Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Phoning it in

So, I'm a little bummed today for reasons I chose to keep to myself at this time, so I'm totally phoning it in today. Today is Administrative Assistants' Day. I am (kinda) an admin. assistant. On Monday I had to lead our team conference call meeting, and the following is what I started out the meeting with. (My co-workers think I'm funny.) Top 10 ways to keep your coordinator happy (a happy employee is a productive employee) 1. Do not go all Devil wears Prada and throw your coat on your coordinators desk. You might now be called DWP and your coat may end up on the floor smelling oddly like my skinny mocha latte. 2. Remember there are 2 shopping days left before admin assts' day. Wed. is admin asst day. This is a real holiday, it exists. Google it if you don't believe me. 3. Your admin likes fresh air and sunlight. Take her outside occasionally. 4. There are 9 months and 27 days until S's birthday and 7 months and 6 days until Von's birthday. 5. We're girls. We like manicures, pedicures, and free lunches. 6. Know things about your coordinator. Von is a die hard Cubs fan. S is a Yankees fan. 7. If you go to a sales call anywhere near a bakery or coffee shop, stop and shop. Treats are always appreciated. 8. Your coordinator is brilliant and funny - laugh at her jokes. Laugh now. 9. If you catch your coordinator singing at her desk, tell her that her voice is lovely, and you are so glad she works with you instead of being on and winning American Idol. This is the moment to NOT laugh. 10. Realize and acknowledge that while your coordinator may lack in certain skills *ahem* PowerPoint, they are probably extraordinary at something else, for example Excel.


Adorable Girlfriend said...

Von, I know it. My AA got AG flowers and an e-card. The thing is though, I am just kind to her everyday and do what I can for myself because it's not her job to be AG Momma. That's usually enough for her.

Don't be bummed. AG will sandwich you and Chelsea C. anytime. Anytime! Plus, I bet the Marty would get it on that and though he might have Irish curse, he makes up for it in the after cuddle. I have no proof of those claims, but I am strong on p-value with that.

Von said...

AG - you are too too funny. I feel you might be getting a response from Shannon about your TheMarty comments, but hey, that'll be fine with me. I have FOUR LBs (lady bosses) 2 in my office, 2 remote. If I ever write about them, they will probably just be referred to as LB1 LB2 etc. Except for ALB - Awesome Lady Boss. She knows who she is. AND she reads my blog. ALB currently has a frog in her throat. :)