to get up for work today. Why, yes, I am a wet noodle lately. Thanks for noticing.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Funday

Baseball predictions: Go: And yes, this is totally going to be used to make my fantasy team WINNERS. P.S. I'm going to hang out with Jennifer, Grizzled, EL and YL tonight. So so so excited. Guessing you might be so so so jealous. * and yes, you will likely be discussed*

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ha has from the hospital

A few times last week, while in the hospital, certain things were said or done and I thought to myself - Damn, that would make some good blog fodder. So, here's what I can remember: In the ER: ER Nurse: Is there any chance you are pregnant? Me: Nooooo. -she walks away and quickly comes back- ER Nurse: Are you not pregnant because of any surgery or condition that prevents pregnancy? Me: *sigh* No. I just haven't gotten any in about a year. ER Nurse walks away, quickly, but didn't get far enough before she busted out in laughter. I think I made her night. Day 1: Indian Med student asks many many questions. He walks away, remembers to ask something, comes back...... IMS: Do you have any other STDs? Me: Nooooo IMS: Ok and turns to leave Me: Excuse me? IMS: ? Me: You should be careful how you word things..... IMS: ? Me: Well, you said any other STDs. This indicates that I have a STD, which I do NOT have. IMS: Sorry, my English is not so good. Me: Well, for future reference..... IMS: Thank you. I will remember that. I'll bet he will. *ring ring* Lady: Food service? Me: I'd like some food? Lady: Of course! What do you want? Me: x y z..... Lady: Don't you want some dessert? Our ice cream is very good! Me: Oh, and some chocolate ice cream! **I then realized I kinda liked this part of the stay** The missing Gibb brother was my Transport dude. Not once, not twice, but three times. I wanted to ask him about his delightful hair style and very 70s clothes each time, but I realized my very sick self was in his hands. He could have totally dumped me on the floor at any point. So I left it alone. But I swear, he was the missing Gibb. My NCT (nursing care tech) was TOTALLY hitting on me. Though married, he dug me. And my h1n1 self. He was chatting with me while I was waiting to get the final heave-ho. He came over, gave me a half-hearted kinda awkward hug, and said "Maybe I'll see you at Walmart some time." Um....Walmart? Not likely. I'm a classy, refined Target kind of girl, mister.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Funday

So, I began talking to my toaster today. I think it's time for me to get back out there and interact with humans. I did have a nice visit with StepSis1 yesterday. She brought me orange juice, and pop chips, and nail polish. AND she came inside and visited for a bit. No one else has done that this week. IT was soooo nice. ANYWAY Friday Funday. So, I had me some H1N1. Aka Swine Flu. What would you re-name it to? TO better suit me? Or, if you were to get it, what would you call it? aaaaannnndd scene.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


And the results are in: H1N1. Go me! I mean, go big or go home, right? Thankfully, all of the other things have resolved - blood pressure and oxygen back to good, fever gone. I'M HOME Still under quarantine for the next few days, no work, no human interaction. I'm still contagious. But, I'M HOME! And clean, and in clean clothes, and warm, and doing laundry, and reading magazines, and sitting, not lying, down. Man, I'd love a good coloring book right about now. :) I'll be taking the rest of the week off, as being in the hospital and now in quarantine it's pretty boring, so not a whole lot of inspiration, but I'll be back next week. Thanks again friends!!

Monday, February 14, 2011


SO, what's worse than being alone on Valentine's Day? Being in the hospital, alone, on Valentine's Day. That's right friends, I'm in the hospital. Likely the flu & pneumonia, no confirmation yet, still waiting. I've been here since about 1am Sunday morning. Blood pressure and oxygen level need to go up, fever needs to go down. I'm 10 shades of miserable. Hope to go home tomorrow, but there are a lot oaf ifs and maybes around that. I'll keep you posted.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Funday!!!

Today's topic? Words and the spelling of them. There are certain words I avoid using when blogging, mostly because my spell checker is a fickle bitch and only works when it feels like it. And, as we all know, there are a few grammar/spelling police around the place, so..... My word that I avoid most is: definitely I can never ever spell it properly, and YES I did go to and look it up before writing it here. Today question - ok, well, two questions - What word(s) can you absolutely definitely not spell correctly every freaking time you use it? OR What word(s) are you convinced you've spelled incorrectly every time you use it, but it's actually correct and it just looks funny to you? Extra points for profanity - you know how I roll. Have at it, frenz.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

mah luma lumma lums

When I was a little girl, a little younger than my precious God-daughter is now, there was only one person I wanted to be. My favorite show was Kids, Incorporated. I wanted to sing! I wanted to dance! I wanted to kiss cute boys! I wanted to work in this magical place that was all kids and no silly grown ups! I wanted to be Stacey Ferguson. Oh, did she have pretty curly blonde hair! And a great singing voice! And look at that hair! Man, she had the bestest clothes and jewelry, all neon and slouchy and awesome! Flash forward a number of years Sunday night, watching the Super Bowl with J & T, two of my most favorite people on Earth. I found myself saying it again. I want to be H E R. Fergie = Stacey Ferguson (in case you lived under a rock or something) Or do her. I can admit it -she's top of my If-I-was-I-would list. Me: I want to be her. T: Me too. Me: But I'd totally divorce her man, Josh. T: No, he's hot. Me: Agreed, but there are hotter men out there, and as her, I could schtup ALL of them. Being married would just be a road block to that. T: Agreed. Me: I'd do her. J: ? Me: I would. She's that hot. T: Me too. J: This. This is why I like hanging out with you two. But GOD FORBID when precious God-daughter told me a couple of years ago that she "loved and wanted to be like that lady". Me: Which lady, precious? GD: The one that sings and dances and wears the clothes. Me: ? You gotta help me out here. What does she sing? GD: Mah lums! Mah luma laalie lumms!! Me: Oh, hell NO!! Sorry kid, over my dead body! GD: pout and stamp feet. Sorry, but the Stacey Ferguson of today is NOT the Stacey Ferguson of yesterday.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Another multi-topic post.....or a Mish Mash

Dear Troll: Just so we're clear, and you aren't all confused: I am indeed a woman. A woman through and through. So we don't need your kind around these parts. Scurry back to where you came from now, as your comments will be deleted. I don't play nicely with needy pitiful things like you. KTHXBAI Von My favorite Super Bowl commercials? Toss up: I LOVED the Volkswagen mini-Darth one. Super cute. Strong second was the Chrysler/Detriot commercial featuring Eminem. I've always had a thing for drrrrty badddd Eminem, but he almost seemed like a grown up in this spot. Sure, an angry grown up, but that's ok. My least favorites: The one with the fake baby smashed against the glass for whatever reason, and the doritos finger licking one. BLECH. I don't think Omar Epps is too upset he lost the Super Bowl. I think I saw him say "It's cool, I'll just go back to that whole acting thing. Once I shave off this weird beard/mustache thing." Had a weird experience in guitar class on Saturday. Right away as we were warming up to "Our House", all of the fingers on my left hand went numb. I couldn't even form a C chord. Tom (teacher) looked at me quizically, as I kept trying. I didn't feel like interrupting the class, but for real, about 20 minutes this week and last, right out of the gate, my fingers went numb. I'm guessing it's some sort of nerve thing. Must investigate. I play a mean "I want you to want me" now, just so you know. Over the weekend, I added a shit ton of Heart to my iPod. Why I had never added these CDs before is beyond me. I've had a Heart craving for a while now. A little Barracuda never hurt anyone. And since I was adding CDs, I grabbed some Guster and threw it on there too. I don't know why it's taking me so long to get my CDs on the iPod. I think I'm still skeptical. It's an ongoing project. I also bought some songs on iTunes. Some Linkin Park, Seether, Genesis, Rush and Sting. (I'm nothing if not eclectic). Stumbled upon a fantastic documentary on Saturday. It's called "Don't you forget about me." and it's about four Canadian film makers who are travelling to Chicago to try to meet with John Hughes and talk to him about his films. Of course, they did NOT get an interview, but they did get a surprising number of Hughes film cast members to chat on camera, as well as people that worked with him, and even Kevin Smith (who I sometimes like, and sometimes don't) who was very respectful and honest about his thoughts on all things John Hughes. I highly recommend this movie. Of course, also on on Saturday was "Road House" and y'all know how I feel about that. I dedicated some time to RH (ok, the Sam Elliot scenes), but was pretty committed to the documentary. Received a notice from Netflix today that "Human Centipede, the director's cut" is on its way to me. I've been told by many many male friends that I will not be able to watch this whole thing start to finish - well, um, have you met me?!?! That challenge alone, to prove them wrong, is about all the motivation I need!! Not going to lie, though, I'm a little nervous about it. But I'm so intrigued as to how he breaks the legs to make them look like they do in the preview.....stay tuned on that, my friends.