Friday, April 25, 2014

Size blocked and other fun shit

Sorry, folks, but this blog is going to be out of order, time line wise.
Because today, I want to tell you about this week. Because FUCK what a week.

Last week, OffMgr gave me a direct lead at a placement agency.  There was a job that really sounded perfect for me.  She thought so, I thought so, one of the reps from the agency thought so.  I contacted the person who's info I was given.  Communications happened, and a meeting was set up for Monday morning.

I got all dolled up, I wore a dress that was both interview worthy and comfortable.  I did my full face makeup, all of the details.  My hair was clean and brushed and neat.  I was clean and brushed and neat.

I arrived 15 minutes early - a little too early, I admit - and gave all of the information to the front desk ladies.   I was ushered in to a small room and waited. 
My first meeting was with the contract to hire rep I had spoken to on the phone.  She was lovely and delightful.  I gave her my best sell of me, she gave me her best sell of the agency.  I felt confident I could work with this person.  Sure, she is young, but I'll give her the benefit of the doubt and make a partnership with her. 
She then asked me to remain in the room so I could meet with the direct hire rep who was repping the job that I felt would be perfect for me.  M walked into the room.  I stood up and shook her hand and sat back down.  She did a full on look me up and down twice; sized me up, literally.  She made a 'tsk' sound and pursed her lips (it was disdain, clearly). She spent about three minutes with me, had no interest in anything I had to say, and told me "We have nothing for you at this time. Thanks for coming in". 
UUUUMMMMM but you do, bitch, you totally do.
As I was walking out it hit me, hard - the looks, the sounds, the posture - She's sizeist.  She saw me, and found me un-marketable, and therefore not worth her time.  The only other possible explanation would me that most of my tattoos were visible during the meeting.  But, that is something that can be properly discussed.  If that was the issue, she should not have had a problem saying anything.

Bitch, please - I'm fat, I have six tattoos, most of them visible.  I also can run circles around you in professionalism, tact, and even your job.  Hell, I DID your job when I was 20 years old.
So, fuck you.
I'm still considering working with the contract to hire rep, but the direct hire rep is dead to me.  She could beg, maybe.

That was just Monday!!
So, I hear that Threadless is hiring, a position I can totally do, and would be great at.  I use the FB for it's intended purpose, and put out a status asking for any help with contacts there.  I know that a lot of my friends from Old Town have contacts there, so the post was mostly for them.  A kinda friend writes a comment on the post that I should email or call her, she knows people.
So, I send her an IM letting her know that any help would be greatly appreciated, and that I had already applied via the website, as per the job link's instructions.
Her response flabbergasted me.
She basically said that she would ONLY reach out to her contact if I would start seeing life as the glass half full.  She was concerned about my "negative and sad facebook posts". 
1. I went back over the last batch of posts I had made, and very very few of them were negative.
2. WTF do  you know?!! I can't glass half full, because I CAN'T EVEN AFFORD THE GLASS
Let me state, she's a stay at home mom with a master's degree.  She owns an apartment building and travels plenty.  I'm guessing she doesn't know what real money troubles are.
And to throw conditions on top of a favor? What kind of friend does that?!
Thankfully, I have other, true friends who have connections at Threadless who were more than happy
to put in a good word for me, WITHOUT ANY CONDITIONS.
I want her to spend one week, hell, one day in my life, and then she can tell me just how I "should be living".

On the ups - I did have a great meeting at another placement agency on Wednesday, and a great call with another Thursday.  I'm in a good mood today, and hopeful that this is the start of things turning around for me.

Unrelated - Tomorrow is my "gig" with my 60's Ensemble class.  We are playing 10 songs at The Hidden Cove, a local karaoke bar.  It is my shining light for the weekend.

Thanks for reading - all job leads appreciated. Unless they come with conditions as to how my personality should be.


Jennifer said...

Wow... to both, but really wow to the second one! I had plenty to say, but the words keep getting garbled in mind when I think of the helpful friend telling you she'll only help if you change your attitude on FB. WTF?!?

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you for the Threadless job. I know you'd be great.

I need to stop writing this comment now because I am not necessarily having a glass is half-full afternoon and I don't want it to rub off on you. :)

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Good luck, Von!

Don't let the &$&$&*s get you down.

Smut Clyde said...

Unless they come with conditions as to how my personality should be.
Damn. I was about to suggest that you be more psychotic. It's always worked for me.

mikey said...

Oh, sure, the glass is half full.

Half full of raw sewage.


Hang in there, it only takes one break!

fish said...

Sorry Von,

I will only read this blog if my glass is half full...

of tequila.

and you join me with the other half.

fish said...

and we toast to what a shit head your (ex) friend was.

Mandos said...

Didn't we have some kind of idea for a secret blogging compound or something where we would run a parallel economy?

harada57 said...