Monday, June 13, 2011

Back to decent

Thought you'd all like to know I am at work today sans crutch. Just me and an ace bandage.
And clothes, of course. *

I decided that this past weekend would be the return to my normal way of life, aka Busy.

Friday night, though wicked cold and foggy/drizzly, I went to see the Judds with my sister and nephew.  About two hours before they were picking me up, I found out that we would be meeting them.  mini Squee. I mean, whether you like country music or not, these ladies are Legends. Yes, capital L Legends.  So we line up back stage pre-show, get our talking to - No autographs, only one picture by their photographer, no purses, crutches, etc.....  I got it. I paid attention. Don't want to get tossed pre-photo op.  In walks Naomi and Wynonna.  I actually giggle and clap my hands together. Again - Legends.  Sister, nephew and I opt for a picture with all three of us in it. Minimal chatting, and I go to leave.  I grab my crutch from who I'm pretty sure was Wynonna's daughter, and start to hobble out. I feel someone touching my sleeve. I turn around - it's Naomi "Thanks for coming Sugar!" she says and beams at me. I mumble thanks and get out of there.  We had really awesome seats for the show. Wynonna sang two Elvis songs and one Foreigner song.   I had forgotten what fantastic entertainers they both are.  A good time, overall.

Saturday my ass was up at the crack of dawn for VonParents' neighborhood garage sale.  It's a big deal - the whole neighborhood gets involved. It's crazy.  I made it for about one hour when my ankle said 'F you, lady, that's enough!' and I hobbled back to VonParents' house to relax.  Ran some errands, then worked the Booker T show at Old Town. Which was awesome.  Really awesome.

Sunday I ran many many errands for many hours.  Sunday night is my t.v. night, with both Game of Thrones and The Killing on.  I made a pizza and rested up.

So, a great weekend with my back in the swing of things (for the most part - I do still hobble) and a lot of great great music.

*Dirty birds, I know you went there


Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

*Dirty birds, I know you went there

We're just sad that you didn't tweet pics to us.

Kathleen said...

I am always amazed at how much you do!

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

And clothes, of course. *

You could have gone with this bandage.

mikey said...

Ok, you're off the DL.

I've got you starting at third and hitting sixth.

You good?

Another Kiwi said...

Sounds good Von. pretty cool to meet the Judds. No wonder you forgot your clothes. Didn't you feel cold?

Von said...

You are all so awesomely funny.
B4 - are you following me on twitter? Because, you know, VFN is on the twitter whore I am.
I'm not great - the pain is worse now that I have kicked the crutch, but I'll get there.
Big toe still not cooperating on the bending thing.
How're y'all?

fish said...

And clothes, of course.

I will only add that this thought would not have arisen reading other bloggers.

Just sayin.

mikey said...

Y'know, it also should be mentioned that Ace Bandages are pretty cool. If I've got 18 feet of 5½" Ace Bandage, 30 meters of 550 cord, a roll of duct tape and a sturdy knife, I'm pretty ready for the apocalypse...

Jennifer said...

this thought would not have arisen

Not touching it...

Von- glad to hear you're doing better, although you can kick more ass when wearing the boot... you might want to keep it just in case.

fish said...

Not touching it...

Story of my life.

Brando said...

Story of my life

Fish can't get anyone to take the bait.