Friday, September 19, 2008

Sometimes I'm just a girl

I'm more than a little annoyed with myself. This whole third date debacle has got me acting like a girl. A high school aged girl. Bleh. So, as mentioned before, the third date was weird, kinda a bust. I was all perplexed yesterday. So What did I do? Von? Master of her Universe? Queen of her Awesome world? Yeah, I texted him. Damn me. I texted 'hi', which began an almost normal exchange. No terms of endearment (which is S's normal m.o.) but a little bit better than Wednesday's weird texts. So today, I'm back to meh. And kicking my own ass for being such a girl. I'm so glad I have good plans with awesome people this weekend, and have no intention of seeing S. Here's to the new me, same as the old me.


rotten mcdonald said...

Boys are weird.

Part of the package I'm afraid.

Von said...

Rotten - ain't it the truth.

Adorable Girlfriend said...
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Anonymous said...


He was not nearly good enough for you. When Falconesse gets back, I'll ask her to smite his unworthy ass back to his community theater costume room.

He made it weird because *he* is weird. Of course there is something appealing about that, but there needs to be something more than just him being entertaining.

Before Winter, we're going to hang out. If need be, I'd be your wingman.

Von said...

thanks themarty.