Thursday, October 30, 2008

I do what I am told....

Thanks Saying Yes!!! My uncle once: said "which way? North or South?" but with his heavy German accent it came out "Norse? Or Souuuuse?" I nearly peed myself laughing Never in my life: Have I driven on a highway When I was five: My life started over, for the better High school was: Fanfreakintastic. I loved almost every minute of it. I will never forget: Song lyrics. Like, ever Once I met: Sister Hazel. Ok, more than once, but still There's this girl I know: Who can't admit that she is wrong, so instead attacked me, and on my birthday. Kinda an evil thing to do. Once at a bar: I danced on the bar, and got free shots. By noon, I'm usually: Hungry? Last night: I had too much to do, as always. If I only had: More money, and more time. Sigh. Next time I go to church: Who's getting married? What worries me most: Not going to go there. What I miss most about the 1980's: Medusa's. and the hair. And the economy. If I were a Shakespeare character, I'd be: sad A better name for me would be: No, I think Von fits me perfectly I have a hard time understanding: Math. math is hard. If I ever go back to school: I will finally be doing what I should have been doing my entire adult life You know I like you if: I try to make you laugh. Take my advice, never: Stop at every shot table at Exit. There's too many of them, and you will get sick. I swearz. My ideal breakfast is: carbs. Any breakfast really. I love breakfast. Especially Cracker Barrel. Especially the one in Rochester NY. Why won't people: Find me a boyfriend? The world could do without: JOHN MCCAIN My favorite blonds are: Myself! ( I am a great blond!!) and Laura, and that chick I see on the escalator every morning with the awesome hair, and I'm so jealous. If I do anything well, it's: Sing (my shower and my car think I'm awesome) And by the way: It's time to start working. ***Yes, I know I owe a BostonAwesomeTrip recap. It's coming. I promise.*****

Thursday, October 23, 2008

T minus

In about 10 hours we will be on our way to the East Coast. Driving. Ok, I'm not driving, but I will be participating in the "keep the driver awake" game. Are we crazy? Yes. We are also broke, so hence the driving. I don't think I'll be able to post anything until after our return, vacations to me mean no computers. I hope to have interesting tidbits to share with you upon our return. I will say that we might go to McGann's, which is a bar that I've been kicked out of not once, but twice. The first time was for *ahem* being too intoxicated. The second was a case involving me getting caught in the men's room looking for a certain picture on the wall that I had planned on taking with me. So, off to Boston. See you on the flip side.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A meme thingy.....

I ripped this off of Saying Yes. Hey, Thanks!!! What is your favorite thing to wear? my red plaid shoes Last meal you had at a restaurant: A Mastadon burger at Kuma's Korner...mmmm... Name one thing that scares you: Driving on highways/expressways (duh) Who was the last person in your bed? Me What were you doing at 7:00am? Waiting for the metra Last person you hugged? I think Sil1x at the party on Saturday When was your last encounter with the police? I cannot recall. That, or my lawyers have advised me not to... Have you ever driven without a license? I really don't think so. I'm crazy like that. What time of the day is it? Lunch time! Who/What made you angry today? Don't want to talk about it. PMSing, so pretty much everyone I know? Do you want anyone? Sure! Do you like birds? Not really. Strange question Do you download music? Never Do you care if your socks are dirty? Yes, gross! Again, strange question Opinion of Chinese symbol tattoos? Lame. I hope they all mean something totally different than what the person thinks. What are you doing tonight? Running errands I think Do you like to cuddle? Not really Do you love anyone? Yes! Whose bed did you sleep in last night? Mine Have you ever bungee jumped? Hell to the No Have you ever gone whitewater rafting? No, but I would love to! Has anyone ten years older than you ever hit on you? Sigh. Yes. Part of the reason I quit the dating website I was on. How many pets do you have? 1! Best dog ever! Charlie! Have you met a real redneck? I'm related to some! How is the weather right now? Fallish, yet sunny What are you listening to right now? Sister Hazel What was the last movie you watched? Sweeney Todd. Meh Do you wear contacts? Nope Where was the last place you went besides your house? Work What are you wearing? Work clothes, black and grey What's one thing you've learned this year? That I have an extra bone in each of my feet. It's called an "accesory bone". What do you usually order from Starbucks? Grande decaf non-fat cinnamon dolce w/ whip Ever had someone sing to you? Yes. And it's fantastic. Have you ever fired a gun: No no no. I would never do that. Are you missing someone? Always Favorite TV show? Grey's/Lost/Fringe is pretty good. What do you have an obsession with? Lots and lots of stuff Has anyone ever said you looked like a celeb? Twice Who? Meg Ryan (dude was DRUNK) and Sally Struthers, in the "feed the children" chubby phase Who would you like to see right now? I think the people I'm seeing this weekend! Ever had a near death experience? Maybe Are you afraid of falling in love? A little Have you ever been caught doing something you weren't supposed to? Oh, yeah. Has anyone you were really close to passed away recently? No What's something that really bugs you? I am SO not going there today. I might get into too much trouble Taco Bell or Burger King? Yo quiero Taco Bell Next time you will kiss someone? Soon I hope! Favorite baseball team? You need to ask? C U B S Ever call a 1-900 phone number? Sure, connections when I was like 11. 1-900-2020202! Nipple or Nose rings? Neither What's the longest time you've gone without sleep? 30 something hours Last time you went bowling? Too long ago! WOuld love to go bowling! Where is the weirdest place you have slept? At Double Door, during a metal show. I was that tired. Who did you last speak with on the phone? My boss What does your last received text message say? Something about some radio station going off the air. What's the closest orange object to you? A stuffed jack-o-lantern that is representin' Halloween decor on my desk. (auf Deutsch: Pumpkin = Kurbis) Whew! Finished! That was fun!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ain't no party like a Von thrown party...

99.9% of the reason that I have been cranky and stressed out lately was because I was leading a team of experts in throwing VonSis and VonBroinlaw a surprise 10th anniversary party. It was yesterday. Given the fact that VonSis has been known to read this here blog, I could not vent here at all.
I'm just glad it went off so well. A big huge THANK YOU to Sil1x, Heidi, and (believe it or not) VonMom. Ok, there were moments (many many of them) when I wanted to kill VonMom, and God knows we haven't spent that much time together Ever, but she was a big help too. Also helpful were all of the DANK people. Yeah, that's right VonSis, she who thinks she knows everything going on everywhere, we planned, prepped, and produced a party for you and 40 of your nearest and dearest not just under your nose, but Where You Work. HAHA!
Here are some photos:

You see, even when I bitch, and complain, and whine about doing it, I like to throw a nice party. I think I did. There was a moment, when Heidi and Sil1x were helping me set up, and I looked around at all of the lovely results of our hard work and said "I am pleased".

VonDad, you owe me a dollar. VonSis totally started crying when she figured out the surprise party was really for her. Pay up.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

One Week

One week until we leave for Boston. I can't wait!


Man. They turned off "my" fountain in Millenium Park. Sigh.. That means it's offically Fall. I used to love love love Fall, until I couldn't get over the fact that it's the precursor to Winter. I hate Winter more than I hate the summer scarf trend. So, they are filming a commercial right outside my building today. They brought these big huge trucks that make snow. Dudes, you could have waited like a week, and you probably would have had the real thing. Sigh.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I like

I like the name of a song I just heard: "Sex on Fire". It's by the Kings of Leon. Song itself? Not so great. More or less meh. But title? Hell yes. A fun little seasonal german lesson for you: Hexa = witch. Ich bin eine Hexa = I am a witch (shut it! I will be a slutty one next weekend in Boston, but today? No witch here.). Du bist eine Hexa = YOU are a witch. Du bist DAS Hexa = You are THE witch. Got it? Now go practice on that bitch, I mean witch, that's been bothering you.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Damn it

I screwed up my 100th post. I was so into posting lame pictures I didn't realize that the big 1-0-0 was fast approaching. That, and Charlie is resting and recovering from a little back incident earlier this week. He's not his usual self, nowhere near up to writing his first post. Stay tuned for that!

Hate her

This is the stupid Tracy girl from the RedEye.

Hate her.

She is totally stupid.

Not even cute.

(clearly, today is my day to just import pictures and write stupid things. Lame. I know.)

Happy Thursday

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Too bad, so sad

I am a Cubs fan. Like, the kind that bleed Cubbie blue. I could care less, generally, about the White Sox. It's their fans that are the problem. I wanted to cheer for them. I really did. When the Cubs season was over the other night, I wanted to look to the White Sox. I am a baseball fan too, and I will watch games until the end of the World Series. The White Sox fans make it impossible for me to care about the team at all. Some asshole wrote a song mocking the Eddie Vedder song written for the Cubs. Seriously? And the Sox started handing out and using stupid white towels for people to wave around when the Sox did good things. NEITHER of these ideas are original. See, asshole, the song Eddie Vedder wrote was an ode to his childhood here. He was asked to write something, and being a thru-and-thru Cubs fan he did. You, asshole, took someone else's melody, someone else's words, and made a joke out of them. You said nothing good about the Sox, you just made fun of the Cubs and their fans. Because of you, I'm glad the Sox are done until spring training. You, 20 year old marketing associate who decided that handing out towels was a good idea - you should be fired. How many other teams use towels at games? And have been for years? OH, yeah, plenty. Because of you, I'm glad the Sox are packing up their lockers. Because of you, Tracy Swartz, who is just an unfunny beatch, and you Richard Roeper, neither of you who EVER had anything good to say about the Cubs, even when they had the best record and were in first place - I'm glad I won't have to hear AC/DC or Journey for at least 5 months. I knew my Cubbies would choke. I am realistic at least. I just don't need to hear it from a bunch of ignorant assholes wearing their black out clothes. A Sox fan admitted last night thatWhite Sox fans were spending more time bashing the Cubs and their fans than enjoying their team that was still in the game. For that reason more than anything else, I'm glad it's over. My prediction to win the World Series? The Rays take it. (Side note: Shannon, Sil1x, and other friends of mine that are Sox fans - you know I am not talking about you. The good natured joking we do is nowhere near the same thing as the nastiness that I am referring too. Plus, you grew up South Side, and I totally get how you would prefer the Sox to the Cubs.)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

From 33 to 13, Step by Step

Sunday afternoon, and I'm Hangin' Tough. Typing today, as talking is not an option. I ripped the hell out of my vocal cords last night. Step One: We can have lots of fun. Our seats. God damn, our seats were great. Especially when all hell broke loose and the guys showed up on a riser about 20 fackin' feet in front of us. Hence, the destroyed voice. I screamed like a little girl with her pigtails on fire. Step Two: There's so much we can do. Like go eat at Chili's before hand. The food was crap, but the people watching was fantastic. Another thing we did - stood in line for about 45 minutes to buy merch. Yep, I am a nnnneeeerrrrd. I bought a big huge program book thang that was overpriced. Didn't buy a t-shirt though, and I kinda wish I had. Step Three: It's just you and me. And her. And a couple thousand of the fattest, nerdiest girls I've ever seen in one place. I may be a fattie too, but at least I am Cool (yes, with a capital C) Step Four: I can give you more. More bathrooms. I didn't see one men's room that didn't have a temporary "women's" sign over it. I only saw about 6 guys in the place anyway. They can hold it. Don't you know the time has arrived. That's right. Or, that's The Right Stuff. Yep, last night was the New Kids on the Block concert. I feel like I have a hangover, yet not a drop of libations passed my lips. I screamed and screamed, and waved my hands in the air, like I just didn't care. I giggled, and hugged chics I didn't know. I shared my internets-acquired set list with anyone that was slightly interested. I swooned with Donny (new favorite. Sorry Chris), Danny, Jordan, Jon and Joey appeared 20 feet in front of me. I blushed when I made eye contact at Jon, and he smiled and waved. I got sad when it was over. I'm deaf - nothing to do with the band, everything to do with the screaming of thousands of women. I threatened - some stupid bitch that thought that bumping into me 10 times while in line for merch would make the line move faster. I danced. I laughed out loud. I sighed. I went back in time. I regret not a moment of it. I make no excuses for going, nor do I apologize for it. If you think I'm a dork now, that's ok, If You Go Away - I'll be Loving You Forever.