Tuesday, December 23, 2008


A couple of snippets from last night: 1. One cannot give someone the finger while wearing mittens. The person who should be offended sees this as waving, and will wave back, thus infuriating you futher. If one must give the finger, take off the mitten, so the message is not miscommunicated. 2. I CAN park in the garage while VonBroinlaw is parked in there. I can, I can, I can. Yeah me. 3. Chris made me spit out my pop at dinner last night. We were sitting at the table, having just finished our crappy holiday dinner. Laura was out warming her car, and Lizzie was playing with her toys. For no reason whatsoever, Chris looked at me and said "How bout I take that ski and shove it up your ass and walk around the restaurant with you like that?!?". She.was.sober. I love Chris. I missed her a lot. A lot. 4. We were nearly thrown out of Joe's Crab Shack last night. Chris decided to fill my purse with whatever she could find on the table. There was sugar, sweetandlow, crab crackers, napkins (used), pens. We were standing up practically wrestling. I think Laura was torn between laughing and trying to get us to stop. Lizzie? She was trying to help her mom fill my purse with crap. Yep, Chris and I are great role models for her!


Kathleen said...

LOL! Happy Holidays!

I also wanted to apologize for not sending in my cookies. I got really sick and decided mailing you little cookie germ-bombs wasn't exactly in the holiday spirit!

Shannon Erin said...

I love number one.

Mendacious D said...

You can give the finger with mittens, but they have to be the kind that flip back to reveal fingerless gloves.

They're handy in many ways, not just for free expression.