Friday, September 9, 2011

Just saying

My personal laptop is on the fritz. Again.
Normally this would freak me out, I mean, if I don't buy at least a handful of songs on iTunes, I go through withdrawal.....but anyway.
This time, I took a deep breath
and called my brother.  Both brothers have mad skillz when it comes to anything computer related, but I called the one that has a link up installed on my computer.
"Hi. My computer is broken."
"Yes, again."
"Ok, so it won't connect to the internet, like at all. You fix?"
"So, um, can you get into my computer and look around?"
*chuckle* "You don't have internet. So no, I can't get in and look around"
It would be funny if it wasn't so unfunny
Because he's awesome, he agreed to come over last night and check things out.
After about two hours of messing and digging and digging and restarting and me whining that I was hungry he offered to take it home so he could mess with it when he had time.
Of course I agreed to that.
I also agreed to tag along to dinner with him and his lovely wife. 

Which he paid for.

The point of my boring Friday tale?
See, I spend a lot of time talking about how awesome my friends are, and how much more they are to me than my own family.
And then something like this happens, and I have to say to myself
"Hey, my family is pretty cool sometimes too"

Now go hug a family member or something

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