Monday, July 2, 2012

Happy happy

Time sure got away from me, sorry for the delay.

And that's enough of that........
If anyone wants to make me a tshirt that says: Full of Misery (on the front) and Obviously Extreme Jealousy (on the back) in a very cool way, I'd be forever grateful and will wear it just about every day, since every one who knows and actually loves me knows what a complete bunch of b.s. those two statements are.


So, I had another fantastic and amazing weekend.  I'm still pretty happy just because of it.

Friday night I went to see Tesla and the Scorpions at Northerly Island.  I'd never been there, and it did not disappoint as far as venues go.  The sound was great, it doesn't hold that many, so even our "cheap seats" were good.  I went w K, we go to a lot of concerts together. Telsa was awesome, they played all of the good stuff, closing with Little Susie, which is K's favorite song.  The Scorpions were really amazing, considering their kinda advanced years.  The weather was starting to get a little scary, the wind picked up, it got chilly, and then the lightning started.......but the actual rain held off until after the last chord of "Rock you like a Hurricane".  Like Mother Nature was giving mad props to the Scorps, and let them finish.  My aching knees only got us so far, and I ordered up an Uber car for us.  It took less than ten minutes to arrive, and we got home super quick in air conditioned lincoln town car luxury.

Saturday was breakfast with VonMom.  Which, you know I have grown to enjoy.  VonSis came along this time, and somehow that made VonMom a little weird and kinda cranky.  No matter. 
Saturday evening I hopped on the ole Metra train and headed out to visit with Brando and TLB.  Well, kinda forgot that that is the train that goes to Ravinia.  Saturday night was Sarah McLaughlin, and the train was PACKED with granola lesbians.  Not the best of times, but well worth the misery to hang out with two of my favorite people.  I attempted to bribe Libby into friendship with coloring books - not sure if it worked.  Brought along some cherry and raspberry lambics to bribe Brando and TLB and those did work.  We had a lovely time with some fantastic food.  The train home was less crunchy, and I was grateful for that.

Sunday VonMom and I had lunch with my God-mother.  I dig her the most.  She's awesome, and had been one of VonDad's best friends since they were kids. She thinks I'm cool.  She loves all of my stories.  We went to Baker's Square (forgive me, not MY choice) where I ran in to two different people that I take the train with every day.  Kinda funny, didn't know Baker's Square was the big Metra Meet up locale.

Now, I have to work a grand total of 1 1/2 days, and then the tricycle of awesome rides for Michigan.  Ahhhh, my annual rest and recuperation week.  We won't be back until sometime on Sunday.  So, you won't be hearing from me.  There is no internet where we are going, and I'm ok with that.

So, have a wonderful holiday, kiss your babies, appreciate your friends, and I'll be back next week.


zombie rotten mcdonald said...

So I guess Summerfest is a blowoff after all.

Oh well. Who wants to hang with a zombie, after all? Whine.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

I can hear that whine all the way to (eastern) West Virginia.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

I'd like a little cheese with it, please.

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Friday night I went to see Tesla and the Scorpions at Northerly Island.

Was there headbanging? I imagine there was headbanging!

Saturday night was Sarah McLaughlin, and the train was PACKED with granola lesbians.

That's great! Did any of them give you a braided friendship bracelet?

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

I actually kind of LIKE Sarah McLachlan

Von said...

Z - This whole last two weeks really got away from me, and I'm sorry. I owe you...
B4 - yes, there sure was. I used to be a lot better at it, but I still did it. My hair was a flying.
Both - I actually do not dislike Sarah McL, I might have considered going to the show. My problem is her FANS and their lack of good hygiene. No, didn't get a single friendship bracelet. Must have been my sullen looks and arms crossedness.
Thunda - LOL, as usual :)