Monday, August 27, 2012

All the things

My life, and all of its parts, seems very out of my hands these days.

Setting a date? Sure, why not, but let them text me.

Work stuff? Sure, I have thoughts and hopes, but no one is talking about the changes with me.

Home stuff? LOL.

Family stuff?  See home stuff, multiple by raging bitch, add crazy and blend.....

To be in control of ONE THING ANY THING SOME.....THING

I joined a new fantasy football league.  And this one, this one had a live draft.  No sitting in front of my computer in my pjs, taking my time, having the program take out other players picks......NO I had to put a bra on, head out in the rain and do all of the things by myself.
With eight people I do not know, and only one (The Commissioner) that I do know.

Well, me being me, I made pals with the other two women at the draft, and we helped each other out.  OK - They helped ME.  See, there was this rule that if someone picked a player that was already drafted, that person got a "loud, strongly worded warning".  If a second person picked that same player, they got "a warm shot of bar tequila".  Needless to say, none of us ladies had to deal with that.

So, without further whatever, here's my FF live drafted team, named, Electric Pandas:
Philip Rivers
Ryan Fitzpatrick
LeSean McCoy
Ryan Mathews
Roddy White
Miles Austin
DeSean Jackson
Rob Gronkowski
Brandon Pettigrew
Robbie Gould (had to take one Bear)
Green Bay defense and special teams
and on my bench:
Josh Freeman
Christian Ponder
Willis McGahee
James Starks
DeAngelo Williams
Austin Collie

I'm already working on getting rid of the last three on my bench, as well as Christian Ponder.

Wish me luck, my friends.....


fish said...

Gronk is probably worth 10K points this year. He is going to be unstoppable. Although I might have gone after Welker instead. Contract year....

Brando said...

Holy crap, that is a hell of a team.

Hold onto DeAngelo Williams. James Stewart sprained his ankle last night and DeAngelo should benefit, at least early in the season.

I would consider ditching Josh Freeman, too, unless you are supposed to start two QBs. You could try trading him if someone is hurting for QBs. Usually in a 10-person league, QBs just aren't worth quite as much unless you have two really top players, because there's often plenty of average starters on the waiver wire.

I would also look to add one more WR, just because Austin is an injury liability.

Nicely done, Von.

mikey said...

That's just silly - the Panda is a BASEBALL player.

Also, too, WHAT? No Tebow??

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Good luck, Von.

But don't throw away your Acoustic Panda records.