Monday, September 14, 2009

I'm really not into it.

I made the mistake of watching "He's just not that in to you" this weekend. The movie itself is not bad, but the stuff in it. Oh boy. If Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Connolley, Gennifer Goodwin (wtf with all of the Jennifers for Pete's sake!!) and Drew Barrymore can't get/find/keep/marry a good man, who the hell am I to think that I stand a chance?? One of the worst parts of the whole thing? About 1/2 way through the movie, there's a scene where Gennifer is watching "Some Kind of Wonderful" and quoting all of the lines. Oh.My.God. I'm Gennifer Goodwin. I'm also Watts. (please don't tell me you've never seen Some Kind of Wonderful. If not, a) you suck and b) Watts is the girl in love with the guy who's in love with some other girl and only sees Watts as a pal) Geesh. I'm going to be single FOREVER. Not only do I not think I can snag a Justin Long, after watching the movie it's clear I won't be snagging the crush from my class, or some guy at happy hour, or an ex. Was this movie supposed to make me feel better? Is it supposed to be a rom-com? Or a horror flick? I see it as the latter. I never read the book, I avoided it like the plague. I don't know why I watched the movie. I know that I feel even worse about my chances than I did before I saw it. I want that hour and 46 minutes of my life back. Is it true? Gentlemen? Is it all true? That I have no control over my dating options? That men make the decisions about dating? All of them? That even beautiful women (like the ones in the movie) are destined to get their hearts broken, badly, repeatedly? That I shouldn't make any moves ever? Grrrrrr. I should have skipped that movie, and watched something light hearted. Like "Dexter".


Mendacious D said...

I think the short answer is "no."

The longer answer is not to put your faith in tired movie tropes. You aren't any of these people. You may identify with some of their characteristics, but it really doesn't go further than that.

Von is awesomeness personified. Those who fail to recognize this are not worth your time.

Jennifer said...

Von? I think you need to watch Roadhouse this week...

RIP Patrick

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

ummmm.. I haven't seen "Some Kind of Wonderful".

But then, I'm a zombee.

I HAVE, however, seen Roadhouse. Multiple times.

Poptart said...

The book is actually funny, and funnily written. But I am afraid of the movie, and now you have just confirmed that I should not see it. Do not feel doomed. I know it's hard, but we cannot feel doomed about it.

Von said...

MenD - Thanks. YOu're the best.
Jennifer - I know. Sigh. I'm sure it'll be on this weekend!
Z - Ok. Please, rent SOme Kind of Wonderful - if only to honor the late great John Hughes. Besides, the soundtrack is BEYOND great.
P - Don't watch the movie. trust me.

Brando said...

Sounds like it could have used more Pig Cannon.