Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mish mosh

What's on my desk, that probably shouldn't be:
  • Two crocheted Zombies, Zoe and Zeb.
  • One Zombie Surfer key chain.
  • One Donnie Wahlberg NKOTB world tour doll.
  • Two Hello Kitty figures.
  • One elephant mini squirt gun
  • One alien in a space ship top
  • One bottle MAC Fix+ mist

Yes, I do think I'm a grown up.

My computer is fixed. For the low low price of $100. Well, it was actually going to be $60, but they offered to install a new (and WORKING!) Norton anti-virus, so that was $40 more. Eldest StepBro wrote "I'm insulted" on my fb. I wrote back " You don't get to be". I didn't even know he was back from wedding#2 in Hong Kong, so whatever.

I am not pleased with my gd shuffle feature today. Kinda hate everything it's spitting at me today. Except the Muppet Show theme song, because that's AWESOME

I've finally done it, I cut my nails on my left hand only, leaving the right hand loooong. Know why? That's right, little troopers, because that's what guitar players do. And I'm a guitar player!

Speaking of guitar. Graduation is this Saturday. We're either playing "I've just seen a face" or "Champagne Supernova". I HATE Oasis, so I really don't want to so probably won't be practicing that one, and keeping my fingers crossed that we'll play the Beatles instead. One can only hope.

My knee is about 68% better. As in I can almost walk down a flight of stairs without looking like a 90 year old.

And that's what you get for today, a bunch of things rolling around in my head.


mikey said...

This is like those posts on the geek blogs where they post photos of the stuff they carry with them every day.

You should have provided a photo of your desktop menagerie...

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Mikey newbie. HA HA HA.

mikey said...

Oh. Um.

Don't DO Pho Toes?


Do carry on...

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

I HATE Oasis

It's that damn guy's whiny voice. I pretty much think the 90's were a lost decade musicwise.

Except, of course, for Hedningarna.

Von said...

Did anyone else notice Mikey calling me a geek?
Hey, I've posted photos before....just not on a regular basis. I think I do have one of Zeb and Zoe. I'll investigate.
Because, you see, I'm a geek....

mikey said...

I was really just thinking that you missed a chance to start a new internet meme.

You could have had people all over the WORLD posting pictures of the weird crap on their desks here. It would have been the next LOLCats an you would have been able to make a couple hundred grand in advertising revenue in the next 90 days. Everybody would have been talking about VonDeskShots.

Never mind...

Von said...

I see. What the problem is is that I kinda hate people, so bringing them to my site, regardless of the $$making opportunity, would be a bad thing.
But thanks Mikey, I like the way you think!!

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

What the problem is is that I kinda hate people

hence the high Zombie content.

mikey said...

One of the profound lessons of the free market is that you don't need to like or even respect people to take their money.

Taking their money is, to state the obvious, it's own reward...

Von said...

you have a good point.