Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My forever man

I have always always always loved Dennis Quaid.  I kinda think the reason I still think about my college boyfriend (The One that got away) is because he looked a lot like Dennis Quaid, back in the day.  I'm totally going to watch that new Vegas show, simply because it's starring - Dennis Quaid.  As a sheriff. Yummy.

Sigh. Dennis. Quaid.

So, today I give you this video.  Because:
1.  It has Dennis Quaid, at his hottest.
2. Bonnie Raitt seduces him, with a song and her mad guitar skills.
3. I dream of seducing Dennis Quaid with my mad guitar skills.
4. I dream of having mad guitar skills, like the Queen, Bonnie Raitt.


Jennifer said...

I just watched Breaking Away again last week. I was amazed at how young Dennis was/looked. Of course Dennis still manages to look impish while rugged.

Shannon Erin said...