Friday, April 18, 2008

I'm sorry, what?!?

There are reasons I remain in IL. (Besides my previously mentioned adoration of Chicago) One of the really good ones, or so I thought, was that we here in the fine Land of Lincoln do not have natural disasters. No hurricanes. No tidal waves. Not many tornadoes (at least not where I live). NO EARTHQUAKES. Hm. Hm I say. So, why did I wake up to the news this morning reporting on the 5.2 earthquake that hit in Salem, IL at 4:37 am? Why did I wake up to pee at 4:45ish and Charlie was wandering around the house whining? Of course I ignored him and went back to sleep, but that's besides the point. So, I have no first hand knowledge of this quake. I felt nothing, heard nothing. But then the news showed this section of a highway not at all far from my house that has this "crack/seam" that they are investigating. "How did this happen?" Newslady says. Um, let's see - There was a freakin' earthquake this morning!! That's how! Dumbass! Then, there's the fact that I work in a 58 story building. I'm not worried - like they said on the news, these buildings are built to withstand these types of things. So maybe they will sway a little, but they do that, so no big deal, blah blah blah. Maybe because I am still new to the working in a tall building lifestyle, but I know that I feel something when it's a windy day, so I'm likely to feel something if there's an earthquake. It's that weird feeling, like your head feels funny, and your just not quite right. So, quick recap - last year, coyote in cooler in a deli. This year, cougar in Chicago proper. Earthquake. Yep, might just have to move. Or buy a big plastic bubble to live in. Cougars might find the bubble toy-like. Damn.

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Jennifer said...

It's insane! But... still kind of exciting... as long as you're not the cougar that was gunned down.