Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Some clarification

Nope, it's not a political post, but more about how ignorant people post incorrect info on teh fb in their vitriolic rants. So. I feel the need to clarify. 1. Mayon Daley is STILL MAYOR until May 15. This means Rahm Emanuel takes office MAY 16. As in RAHM EMANUEL IS NOT YET MAYOR. Which means: When you write 'Why isn't Mayor Emanuel visiting the injured cop in the hospital?!?!? Asshole!!!! Doesn't care about the city or the police!!!' UM - Why would he? As he is quoted as saying: He's not going to park his car in front of Daley's. So, who should be visiting the cop who's in the hospital? DALEY. 2. Jody Weis had a CONTRACT as Chicago Police Superintendent that expired yesterday, 3/1/11. Which means that his job was actually completed and over and finished and ended on 3/1/11. When you write: 'Man! Look at Weis! He doesn't even have to give two weeks notice! Asshole!!!! Doesn't care about the city or the police!!!' Um, you are also an ignorant asshole. Lemme 'splain - a contract has a start date and an end date, which means that is the date that he is finished with the responsibilities of said contract. And guess what? We HAVE an interim Superintendent - Terry Hilliard, former Superintendent, called by da Mayor and asked to fill in for the two months until Mayor Emanuel puts someone else in the top cop slot. And from what I remember (and this will get all the feisty cop people all up my ass, but whatever) Hilliard was well liked and did a good job. So, nothing to bitch about!!! Nothing to see here people!! Moving on!!!! Also stuck in my craw this week: People who get off on being the first with new information. For the record - Yes, I did love @mayoremanuel on Twitter. It was awesome and hilarious and creative and all that good stuff. No, I do not care who wrote it. I would have been perfectly fine never knowing who did. But hey! Now we do! ANNNNDDD I still do not care. I don't a) live in Evanston b) go to Columbia c) give two shits who he is ***notice, I'm not even going to bother naming him here*** The only good part about knowing who he is is that the allegedly assholey, uncaring, callous, Mayor-elect, the actual Rahm Emanuel is still going to *gasp* keep his promise of donating $5,000 to the tweeter's charity of choice.


Another Kiwi said...

Oh boo to finding out who it was. Not important!!!!

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

I was expecting: Clarification- Jennifer and Jennifer are not the same person.

That still kinda blows my mind.

Von said...

B4 - I don't even know the "other" Jennifer. So, yes, mind blowing.
MY Jennifer rocks the house.

Jennifer said...

I'm awake!! This post did a better job of waking me up than the 100 cups of coffee I've had today!

Now that's the Von I know! :)

No, I'm not the other Jennifer... never have been, never will be. I don't know her either other than other people asking me if I'm her. We seem to have a lot of blog friends in common... some who knew me first, some who knew her first. Life goes on.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Other Jennifers, indeed.

I believe neither of the Jennifers in question were/was/is the Jennifer who dumped right before my 30th B-day!

(No present for you!)

mikey said...

I dunno, Mr. Thunder, I'd kinda hope she's dumped once or twice since then.

But then I'm an optimist...