Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Folk and Roots Wrap up!

Ah, Folk and Roots, how I love thee. Like, a LOT. Like way more than pretty much anything else I do every summer. Things I hated about F&R:
  • Only three friends visited me. Y'all are lame.
  • PBR. Bleh. Even free, it's bleh.
  • Rain is good, but not when it cancels the last band Sunday night!
  • A little too hot. Like sweat under my boobs hot. Bleh.
  • The stupid vol who dared to call me a bitch, but then ran away like a scared little school girl. Bitch, I've got your number. And please note that the volunteer coordinator heard you, and you're kinda in trouble. Stupid.
  • The lingerers. Like the silly brunette: when your shift was over at 6:00, and you are standing around at 8:30, looking for someone to talk to, and no one wants to talk to you - GO HOME
  • The GuitarDuo. Way too mellow for a festival.
  • Double wide strollers. Hate you. Hate the people that buy them, and sometimes the children that are in them.
  • On the same strain - drunk parents and wayward kids. Last I checked festival grounds do NOT equal free babysitting by perfect strangers.
  • Receiving three pitchers of red wine that we thought/hoped was sangria. Alas, it wasn't.

Things I loved about F&R:

  • Can I say pretty much everything else? Kinda want to. I really love this fest. I'll try to elaborate.
  • The backstage magic. These people run a very large, awesome, tight ship. You'd think it was easy breezy to do this music fest thing, with the way they've got it DOWN.
  • The appreciation. I'm not a appreciation-seeking-whore. I'm there because Old Town is my super happy place, and the fest is a part of that. No less than a handful of staff thanked me each night as I dragged my tired ass out of there.
  • The spontaneous concert/jam session that happened backstage after the Sunday night show got cancelled due to lightning. I am so very very lucky to have been around for that. It just personifies, to me, what Old Town is all about.
  • All of the people I worked with this year. (Except that whole "bitch" thing). I'm lucky to get the roles that I ask for, and it's easy to work hard for/with a bunch of folks that I consider friends. I want to buy drinks for TH, KO, DJ, CM, AB, SJ, JK. I'll have to put that on my to-do list.
  • The t-shirts this year. You need to see this. I'll post a picture of it soon. Y'all are going to be jealous! (Except ZRM, because I got him one)
  • Ok, even the rain on Sunday (before the lightning - shakes fist at lightning). It was cooling and kinda fun, for a while. Nothing like running around in the rain in the middle of summer.
  • The mood and/or vibe. You just can't beat it.


Jennifer said...

1- Sorry, we were going to be there. We will next year!
2- I fully agree.
3- Everything is under the boobs hot. Boobs are hot!
4- People, don't call Von the b-word!

Ok, I'm not going to waste your comment space commenting on all of these. I'm sorry we missed it. We all like going, but it was not in the cards this year. Next year, look out. :)

And you're right, OT is a super happy place.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

did you make out with Jonboy Langford?

I have a recording of his band, the Mekons, playing OTSF in a mostly acoustic set from a few years back. He said "Old Town School of Folk; where punk rock has gone to die."

Von said...

Jennifer - und you VIL go to F&R next week. that is my german accented writing.
Z - NO, I didn't make out with Jon. I did see him, say hello, compliment the awesome new shirts, and got a little hug. He didn't hang out very long this year, I think I heard he was heading out of town. He is soooo right about Old Town. You need to come down. I'll take you there. You'll love it.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

tomorrow night: Old 97s at the Pabst.

Von said...

color me jealous.

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Like sweat under my boobs hot.

It wouldn't be hard to find a volunteer boob-swabber, would it?

Jennifer said...

und you VIL go to F&R next week. that is my german accented writing.

Oh, I know! I sat up a little straighter just reading it!

I was also expecting a little mach schnell!