Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I love this windy city! (and fountains are cool too!)

I have to admit, I am dorkily addicted to my city. I LOVE Chicago. I love it. Every week day, I grin like a little suburban school girl when the Loop comes in to view on my train, and I grin all the way to work. I am she who walks down the street checking out the cool buildings, and the river, and the lake, and the people. I am daily like a tourist in my own city. I love it that much. Today I woke up a little on the grumpy side of things, and I didn't expect to be that happy to go to work. But then my beloved city tossed me a happy thing. I work across the street from Millenium Park. There's this fountain that is right at the edge of the park. The fountain has been dry since like September (damn winter! damn you!). In March-ish I decided to watch the fountain, and when it went back on it would be spring, and I would be gleeful. So, of course, today, when I least expected it, the fountain was back on!! And it's going to be 70 degrees today! And I'm wearing a skirt! A cute plaid skirt! And my legs didn't get frost bite from the wearing of the cute plaid skirt and bare legs! I fully intend to go visit "my" fountain on lunch. I may even pull a Go-Gos move and splash around in it and get arrested. Cops won't get me, they are too busy shooting cougars. Sidebar- Though I do love my plaid skirt, I underestimated the wind factor today. So, for all of you on Clinton that I may or may not have inadvertantly showed my panties to while I was walking to the bus, I am so so sorry. Ahem, anyway, Viva Spring!


Adorable Girlfriend said...

I'll show my panties to Hillary Clinton.

Oh wait. That's not what you meant.

Jennifer said...

I am dorkily addicted to my city

I felt like that for all of the 14 years I lived there and am always amazed at how at home I feel when I get back.

What a great area to work! You'll have to be sure and post photos or a video of when you go all La Dolce Vita in the fountain. :)

Adorable Girlfriend said...

You have to see Annie's blog:

We are so done with baldy, I mean Goldie.

Von said...

Jennifer: There should be pictures soon! I might even frolick in one or two of them!