Thursday, March 11, 2010

How can you not laugh?

Sometimes, I laugh when I shouldn't. Like last night: I'm reading aloud in Deutsch Klasse....."blah blah blah......nachschicken" I stop then, "Nachschicken!" (pronounced properly) teacher looks up at me, puzzled look on her face. Then I say "Nachschicken!!!" (pronounced Knocks Chicken).** Then, I laugh. I laugh so much everyone else laughs. With me, mfers, not at me. Sometimes I don't laugh, out of fear: Once I attempted to learn the tin whistle. I say attempted because I was hot for teacher, and therefore all learning went out the window. Especially when he said things like this: "No. Von, blow harder. HARDER. There, just like that. Now blow more evenly. Bllllloooowwww slllooowwwweeeerrrr. Good. Perfect. Just like that." I didn't laugh, wanted to, and ended up spitting all over my tin whistle instead. I laughed about it for about 3 hours afterwards. **Nachschicken means forward. I know. Weird. Not even close, where you could guess. Not like I'll ever forget that word now though.


Shannon Erin said...

"Bllllloooowwww slllooowwwweeeerrrr."

Both these stories made me laugh!

Brando said...

LOL, German is such a hilarious language to speak. I took a year in college and loved just pronouncing everything, because it sounded like you were giving orders. I love how their compound nouns get crammed into ever-longer words, like "Umweltverschmutzung," which means "environmental pollution."

Was your tin whistle response, "I'm blowing as hard as I can, but nothing's coming out?"

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

This guy had a disturbing knack for making me laugh, even after he'd, for instance, engaged my assistance to demonstrate the old "thumbs-in-eyes" technique in a girls' self-defense course. He was even funny after the knee came up for just the slightest "tap".

I knew it was gonna be a rough go when he started off by saying, "A woman has to fight like a woman... nice and soft."