Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Scattered thoughts

I'm having one of those busy weeks. Those Really busy weeks. I have to run registration for the German school tonight. Tomorrow night I have an Oktoberfest planning meeting (but I'm glad I was invited to the meeting!). Friday night I am volunteering at Old Town. Saturday going out. Sunday going out. I don't plan on these kinds of weeks, I don't even like them very much. It's just funny how I keep saying yes to things, and my calendar fills up. I need to find a happy medium - somewhere between bored and hyper-busy. I had lunch with Shannon yesterday. She's the best. I needed to share a laugh, and I needed some serious encouragement. We had a good couple of laughs, and she's given me the kick in the pants I need on the topic I am having some trouble with. She's pretty good at talking sense into me. I am a little pissed at Obama. See, I say do your thing, campaign, have your convention, become our candidate, whatever. Did he really need to not only say he was a White Sux fan, but also slam on Cubs fans?!? Thank God he didn't slam the Cubs themselves, or I might have spent about 3 seconds considering becoming a republican *shudder*. But seriously - stick to the important stuff, please Obama. *Previous statement being the extent of my writing about politics. I just choose not to do it here. Speaking of that little convention in Denver. I spit out my cereal yesterday morning when I saw that the three loser dudes who were arrested on drug charges and possibly making threats against Obama were staying at the Very Hotel that I stayed at in Denver. Do you see how craptacular that place was? Too funny. While watching the Cubs game last night I had a random thought. It was exactly this 'I really wish I was friends with Lou Pinella. He looks like fun, and so bad-ass.' I also changed out the songs on my iPod. Fackin' stupid shuffle. I change the songs out once a week. I will will will be getting a real, better, iPod by the end of the year. Super awesome cousin Jyl was at the same lame event I was Sunday night, making me feel so much better about being there. I was at the Backstreet Boys concert. It was more of a have to than a want to. BUT I had a great time. I did some go-go dancing, had some wine and cheese. It was a beautiful night, and I spent time with people I don't see very often. I will, however, give up a few cool points for going. The crowd was exactly what I knew it would be - young girls, 20-30 year old fat chicks, and gay men. The people watching was fantastic.

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Poptart said...

Ha - I just read about that - Derrek Lee agreed with Barack!,0,7923195.story

See you tonight, o busy one!