Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Just thinking

I don't watch reality television, pretty much ever.
Sure, I'll admit to recording (dvring?) every episode of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding over the weekend, and staring transfixed at that for hours, but beyond that, I don't do it.
I don't count Food Network shows (Iron Chef, the Best Thing I Ever Ate, Dinner Impossible) as reality tv.
I saw a promo that intrigued me.  Some channel is debuting a show called "Big Sexy". I think it's just a few episodes, following some charmingly chubby chicks in some big city, New York, likely.  I think they do or want to work in fashion somehow.  There's like five of them or four.
See how well I pay attention?
What I found interesting in the promo was how one of the women said
"Some people don't get that not all fat chicks want to be thin"
I could totally be friends with these girls. It appears we are like-minded.
I saw bravo to the network (not sure which one) is going to be airing this show, and double brava to the women in the show. 
I'm all for fat acceptance, and promoting body positive ideas. I hope the show does well. 
I won't be watching it, because it's still reality tv.  I believe more in getting out and living my life, rather than sitting on my ass watching other people's lives on tv. 
My life is WAY more fun and interesting than anything I could watch on tv.

Monday, August 29, 2011

That's what friends are for....

I've got the greatest friends EVER.

You know how I know?

Because they are there for me, at the drop of a hat, every time.

Thought I had plans Friday night, turns out I was wrong. Found out late Thursday night, when L deigned to spend about an hour with me.

Woke up Friday morning in a panic - I was in NO mood to stay home Friday night. That would have been pretty awful, considering my mood lately.

I calmed the F down, and made a quick list in my head.  Texted first person at 7:45 am.
"You free tonight?"
Alas, no.
Texted next person on list at 8:01 am.
"You free tonight?"
"Yes I am!!"
Ah, the tricycle of awesome is truly awesome.
Shannon got us a reservation at Hearty Boys Restaurant.  Wow, we had a fantastic meal!! And some good honest conversation, which I needed. And some drinks. I'm SO off the wagon.

Saturday was Toni's big 4-0 birthday dinner.  Spent a perfect evening at Old Oak Tap. So good. Good food, good company.  Sure, L didn't show up like he had said he would, but I didn't let it ruin my evening.

Sunday, the first person I texted on Friday texted me.....
"What are you doing today?"
My response was that I had to work at Old Town at 5, but was free before then. 
Her response:
"Come over at 3 for fried chicken!"
As in, homemade fried chicken.
Ended up having a fantastic dinner with four people that I really love spending time with.  It was a shame I had to leave so soon, but it was still a blast!

Got to Old Town right on time, and immediately fell into massive crush mode with the entire band Mountain Heart.
They were fantastic, adorable, talented, did I mention adorable, fun.... I highly recommend you check them out. Whole lotta fun. And adorable.

So, while I remain disappointed in the L situation, I'm more than making the best of it.  It helps when you have the greatest friends in the world.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Evil iPod

My iPod is with me today, and on shuffle.
And it's totally messing with my heart feelings this afternoon.
After a calm morning of some good tunes, it's now gone all 666 on my little ticker.

"Lips of an Angel" by Hinder
"Everthing Changes" by Stained
followed by:
"Let it Happen" by Jimmy Eat World
and then:
"You and I Both" by Jason Mraz

Fucking hell, iPod, do you want me jumping out a window?
I'm trying to get some man problems OUT of my head, not dwell on them!
Music - it can fuck me up like nothing else.

Yet, I never turn it off.......

Monday, August 22, 2011


I totally had to delete the last post posted.

It was crap.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Yep, still breathing

Just realized it's been a while since I've posted, and I've got my own rules about these things, so I'm past due to type at you.

I am, as the title suggests, still breathing.  Health-wise everything is pretty good. Down to physical therapy once a week for the busted ankle, and no new aches, pains or illlnesses.

Otherwise, not so awesome.  I have a bad feeling about the guy thing that has been going on for the past month or so.  And I know to trust my bad feelings.  So, I wait for the other shoe to drop, or the blow off to occur, or whatever.  I had spent the first two weeks of this "thing" happily ensconced in "whatever land" where I would be ok either way.  The second two weeks I dared to hope for more/better, and it's looking like that didn't do me any good.
So, I'm working my way back to whatever land. It's not going well.
Damn me for being such a thinker.

Doesn't help that I'm on the wagon, and intend to stay firmly on said wagon until the end of September. I'm telling you, if anyone needs a drink right about now, it's ME.

I did survive/do ok at my first show actually Working at Old Town in my new jobby.  Admittedly I was terrified extremely nervous through most of the evening, but I got through it without having to ask too many questions, and I was able to complete my checklist for the show, so I count that as a win.  Two weeks before my next show, but I don't think I'll forget too much.

Work work is good. Things are steady busy, which provides some distraction from my ever-churning brain.

Chicago has the shittiest radio stations on the planet. Consider this today's public service announcement. 

Friday, August 5, 2011

The return of Fun Friday

I was just told the best thing ever, courtesy of TheMarty:

You are a social butterfly. Made of metal.

This is going to be my new motto/descriptor.

So - minions friendz:

What is the best compliment or description of you have you heard?

yes, I'm going schmoopy mushy for the day. Don't get used to it!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


So, I just typed and deleted and then typed and deleted and then typed and deleted some more.

I'm feeling extra bitchy snarky today, but am not interested in burning any bridges today.

So, you get nothing.

Because I'm feeling a little too mean and evil, even for me.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Go ahead and laugh......

......just know that I can punch. Hard.

I went to see Night Ranger, Foreigner, and Journey on Saturday.
And of course, because I'm me, there's so much more to this story!!

My friend S had purchased the tickets, so I just assumed I'd be making the 90+ minute trek out to the burbs with her.
Not the plan.
S was on vacation until Saturday, and her plan was to meet us there.
Us being me, and her barely friend and his friend.
So, I ended up having to ride out to Tinley Park with two complete strangers. 
I didn't think they were going to kill me when the plan was formulated.  I didn't think anything of it until other people in my life started to freak out about it, thus freaking ME out.
Clearly, I am not dead.
Me being me, they found me to be wonderful, delightful, charming company - or so they kept saying over and over and over.

Alas, due to missing our exit (because I am all of those adjectives, and the conversation just flowed!) we also missed Night Ranger.  Who performed a couple of Damn Yankees songs too - it doesn't suck to have lead singers who were in other bands.

I was super girly excited to see Foreigner.  I had forgotten how much I loved them!! Ok, sure, haters, it's not the original singer - but new guy did really well.  I was hoping for Say you Will, but nope.  They encored with a lengthy guitar filled Jukebox Hero.  And yes, they did sing Dirty White Boy.  I'm adding my Foreigner to the iPod tonight. And putting it on repeat.

Admittedly, I was less excited about Journey. New guy? Asian? Young.  And then, little dude started to sing.  If you closed your eyes through the whole set, you could have swore that Steven Perry was up there.  Plus little dude was excited and energetic and a pleasure to watch.  Sure, I sat during their new tunes (yawn), but LEPT out of my seat for every older one. 

Thankfully, S drove me home so I wouldn't have to ride back with the two strangers. Sure, they were fun, but still.....

Go ahead, make your hate haters, just know that I will remember........and I will punch you.

Happy Monday!