Monday, June 16, 2008

Really Great Weekend.

Finally!! I had a great weekend. No sleep, like, at all, but a great weekend. Friday night I went to Pirate Wench's house. She has a movie night about once a month. I've never been able to make it before, so Friday was my first time. I got there right on time, and it ended up being me, PW, and three of her very funny friends. We had warmed brie with cherry chutney, quiche, veggies and good conversation. We went downstairs to start our fantastic film of the evening - "High School Musical". The things these chicks were saying!! I was laughing so much and so hard, I could barely catch my breath! About half way through the movie, PW said "Time for dessert" Um, what?? We paused the movie and PW brought us all Ho-Ho ice cream. You heard me - smooshed up ho-hos, frozen in vanilla ice cream, with hot fudge sauce. I wanted to stay there forever. The women were awesome, and I had a great time. I did make the mistake of laughing at my own jokes at least twice. I blame laughing so much the entire evening. I came home fairly early, and my sister and her husband were sitting in the yard. I went to join them for a while. It was all nice, and warm, and the chandelier and the white lights were all on, it was awesome. Saturday I had to be up at the ass-crack of dawn to pick up Siobhan to take her to VonParents' neighborhood garage sale. It's pretty cool. The entire neighborhood has garage sales on this one weekend every year. I think there was 48 houses this year. We ended up with a large group going around together. I'm super pissed that I didn't see my ex pull up and go into his parents' house. Laura saw him, but didn't tell me until it was too late. Damn it. Damn her. After a few hours and some bucks spent, I took Siobhan home. Saturday night Shannon and I went to see Sex and the City. Good movie, evil stupid crowd. Shannon didn't hear a lot of the mumblings around us, but there were a couple of gaggles of stupid chicks who talked a lot during the movie. I was complaining to Shannon about it afterwards, and she said "I didn't hear that, but I did hear to tell some people to shut up." Yeah, I did. I didn't pay good $$ for some dumb bitches to run commentary, and predict what happens next. Dude - It's Sex and the City, it ain't rocket science. Anyway, I really liked the movie, more that I thought I would. The only thing was I felt Jennifer Hudson's charecter was completely unnecessary. I like her, but I just feel she didn't really need to be there. After the movie we walked over to one of my favorite bars, one that we had frequented a lot not too long ago. We had *ahem* a few beers and good conversation. There were a couple of our famous other-people-turn-and-look laughes. Our friend Tim was working a private party upstairs at the bar, and he joined us a little after one. Then, there was some more beer, and some Jameson.......well, then I remember the bar closed around 2:30, and Shannon and I left aroudn 4:00 (it's good to know the guys that work there....) It was perfect. It was exactly what I needed. 5 hours of sleep later it was time to celebrate Father's Day. Great weekend, to the point where I don't even mind how tired I am.

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Adorable Girlfriend said...

See your ex?! Nah. Forget him. He is yesterday's news. I am a fan of NEVER, EVER seeing them again. Ever. Why. It's old caulk. Who want's that?!

As for Sex and the City, I had an entire theatre of them and the cell phone users with the bright lights and the queers next to me who were bitchy and bitter jilted boys. I am going to see it again, just so I can actually hear it.

Good weekend indeed. Looking forward to reading many more this weekend!