Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Too bad, so sad

I am a Cubs fan. Like, the kind that bleed Cubbie blue. I could care less, generally, about the White Sox. It's their fans that are the problem. I wanted to cheer for them. I really did. When the Cubs season was over the other night, I wanted to look to the White Sox. I am a baseball fan too, and I will watch games until the end of the World Series. The White Sox fans make it impossible for me to care about the team at all. Some asshole wrote a song mocking the Eddie Vedder song written for the Cubs. Seriously? And the Sox started handing out and using stupid white towels for people to wave around when the Sox did good things. NEITHER of these ideas are original. See, asshole, the song Eddie Vedder wrote was an ode to his childhood here. He was asked to write something, and being a thru-and-thru Cubs fan he did. You, asshole, took someone else's melody, someone else's words, and made a joke out of them. You said nothing good about the Sox, you just made fun of the Cubs and their fans. Because of you, I'm glad the Sox are done until spring training. You, 20 year old marketing associate who decided that handing out towels was a good idea - you should be fired. How many other teams use towels at games? And have been for years? OH, yeah, plenty. Because of you, I'm glad the Sox are packing up their lockers. Because of you, Tracy Swartz, who is just an unfunny beatch, and you Richard Roeper, neither of you who EVER had anything good to say about the Cubs, even when they had the best record and were in first place - I'm glad I won't have to hear AC/DC or Journey for at least 5 months. I knew my Cubbies would choke. I am realistic at least. I just don't need to hear it from a bunch of ignorant assholes wearing their black out clothes. A Sox fan admitted last night thatWhite Sox fans were spending more time bashing the Cubs and their fans than enjoying their team that was still in the game. For that reason more than anything else, I'm glad it's over. My prediction to win the World Series? The Rays take it. (Side note: Shannon, Sil1x, and other friends of mine that are Sox fans - you know I am not talking about you. The good natured joking we do is nowhere near the same thing as the nastiness that I am referring too. Plus, you grew up South Side, and I totally get how you would prefer the Sox to the Cubs.)


Shannon Erin said...

I don't get what the problem is with the white towels. Because other teams have done it, nobody else should be able to?

Thanks for the sidenote!

Poptart said...

the sox SHOULD hand out single plain white tube socks to wave around, you know the kind that sell for like $3.99 for 100 of them at the "import" stores? It would be more original and way more funny.

Lazyjade said...

What if the Red Sox win? Is that like a Sox win, only different?


Von said...

Shannon - Because it's somehthing the WS claim as a new and exciting super fun thing to do. It's neither new, nor exciting.
Poptart - good idea!! You may have a future in PR....
LJ - I've made my peace with the Red Sox. I don't hate them as I once did. I'm still saying Rays to win it though.

hell said...

I want the Rays to win because I'm a sucker for the underdog.

But I think the Dodgers are putting up a good fight. I wanted the Angels to win, but the Red Sox beat them.

As far as the Cubs, I think the are fine during the regular season, but as soon as they make it to the playoffs, they psych themselves out.

Tracey Swartz sucks.