Friday, December 5, 2008

C is for cookie

That's good enough for me! Two cookie related items: 1. Tomorrow is my third annual cookie and ornament swap. Generally a big hit. This year all guests are coming in pajamas, and they've requested more food. Ask and you shall receive!! There will be a ton of food. My annual party is a good time. A bunch of women get their drink on - we have peppermint schnapps and hot cocoa, vodka and cranberry gingerale, wine both white and red, beer - and bring a dozen homemade cookies and a wrapped ornament. They each get a festive tin and get to pick out a dozen or so different cookies to take home, and a new ornament. Yep good times. Am I ready for this at all?? Nope. Not at all. I'm lucky my house is decorated. I managed to bring the party tables into the house yesterday and mop the floor, but there's no food and no cookies yet. Sigh. It's going to be a looooong night tonight. 2. The Bake-Off is upon us!!! Team Chicago and Claire are eagerly awaiting your entries!! Valuable and super-awesome prizes await you!! Did I mention first and second place get to be the judges next year? Comment here if you'd like further details.....


Brando said...

To prepare you for the infighting that will happen during the cookie contest, I suggest you watch There Will Be Blood if you haven't already.

Also, my word verification is "porksl". I'm telling you, there's a DiVinci Code in these things.

Von said...

Brando is correct, it does get a little, ahem, violent at times. Did I mention valuable prizes?!?
Brando - I know, I got something like smurfizi the other day on Rotten's....too weird.

Poptart said...

You will have to explain this bake-off to me tomorrow.

I am already having anxiety about the cookies for that!

Looking forward to it - and I bet your house, the food, and everything will be great and perfect. You fret for nothing.

Jennifer said...

I thought Brando was going to divulge his magic cookie dust secrets, but I guess not.

As for the infighting, I still haven't recovered from the past two years... :)

Chuckles said...

I already won the cookie competition this year.

I have a tiara to prove it.