Friday, June 27, 2008

An update

But let's not hold our breath. Landoverlord (aka VonBroinlaw) hinted at getting me my very own internet connection last night. At 8:30. While I was packing. I asked VonSis if it could be put off by, like, a day as I was busy at it was late. It has been put off. One would hope while I am in Michigan VBIL gets it all squared away. Have a great weekend. Come hell or high water next week there will be another Name that Tune. Nothing says Independence like Name that Tune.


Pretentious Bastard said...


in like three hours or so.

Michigan will tremble at our collective awesomeness!

Von said...

TheMarty - I can hardly STand it!!! I am dancing at my desk in anticipation!! Understatedly dancing at my desk. Chair dancing. I cannot wait!!!

Adorable Girlfriend said...

I wanted to go. Thanks for waiting for me. :)

Italy was messed up. I am on my way home now. I was so sick while I was there. I always get sick when I travel. Even when I go to Canadia.