Tuesday, August 19, 2008

First, and UPdate

Just got back from a lovely Peruvian BYOB with Shannon and TheMarty. I dig them the most. They are right up there on my short list of most favorite people to hang out with. ANYWHO Thought some of you might be curiuos about our poor Charlie. He's better. Not great, not 100%, but better. He was meh when we got up this morning. When I got home from work, he had improved. His tail was wagging, and I could tell that he wanted to jump up on my legs to say hello and get/give kisses, but he thought better of it. *He's so smart!* When I got back from dinner, he was even more peppy. I'm going to try to breathe again now, and stop with the worry wrinkles I'm giving myself. He's eating, and tail wagging, and he just looks a little better. Thanks to all for the well wishes.


Poptart said...

That's a relief. Wonder what it was?

Von said...

The vet thinks he might have a slipped disk, it's common in beagles.