Monday, March 8, 2010

Surprise, Surprise

Things I found surprising this weekend:
  • I didn't realize how much I missed something, until I got it again.
  • Guitar is hard. Not just hard, but fucking hard. Ouch, there's a small blood blister on my finger.
  • There is a song written by Hank Williams that has my name in it like three times.
  • Reading chords was impossible for me, and I felt stupid (which I found surprising) BUT
  • I have the greatest musician friends in the world, and the amount of outside of class help I'm going to get is amazing.
  • I didn't hate TheBrother's TheFiance. As a matter of fact, I liked her. As much as snarky, evil, bitchy old me can like a 22 year old chick who got engaged 5 weeks after meeting TheBrother.
  • I didn't hate seeing R two days in a row. Probably won't make a habit of it, but I didn't hate it.
  • Even John Prine is annoying after three and 1/2 hours.
  • I don't hate the band Elbow. I wish I did. I don't. The hipsters, they will not break me.
  • We convinced a 44 year old women that Mennonites come from Menonia, a very small country between Germany and France.
  • Receiving a gift from a co-worker was both surprising and a huge mood booster. Sure, she bought the earrings for herself, but never wore them, and thought of me when she stumbled across them. They are Phillips head nail heads. I adore them, put them on immediately. The gift and the thought were surprising.
  • I don't believe how much I cry when I watch the Oscars. Me? A crier? For shame!!
  • Home-made fried chicken, mashed potatoes, corn, gravy, salad and wine with a good friend was the very best way to beat the Sunday blues. (Not surprising, but the meal was soooo good, I had to mention it.) To visit this awesome cooking friend of mine, go here.


Jennifer said...

So! The fiance wasn't that bad!?! That's good.

I'm laughing at you not hating 2 days in a row with R... but not planning on making a habit out of it. Hmmm, I wonder which way this will go...

And I'm laughing at the John Prine comment! I was thinking a similar thing as I was watching him on Elvis C's show. He's someone who I love, but I must be in the mood. I agree, 3 1/2 hours would be too much.

And before ZRM gets here... wouldn't the nail heads really be screw heads? Just sayin'. You don't need a Phillips hammer to pound in a nail. :)

Sounds like you had a good weekend Von. I'll remember the chicken dinner as a blues chaser. Although, if I recall, I never had the blues after leaving my Grandma's house on a Sunday. :)

Mendacious D said...

Menonia, a very small country between Germany and France.

I thought it had been annexed by Luxembourg.

Guitar is a blast. Chords are off-putting, but if you're practicing songs you want to sing, rather than what you're told to like, it's lots of fun.

Also, blisters will turn into calluses after not very long. Stock up on bandages. Blisters are also best chilled with beer mugs after practice, but I'm sure you knew that already.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

I wear real Phillips screws in my ears. It's more punk.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

after practice, MenD?

That's never been my experience.

Von said...

Thanks all. Yes,screws, not nails.
Sigh, sometimes I'm such a girl.
Z - you will always be way more hardcore than I. It's cool.
MenD - Thanks for the advice! Beer mug on fingers, good plan.
I'm going to practice tomorrow for sure.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Z - you will always be way more hardcore than I. It's cool.

Iz gotz no ink, tho.

Mendacious D said...

Glass is a far better retainer of cold than beer cans, particularly straight out of the freezer.

For obvious reasons, I don't use glass vessels at practice.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Ah. That explains it.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...


Von said...

True, I have ink, so I'm pretty hard core. lol.
Thunda - LoVe it!!

Brando said...

I didn't realize how much I missed something, until I got it again.

Just wait, you'll be able to write a song about it soon.

Von said...

Brando - That was Fucking awesome.
devil horns in your direction.
Glad someone called me out on that!!

Kathleen said...

lol @ cinderella