Monday, January 31, 2011


sigh Sometimes, blogging is hard. I mean, anyone can post pictures and you tubes of songs, this takes very little thought. Which is why I don't do that. I try to come up with things that are not so boring, and not so dull to entertain. And sometimes, that's just h a r d. So, for today, a mish mash of what is in mah brainz Yesterday, Book Club, the awesome that is TLB. Not only did she rock book club's world, she's been invited to join, as she was unanimously found to be one cool chick we want to hang out with. She's accepted the offer. This is a delightful development. Saturday night, I re-made friends with Jameson. Good ole Jameson and I had a *ahem* falling out right about oh, Shannon and TheMarty's rehearsal dinner, when Jameson and I were so much in love that I *cough cough* might have over-indulged by about seven shots......Any who, new year, new friends. We're taking it slow, only enjoying each other's company for two shot's worth of time. Looks like it could be a lasting friendship. Oh the heals of Saturday night, you might want to know that Burger King breakfast can fix just about anything. For realz. I worry about little things a little too much. Like how I don't feel my guitar callouses are developing at the rate they should be. People (strangers) often find me staring at, nay, inspecting my fingers tips on my left hand.... If I had a shot of Jameson for every teh fb post/status/comment about the impending snow storms, I could probably be in an alcohol induced coma until the spring thaw.


Jennifer said...

Let's face it... 99.9% of blogging is navel-gazing... some navels are just more interesting or hold more lint. :)

Will Jameson be helping through the biblical storm that is to come?? I would think it might.

Glad the bookclub was fun. I'm not surprised though. I'm sorry I missed it. Maybe the next one?!? What's the book... I might have it already in my stack of partially read tomes.

Stay safe and warm, Vonnie!

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

You mean it's not spring yet?


zombie rotten mcdonald said...

I mean, anyone can post pictures and you tubes of songs, this takes very little thought.

hey now.

Von said...

ZRM - I was NOT referring to you.
It's not like that's ALL you post.

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Last Jameson's I had was Thursday, in the form of hot toddies. I usually keep a bottle of whisky around for medicinal purposes, but I tend to prefer Tullamore Dew.

Von said...

I have not yet had Tullamore, but have thought about it. Must investigate.
I could go for a hot toddy right now.
J - y'all stay safe and warm too!!

Von said...

Thunda - nope. Not yet. The orbz have not deemed it time for spring....yet.

Kathleen said...

here's to friendship!

Von said...

I'll drink to that!!

Another Kiwi said...

I'm glad that you and Jameson talked it through and got it sorted out.
I find it very difficult to say how I feel about blogging. Somedays it is easy sometimes it's uneasy.
I like this mish mash post.
I think a BK breakfast will make everything else seem better because everything else is better

Von said...

Thanks AK! You are welcome to my mish mash ramblings any time.

Brando said...

McGriddles are the go-to hangover relief for me. And Fiji water. That stuff is like an IV you drink.

TLB is surprisingly sane for a writer.

zombie rotten mcdonald said... alcohol induced coma until the spring thaw.

See, now THERE'S a plan!

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

You all right with all the snow, pumpkin?

Von said...

I am. Thanks pumpkin!

Blogger said...

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