Wednesday, June 11, 2008

More people I don't like

I have a little bit of bad karma going on right now. I don't know why, I really don't. I just know that karma has been biting me in the ass during my work day more often than not. See, there's these people. They work on the 27th Floor of my building. Hence, I call them the 27th Floor people. Sometimes, they are also called the 12-year olds. The 27s are all about, well, 12 years old. The women are all blonde up-talkers, the boys are just that, boys. They say really lame things, and see-saw between sounding gay, and sounding fratish. It's gotten to the point where I just know them by sight. Plenty of mornings one of them gets on the elevator, and I just want to hit '27' for them, I am so sure I know where they are going. These people annoy the fack out of me. They also travel in packs. The other day I had another run in will a gaggle of them. I was bringing my lunch back to my office. I was waiting with 2 normal grown-up people, and 2 27s. One male, one female. They each had a large box from Jimmy John's. Whatever. We all continued to wait for the elevator. Then, out of NOWHERE arrived 6 more of them!! The girls were all 'Oh! What is that? What's in the boxes?' Ok, like they even ever eat food. They're all like a size 1.5, bleh. The girl with the box said 'Oh, you know, sammies (who SAYS that?!?), chips, and pickles' The others weren't really listening, probably distracted by something shiny, gave her a blank stare. One of them said 'Pickles?' At which point (I couldn't help it, at all) under my breath I said 'and pickles, and pickles, and pickles....' (OK, big Dane Cook before he went totally lame reference. Seriously funny shit) and I kinda laughed to myself. Now, they are even more afraid of me. The elevator comes. Are the boys decent, and let those of us who were waiting l o n g e r just have the elevator? Oh, noes. We ALL get on the same stupid elevator. One of the 27s said 'Oh, isn't this cozy? tee hee?' I said 'Yeah, Um, NO' nice and loud. We couldn't get to 27 fast enough. Me, I'm past 27. Hate them. Now, every time I'm on the elevator, there's at least one of them. I'm perfecting my 'don't even look at me' glare. Karma. I was able to avoid them most of the time for almost a year. Now, every time. I'm telling you - karma.


Adorable Girlfriend said...

I am surprised you are having bad karma. You've got so many things that you have done that have been banked for good karma. Perhaps you need to write the karma people a letter. They must have a clerical error.

I guess it's just one of those things. I used to let people bother me. Given my recent set of changes, I gave that little bad habit up. Now, I try to be more sympathetic and say, "That's not my thing, but it is theirs." Then I smile and perhaps the voices in my head laugh at them. Perhaps. It helps me a lot though.

I do wonder why though they are all the same clones. Do you think they work for Miranda Priestly or something?!

Anonymous said...

They got something coming. Oh yes.

Von said...

AG - thanks pumpkin. I've been trying in general to be a little nicer, but them? No. Can't. Won't happen. Hate them.
OPB - really? When? and can i watch?

billy pilgrim said...


completely understand. See my recent experiences with Mr. Crazy Inspectorpants Q. McFuckstain.

Whatever you do, don't kick them in the head, even if Chuck Norris tells you to. I discovered that "He needed a kick in the head" is only an acceptable defense in Texas.

Von said...

BP - I have read your post about Mr. McFuckstain!
I can't kick them in the head? Not even with my perfectly pedicured flip-flopped toes? Damn it.
Yet another reason for me to move to Texas. I see a trend forming.

Adorable Girlfriend said...

Come on now. They must be reasonable. They must! Work is already hard enough, they are just trying to lighten the load.

Lauren said...



Fuck you, Rachael Ray, right in the ear. Ten bucks says they're all fans of her show and worship every word that comes out of her obnoxious, sammy-eating mouth.

Von said...

I agree. They probably watch shows about eating, instead of actually consuming food.

Adorable Girlfriend said...

Totally Lauren. Hence why I dumped on the crazy who wrote the food article on my blog -- she mentions Rachel. Enough. Said.