Monday, July 25, 2011

Not bad, really, and how are you?

I honestly had no idea it had been almost a full week since my last post. Sorry about that, lords and ladies.
I've been obsessively following SDCC* on twitter, working, twirling my hair, going on dates, doing laundry, etc.

Bad things have happened in this world in the past number of days. 
Is it right to blog about nonsense?
I guess.  I don't even know where to begin on Norway things, and I don't have too much to say on the Winehouse thing.
Ok, just one thing - let's not induct her in the 27 club just yet. She was 27, true, but that's where the connection needs to end, m'kay?

I wasn't even sure I'd post today, but then read a fantastic post over here by my good buddy
and realized that even though I may fear it, the big 5-0-0 fast approaches.  But his post gave me some great ideas.  IwillNOTstealidea IwillNOTstealidea IwillNOTstealidea......

I'm not going to review my weekend for you here today.  I don't want to bore you with that, nor do I want to cat-vaccuum this post to hell by just repeating what I do.

I will say that I'm kinda glad that I have more to think about these days than I have for a while. And by more, I think I mean it in a good way.  We'll see.  I'm just going to chill out and let things play out.  I can't really do much more than that.

I'm 325 pages into the 967 pages of "Clash of Kings". I'm way into it. WAY into it.  The first 100 pages weren't really doing it for me, then something changed and I cannot put it down.

I get to go to see regular Doc for my 6 month check up today.  Can't wait to show her the letter that informed me I had been exposed to Legionnaire's disease while I was in Vegas. Awesome.  No worries, mah frenz, I'm well past the time that symptoms should appear. Better safe than sorry, though, so I'm going to tell the Doc about it. 

I'm more glad than I can say that Shannon and TheMarty are home from their 2 week trip. I missed them, and tweeting/texting back and forth minimally just did not cut it.  Plus, I need a ride across the WI border to get me some New Glarus beer. I'm going to bribe them with gas money and lunch.

Other than goes on, t.v. gets dvr'ed for a later date, blogs get read and written, the world keeps spinning. And sometimes, when I'm lucky, like today, I'm reminded just how much I adore the song "Let It Be".  I was lucky enough to hear it this morning and just zen out for a bit.  Making the lyrics my theme for the rest of 2011. It can only serve me well, I'm thinking

*San Diego Comic Con - are you fucking kidding me that you didn't know?!?!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

So, things don't really suck these days.

I love when people at work ask me:
"Didya have a good weekend?"
Because then I can answer:
"Of course! Have you met me?"

Sure, it makes me sound a little bitchy, but I really do have good weekends, pretty much all the time.  This year's exceptions being when I am sick or injured.

Anyway - so this weekend I:
  • Tried chicken and apple sausage. I was sure I would hate it. I didn't. I liked it. Yummy.
  • Met up with two friends for some martinis very last minute, but so glad to see them and spend some quality time with normal, caring people.  The friends in my life do not suck.
  • Took my coveted photo print thingy I bought from BK (Blue Girl's talented offspring) to a frame shop. Very excited about my background-mat-thingy that is red and matches part of the photo, and the gold washed wood frame that brings out other colors. Pricey to frame, but soooo worth it.  Plus I know someone at the frame shop, so I got a deal. Of course I "knew someone", this is Chicago. Every has either "got a guy" or "knows someone" just about everywhere.
  • Painted my finger nails blue. That is how I roll. A shade of blue that also matches the above mentioned photo.
  • Spent a very awesome evening with John and Toni and a couple of John's friends. Might be an interesting development coming from that evening. We'll see. "We'll see" is also the theme of the development.  I will surely keep you all posted.  But as of right now, this is all coming at me out of waaaaay the fuck in left field, so I need some time to process it and let it play out.  Once there's something actual to tell, I will!
  • Went to bed at 4am on Sunday, and was wide awake at 8:30 am on Sunday. I can still hang.
  • Was completely useless on Sunday - to the point that I spent the entire day watching all of my dvr'd shows.  Shit, I watch A LOT of summer t.v. programming.  Help me, I'm turning into my mother on that front.
  • Purchased all of the ingredients for a dinner meal dish thingy that I would like to make and eat. Then, the temperature went way way way up, so no cooking in my house for this week. But I'm excited to try to cook something, and will do so as soon as it's ok for me to use the oven/stove top whatever!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Easy peasy

Easiest way to delay 500th post?
Don't post.
he hehheheheeehee.

Sorry, kids, I've got nothing.
Work is kicking my ass this week, and doesn't really allow for play time.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Huh, look at that.

I'm 15 posts away from #500.
Shocked and awed that I'm approaching that number.

What do you want to read about in the big 5 0 0 ?

Ask and you may receive.....

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mish mosh

  • When I got to work this morning, something awesome was waiting for me. And I do not mean the Tiffany & Co playing cards I got from my boss.  I received a picture I had begged for. BG's offspring has a knack for photography, and I've fallen in like with many of the pictures he's taken.  So much so that I purchased one. And it's here! And it's fantastic! And I cannot wait to frame it and hang it in my living room. So cool.  It reminds me that if had never started this b.s. I call VFN, I wouldn't have all of you endearing, interesting, fantastic people in my life.  I heart you all, muchly.*
  • My weekend working Folk & Roots kicked my ass. I took a personal day yesterday to sleep in, do laundry, get some things in order.  I was lucky enough to spend some time with Sil1x, and also with delightful God-daughter and family.  It was a great, if hot and humid, weekend, and a good day off.  I'm still tired, and my ankle is screaming at me, but whatever.
  • Why, yes readers, we are going to ignore the fact I made a slight change last week. **I smile brightly at you**
  • I don't understand why every time I'm in a party-party drinking situation (aka Sunday night at F&R), I get chatted up by the hot preppy guys. WTF.  Clearly, they will not be taking me home or asking for my digits, but for some reason I'm the go to girl to chat up. Upon reflection, I realize that this happens to me All The Time.  Again, I have to say, WTF?
  • I fear my book club is in danger. The same club that I have kept running for two and 1/2 years so far. I might have to go tough love on the current planner. If she does not plan a meeting soon for the awful crap she made us read, I'm moving on to the next book with no meeting. No one fucks up my book club.  The book, "Jimmie Hendrix turns 80" we started reading in the end of May. It's time for a meeting!!!
  • I started physical therapy with my Chiropractor yesterday for my ankle. He's fixed my foot and worked on my knees, so I figured I'd give him a shot at the ankle.  He's got a lot of work cut out for him, as I waited too long to go to him, but he's up to the challenge!! He started yesterday. Of course today my ankle hurts, but it's always that way at first, plus I did a lot of walking for the fest all weekend.  I just want to be better and move on!  He said I have at least 12 appointments ahead of me.  He's the boss!
  • I'm obsessed with "Falling Skies".  If you aren't watching it, you should be.  Thanks to TheMarty for making me watch the first few episodes when we were in Michigan.
*Thank you, Mikey, for checking on me this weekend. You don't know how much I appreciate it. You're the best.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Yes, Michigan

Man, I sure would love to tell you all about happy Michigan fun times.
But I'm pretty sure that a detailed recapping is not allowed.
It's a what happens in Michigan stays in Michigan, even when it happens in Indiana kind of thing.
But maybe I can share some highlights without getting removed from the tricycle of awesome.
Let's see:
  • The sunrise sampler is truly the best value at Cracker Barrel, so why get anything else?
  • The staff at the Steak n' Shake in Elkhart Indiana are not only super-de-duper nice, but also they are all cute as buttons. The kind of people I have to make faces at, just because.
  • Seeing a movie when it's just you and your friends is really awesome. Even if the movie was XMen First Class and you wanted to see Transformers 3 but whatever.
  • Freedom drinks are delicious.  When you drink them out of a straw, you get knocked on your ass by the very first one, in about 30 seconds.
  • Shannon's freedom drink is stronger than anyone else's freedom drink.
  • TheMarty prefers that his freedom drink be made with "the good stuff", and not the juice that tastes "like ass".
  • When freedom drink is laughed into my lungs, it's not awesome. Nor tasty.
  • Shannon's college bound cousin Clare is now the streamers on the tricycle. Because really, what good is tricycle with no streamers?
  • Hodor makes a sub-par rescue word. When spoken it only gets a chuckle in response, and no actual rescuing.
  • The game Ticket to Ride is super awesome, especially when I win.
  • So is Uno, but only when I win.
  • Spicy farcle is not, because I never win.
  • When the weather man says 30% chance of rain two days in a row, he really means 0% one day and 100% the other. Good luck figuring out which.
  • Awesome Chicago storms only happen when I am not in Chicago, apparently.
  • Someone I know is nowhere cool enough to be asexual. This is a fact.
  • Creepy old men are everywhere. EVERYWHERE
  • When playing catch phrase, and the clue is "Von needs one of these......" the answer is NOT "breast implant"
I don't think I can give you anymore than that.