Thursday, May 1, 2014

Looking back

Ya know, I'm getting over my last job. Finally.  Sure, I miss the people (most of them), and I miss the perks and hours and all of that.
Yes, I had it GOOD.  And I know that.  I worked my ass off, but I had four weeks of vacation, seven "summer Fridays", two personal days, a bunch of holidays, an hour lunch, an unenforced dress code.
And much, much more.

But, here's the thing.  They let ME go, and kept Lazyoldbitch?
Lazyoldbitch is 900 years old.  She'd use a steno machine if she could.  She's lazy, rude, nasty, and evil.
And, they fucking KEPT her. 

At my job before the last one, the President used to ask of his people - "What are the working hours I am getting from this person?"  That stuck with me.  I'm going to be totally honest.  When there was work to be done, at both of my last jobs, they got 95% working hours from me.  Yes, I internetted, and chatted with my bestie.  But I worked my ass off.
Even though she was forced to come in and be at work 37 hours a week, she still got out of actually working. She would waddle in the door at 7:58. Then she would stink up the bathroom for about 20 minutes. Then she'd have to chat with her buddy (who also did much less work than I did) for another 30 minutes. Then, as her people started to arrive, she'd sit at her desk and have her second breakfast of the day.  Her own people told me that they "knew better than to speak to Lazyoldbitch before 9am!!"
Um, even though her start time was somewhere between 8:00 and 8:30?
She would then shuffle some stuff around her desk, say nasty things to me, chat with her family long distance on the phone and on facebook.
Lunch time was always a treat.  She'd shovel food in her face while playing solitaire (God only knows how she got to keep that on her work computer, while everyone else's had to be removed).  She would then make sure her people weren't paying attention and would them put her feet up and read her book for another hour.
She only ever moved quickly at  the end of the day.  She even had permission to leave early every three weeks to have her nasty stringy frizzed out hair done. Um, what?  Her "working hours" were about 1.5 to 3 a day.

So, as I look back - I have stopped being sad and saying "why me?" and started getting angry and saying "why NOT HER??"

If that company thinks she has more value than I did, then it's a damn good thing I am not there any more.  She's a piece of shit. 
If karma is real, I'd love to be there when it bites her in the ass.

I'm hoping to see her again someday soon.  I just want to walk up to her and tell her she is a hateful, ugly and lazy bitch.  Then I will walk away and never give her another thought.


Michael Hebel said...

I'm sorry to hear that. Welcome back to blogging!

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

If it was fun, they wouldn't call it work.

Von said...

Thanks Michael, I am happy to be back!

Anonymous said...

Karma IS real. And I have at least 3 of her clones working here. ~PW

P.S. So glad you're blogging again!

Blogger said...

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leang heng said...

really glad you're blogging

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