Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Still Nada

I'm guessing I still don't have internet at home. I didn't check last night, because I was busy having awesome dinner at Feed with my most favorite cousin Jyl. A dinner at which I told her I have a blog. HI JYL. So, real quick - every day I walk over to get my free RedEye newspaper at work. Every day I have a little giggle. See, some smooth operator with an exacto knife or somethin' change the word "Free" on the side of the paper dispenser thingy to "I Pee" I don't know why this is funny every freaking day, but it is. Fingers crosses I'll have internet soon.


Adorable Girlfriend said...

Hi Von Cousin!

I love that Von has a million family members that she is close to and live nearby. I need to work on that!

RoD is down. Again. We were temperarily up, but we are at butthurt again.


billy pilgrim said...

I. Would. Die.

without internet. i need help, probably.

Von said...

Dude. BP. YOu have no idea. I'm like beyond pissed. I'm even a little shaky about it. It's my crack, and I'm fiendin'. I'm sending Another email to the landpeople that I need my internet like NOW.

Adorable Girlfriend said...

I know. Now imagine having Internets, but no blog access.