Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Viel Spass!

Best things about MaiFest:
  • The happy happy fun loving people.
  • The delicious food
  • The very chilly Hofbrau Original
  • My german flag dress and the many complete strangers who took pictures of me in it
  • Hot hot men
  • The $$ made for DANK

Worst things about MaiFest:

  • The happy happy fun loving people who don't know when they've had enough
  • Popped polo shirt collars
  • The monsoon that was Saturday night
  • The Hawks game that stole our thunder Friday night
  • The very chilly Hofbrau Original in my shoes. And my hair. And my clothes.
  • Hot hot men being cobags
  • That horrible song "I don't want her you can have her she's too fat for me" I fucking hate that song
  • The fact that all German/Polka bands think "Country Roads" by John Denver should be played again, and again, and again.......all weekend long
  • The fact that when I was finally finished working for the weekend, and only had about four sips of beer that they wanted me to go right back to work in the kitchen. Um, no. I left. Everyone else got to stand around and drink, but not me apparently
  • Aching feet, back, neck, etc......
  • The Creepy McCreeperstein who told me my name isn't actually my name, my name is Nicki. When I said "No, my sister's name is Nicki" he told me her last name. CREEPY. Neither she nor I actually know this guy. HOT guy, but totally creepy!!


zombie rotten mcdonald said...

The happy happy fun loving people who don't know when they've had enough

Here I am!!

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Hot hot men

In tiny, tiny Lederhosen?

I, myself, prefer Ledernacken.

Our Deutsche Kulturfest is Von Steuben Day in September. My "German" cultural heritage comes by way of der Confederatio Helvetica.

Brando said...

If I can still say, "I haven't had enough" then I haven't had enough.

Jennifer said...

As for drinking: One's not enough, two's too many, three's not enough... and off we goooo!!!

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Jennifer's buying!!!

Von said...

OhOH, My friends!!! I can hang, And I KNOW you all can hang!!! I'm talking about the folks that can't get the difference between PBR and GOOD GERMAN BEER THAT CAN MESS YOU UP.
I knew it - you ALL should have been there!!!
B4 - We do that festival too! Our's is called German American Fest in September.