Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Brighter Days?

Thanks to my commentors for making me feel better.  I am selfish, I value the comments.  Y'all rock.

So, here it is, another week. Well, mid-week.  I think it's Wednesday?

I had an interview yesterday at a cool place for a procurement/operations coordinator position.  This is a direct hire job that I am interviewing for through the agency that does not hate fat people.  First, the office is a five minute walk from the train station (big ups!).  Second, it's in a cool old building - all exposed brick and natural light and stuff.  I met with the hiring manager who was all kinds of sweet and lovely.  She's a self-proclaimed perfectionist, well, so am I!  I also met with the VP of finance.  She was smart and quirky.  They both mentioned it is a work hard/play hard environment.  They also said they work a lot of hours.  I'm ok with that if the pay is right.
They want me to come back next week to meet with the COO, who is the hiring manager's boss.

I'm very hopeful about this one.  Not because it's all that I have right now, but because I think it would be a good fit.  People don't leave this company - their turn over is very low.

I also just turned down an opportunity to become a part of a start-up.  The main reasons I turned it down are that I don't think it's good for my mood/brainz to work from home right now.  I've been home the better part of three months, and it's messing up my head spaces.  I need human interaction. Remind me I said that next winter, as I wait for the train.....
The other reason is I'm not too keen on the instability of a start-up right now.  I need to play it safe for a bit, I think.
Nice guy, a friend of friends that I trust.  I did offer to help him write the job description, set up a time line, and pre-interview candidates for him.  I'm not sure he'll want my help with any of that, but we'll see.

I took Monday off this week, from all jobby things.  I ran errands, took a nap, watched tv.  It was so needed. I felt like a million bucks yesterday.  I was all confidence and not cocky during the interview.

So, a short updatey post this week.  I'm in a good mood. I'm going to spend this afternoon reading a book, I think.


Jennifer said...

Yay! Yay! Fingers crossed, and... YAY!

My word verf is successful! I think that's a good omen. The second one is geoala. I'm guessing that means successful in some rare language! Yay!

Von said...

I have word verf on? I suck! Lemme fix that....
And thanks sista.

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