Thursday, May 24, 2012

Denver Day 2

Then, things got a little ugly.....

C had to go to work on Saturday. This, I knew.  It was agreed that I would do whatever I wanted until he got home from work.  Which could include staying at the house and relaxing.
Since we got home around 3am, and since I drank A LOT, I decided to sleep in.
11:30, I wake up to C's ex wife SuperBitch standing over me.  Backstory - the whole reason I went to Denver was to check on C, because his wife, SuperBitch cheated on him.  They are stuck kinda sharing the house until they can sell it in November.  I hate SuperBitch for what she did to C. SuperBitch teaches piano out of the house on Saturdays.
"Um. Von? I need to know what you are going to do today. My classes end about 2:45, and I'm going to need you out of the house after that. I don't want you in the house when no one is here...."
"SuperBitch? If I wanted your shit, I'd guy buy it at Walmart and Claire's and Hot Topic.....I wouldn't bother to steal it from you...."
"I, um....:"
"Let me text C, see what's up."
I text C, he immediately calls me, then immediately calls her. I decide I don't want to deal with the drama, so I jump in the shower.  While I'm drying off, there's a knock at the door:
"**sniff sniff** Von? Can I talk to you for a minute?**blows nose**
"Well, I'm naked,but whatever...."
"No! NO, just come upstairs when you have a second...."
Grumble,sigh, fuck me....
I get dressed and head upstairs.  Pounding headache, hunger pangs and all....

For the next HOUR, SB tries to convince me that she never cheated on C.  That he was terrorizing her.  All lies and b.s.  She sobbed and sobbed and sobbed.
I'll save you the details. Suffice to say, I let down the nice shield, and gave her the business.  Some of my better statements:
"You really don't know how hard it is for me to not climb over this table and beat the shit out of you, do you?"
"Friends? We were never friends. I don't do friends who are unbelievable sluts"
"Please, SB, give me a reason to hit you"
"You are a heinous bitch. The worst part is, everyone knows what you did, yet you still continue to lie about it.  This makes you pathetic."
After an hour of this, I told her I was going to go for a walk and to get something to eat. I made her promise she'd be there when I got back.  Ok, well, it went more like this "God help you if you lock me out, and C has to leave work early to come let me in...."
I went for a walk. I found Taco Bell (God loves me!!!).  I checked my phone.  C had called 9 times.  I called him back.  Apparently he had visions of me pinning SB to the floor by the throat and punching her in the face repeatedly.  I assured him that this did not happen, and would fill him in on everything later.
Got back to the house, SB was there, just standing in the middle of the living room.  I walked past her and went down to the basement.  She followed me down and said
"Well, I guess I will never see you or talk to you again..." more tears
She left, I slept.

Saturday evening was a whole lot of plans.  First C and I went to get something to eat, and to catch up.  I told him all of my business, he judged me, forgave me, and we moved on. 
Went to a nicer bar/restaurant for his friend's 30th birthday party.  Of course, she thought I was hilarious and awesome, and offered to take me out on Monday.  LOVED HER.
Of course, she is NOT the girl C is dating now.

Off to meet C's girlfriend.  Drama part two coming up!! Can you just feel it?!?
We went to this amazing venue called The Gothic Theater to see a band that C knows.  - They're called Nautilus, check them out -
C finds GF and walks up to her.  GF is HAMMERED and wants to make out with C.  Did I mention, GF is hammered?  She's slurring and trying to say Hi, but it's not happening.
I go to the bathroom and have a little talk with myself.  It went like this:
'Von. Calm down. You are 10 years older than this little shit.  You already had a lengthy fight with SB today.  Time to try to be nice again, m'kay?'

I walk over to the bar, where GF is leaning with her friend.  I smile and offer to buy them beers.
GF spins around to look at me, glares at me, says "Who ARE you?!?" and kinda falls over.  Her friend looks at me all 'I'm sorry!' and waves me off.
Yep. Fuck it. I'm finished.

I walk back over to C.  He says "So?"
"Well, the BAND was great!!"
"What does that mean?"
"GF, she's wasted, I'm not down.  Baaaaad first impression."
C immediately get pissed at me, says "What, she can't get drunk?"
I say fuck it, and go sit down.  I didn't figure that was the time or the place to tell him about the "beer incident"
Apparently, GF's friend decided to tell him.  He asked me why I didn't tell him.  I ignored him and drank myself silly.
Drama drama drama, GF is coherent enough to know that she messed up with me, big time.  There's tears (Von makes people cry out of state too!!), and C putting her in someone's car and sending her home.  He's now not mad at me at all, and kinda embarrassed.  We watch another band - Black Lamb look them up too - and leave.
We then went over to the bar he works at, Bender's, and I'm obsessed with that place.  The people are awesome, it's huge, and I'm pretty sure if I lived there I'd be at Bender's just about every night.
Evening saved.
1:30ish, head home, time for bed........


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

As my life is fairly devoid of drama these days, thanks for sharing yours, Von.


zombie rotten mcdonald said...

FWIW, Von made me cry, too, when she blew me off at the Mekons show.

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Drama? These posts are reading like Arthur Miller's Denver.

That's a damn sight better than Frank Miller's Denver, though.