Monday, September 22, 2008

Ding ding ding!

Question: Who's sitting at her desk right now, shoveling a tasty concoction of lite microwave popcorn, candy corn, and m&ms in her mouth??? ME! Next (obvious)Question: Who has PMS in a big way but didn't realize it until she looked down at the plate of sweet/salty that she called "lunch"? You got it - the answer is ME! (again)


Shannon Erin said...

Candy corn? Ewwww.

rotten mcdonald said...

Cheese corn for me.

Von said...

Cheese corn is also good. I just went with what we have in the office. Candy corn and M&Ms are in the office. As is regular microwave smart-pop popcorn.

Poptart said...

well, I blame you for getting me on the pretzel thing - I have since gone to Dinkels TWICE to get a pretzel since last's sick.

Lazyjade said...

I have just eaten an onion bagle.

In my kitchen is the fudge I brought home from Disney for the group of us.

I'm sincerely doubting that the fudge and the bagels are going to last.

I understand your pain.