Monday, May 16, 2011

Brought to you by the letters T M and J

So sorry for my recent absence.
I had one hell of a week last week, and for me to say that, that's pretty bad.

My aunt passed away on Monday, the very same aunt that I had written a post about last winter, and then deleted - that one.
I have piles and piles of regret, to the point that said regret was like an ugly living thing, sitting on my shoulders.
It's still there, but I'm giving it some thought daily, and working through it.

Then, Tuesday afternoon (coincidence? I think not...)
I began having massive ear/jaw/teeth pain on the left side of my face.
Like someone was stabbing me in the ear/jaw/teeth every 20 minutes or so.
Not fun.
I ignored said pain until Thursday, when LB1 made me go to the doctor.
I was convinced that it was an ear infection, or some sort of sinus thing.
I called the nurses at my doctor's office.
"So, I have an ear infection."
"Uh huh."
"Can she just call some drugs in to the Walgreens?"
"Let me call you back"
10 minutes later
"No. *ha ha* You will need to come in."
"Really. But she said you are probably right."
"Damn it."
"And then she will give you drugs, ok?"

So I head over to the doctor. 
Ears, checked out awesome. Sinuses checked out not so bad.
"You have tmj!"*
"You're kidding!"
"Damn it!"
"And because you are you, you cannot have the good stuff prescription anti-inflammatory, so you will have to take some Advil. And Tylenol for the pain."

"Can I take four?"
"Or I can give you Vicodin."
As I was in the middle of one of the blindingly bad pain things, I said "Yes, yes, give me Vicodin."
"Pain scale?"
"Nine! GOD DAMN IT!"
And with that I was given Vicodin.  Which I have not taken in over 20 years.
Got in the car, immediately called the dentist.
"I have to ask...are you using your mouth guard?"
"Sigh. Yes. Every night."
"Do you have painkillers?"
"Nope, but I will in about 20 minutes."
"Good. Take them. USE them."
My dentist knows me so well.

So I picked up a gigantic bottle of Advil, and a not small bottle of Vicodin, and headed over to VonParents' house.
"Why are you so early?"
"Oh, for Pete's sake - you CANNOT be sick again, and you CANNOT be around your dad if you are!!!!!"
"mumble mumble tmj......."
"What!?!? What is that?"
My dad chimes in "Well, it's like lock jaw...."
"This one?!?! Lock jaw?!?! That's not possible."
I had not taken any drugs yet, so this was just awesome.

Spent my weekend following the dentist's instructions perfectly - Advil every four hours, gargle with warm salt water, heating pad, soft foods, etc.....oh, and Vicodin.
And I can say I'm about 90% better.  My ear and jaw are almost pain free, and my teeth and gums just hurt.  I will need to call the dentist to let him know, and maybe schedule a follow up.

Don't think for a second that I sat my little ass at home, NO, we aren't doing that any more this year!!
Friday night - volunteered Marcia Ball / Sanctified Grumblers show at the OT.
Saturday - did miss guitar class due to pain, BUT went to book club followed by margarita (virgin for me) dance party.
Sunday - BBQ with delightful God-child. Ok, her dad cooked on the grill, and we all sat in the house in sweaters and jeans.

And, how are you??

*I will say I was THRILLED to find out I was NOT sick again. I mean, c'mon!


Jennifer said...

"You have tmj!"

Did I call it??? Huh? Huh?? :)

Glad you're not sick again, aside from just the normal mental sickness. :) And glad the pain is subsiding. I hope the aunt pain subsides soon as well.

wv: deflu

No! She does not have deflu! She has de tmj!

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

And here I though TMJ meant too much juice.

My condolences about your aunt, and I know all about the guilty shoulders (mine, not yours!).

P.S. I'm joining in the face pain thing, my eyes started itching again Saturday and last night was excruciating. Today, all swollen around the eyes, so good looking!

I've taken pictures, in case anyone wants to see.

fish said...

Total suck.

I would like to think TMJ is "too much joy" syndrome. It is the man trying to keep you down. Hang in.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Don't be afraid to click the link,

It isn't the Mekons.

wv, however, tries again and suggests Von has agout?

mikey said...

Well, helpfully you seem to have settled on a particularly narrow definition of 'sick'. This appears to provide its own contribution of psychic support, so I'll not question it. But in mikeyworld, if you're physically defective, in great pain or discomfort and said defectiveness and discomfort requires both a doctor visit AND a prescription, baby, you're SICK. But then I like to think I view the world with an uncluttered economy of concepts. Other people tend to say I'm lazy. But that's just lazy thinking.

In the meantime, I never was much for the whole pain meds thing. Made me feel creepy n shit - lack of pain offset by overall physical creepiness. What? That's the word that best describes it. Er, economically.

So sorry about your aunt. Sadly, the lesson is one I choose at this point, once again, not to learn.


Anyway, glad you're feeling better. I'm sure suffering from a bad case of Tall Mendacious Journalists is every bit as unpleasant as it sounds...

Von said...

Total Mouth Jam is what I was calling it all weekend.
Thanks, all, getting better!
I spoke to my dentist (he of the license plate NOPAIN) and he said I should be out of the woods completely in the next day or two.
Fingers crossed, unless they start hurting too.

Kathleen said...

so glad you're feeling better. my friend has tmj and it has been excruciating for her. she was recommended to get massages, so if that's your thing I think you can consider it medically necessary.

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

TMI about TMJ?

Get better, and try to get over the regrets about your aunt. Does she have kids you can get to know better?

Another Kiwi said...

Best of luck, Von. You have been through the wringer all right.

Von said...

K-Unit - Let me tell you, it was the worst pain I have had in YEARS.

B4 - Her son died 16 weeks to the day before she did. Her daughter and I are starting to email. She lives in Calgary, so very far to travel, but maybe.

Thanks, AK. I know, right?!?!

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Losing her son must have been horrible. It's good to know that you and her daughter are making an attempt at reconciliation.

Brando said...

So sorry about your aunt, Von. I hope you and her daughter continue to reconcile.

If the jaw pain returns, perhaps you should try this prescription.