Friday, August 22, 2008

Name that tune - the Best of Cheese

Anyone who has received the Best of Cheese CD is not allowed to play. Otherwise, you know the rules:
  1. 1. And now the times are changing - look at everything that's come and gone - sometimes when I play that old six string - I think about you wonder what went wrong
  2. 2. Magenta feelings take up shelter in the base of my spine - Sweet like a chik a cherry cola
  3. 3. Oh look at those clothes - Now look at that fad, it's so old - And such a video! - Well, it's really laughable
  4. 4. It's time to play the music - It's time to light the lights - It's time to meet the muppets - on the muppet show tonight (this one is such a freebie!)
  5. 5. Blame it all on my roots - I showed up in boots - and ruined your black tie affair - The last one to know - the last one to show - I was the last one you thought you'd see there
  6. 6. I'm on my feet - I'm on the floor - I'm good to go - Now all I need is just to hear a song I know - I wanna always feel like part of this was mine
  7. 7. I'll shine up my old brown shoes - PUt on a brand new shirt - I'll get home early from work - If you say, that you love me
  8. 8. We are all sitting - legs crossed round a fire - My yellow flame she dances (RIP LeRoi)
  9. 9. The third time I saw lightning strike it hit me in bed - It threw me around - And left me for dead (repeat! second one!)
  10. 10. Will you take the pain - I will give to you - Again, and again, and will you return it
  11. 11. That Cuban girl - That brought me low - She had that skin so fine, and red lips rose-like now
  12. 12. I offer thanks to those before me - that's all I have to say - 'Cause maybe you squandered big bucks in your lifetime - now I have to pay - How long?
  13. 13. I like where we are - when we drive in your car - I like where we (google this one-hit wonder, 2007)
  14. 14. Well I would like to hold my little hand - I will run I will - I will cry I will - I will run I will - I will cry
  15. 15. Come inside, take off your coat - I'll make you feel at home - Now let's pour a glass of wine - 'Cause now we're all alone
  16. 16. Love is like a bomb - baby, come and get it on - livin' like a lover - with a radar phone
  17. 17. I know a place - ain't no body cryin' - ain't nobody worried - ain't no smiling faces
  18. 18. I got 99 problems, but a bitch ain't one - Hit me - Shut up when I'm talking to you
  19. 19. Zappin' it to ya - The pressure's everywhere - Goin right through ya - The fever is in the air
  20. 20. Said it was the wrong thing - For me to do - I said it's just a boys' game - The girls play too - My heart is working over time - In this kind of game - People get hurt

Ok - THis is the Best of Cheese - ALL cheesy songs. Winner gets ........ A copy of the Best of Cheese!! (It grows on ya, trust me) Most correct guesses gets a copy. Answers will be posted next Friday for the ones that aren't guessed. Happy Friday!


Brando said...

Oh, I loves me some cheese.

1) "Summer of 69" by Canada's own Bryan Adams.

4) I think Spinal Tap opened for them.

7) "I Want You to Want Me" by Rockford's own Cheap Trick.

9) "Hot Hot Hot" by The Cure. Side note: I used to own a black Cure shirt with a neon picture of Robert Smith on it, purchased from this tour. I am old.

16) America's number 1 stripper anthem, "Pour Some Sugar on Me" by The Hard of Hearing Leopard

18) "99 Problems" by Jay-Z. This actually got played during my brother's wedding reception.

Adorable Girlfriend said...

AG will do it later after work. She is not a big fan of the prizes, so if she wins -- she is going to give hers away on her blog.


That's how AG rollz!!!!!!!!!

Hell said...

6. Praise Chorus by Jimmy Eat World. One of my all time favorites.

Von said...

Brando - ah, you know your cheese. Well done. You are correct on all counts, and witty too! You are the strong front runner.
AG - one has to play to win. You have yet to play
Hell - One of my favorites too!! Good job.

rotten mcdonald said...

I got nuthin, cept for the Cure.

Brando rocks.

Von said...

C'mon Rotten! I would have expected a little better. I guess you weren't a fan of the cheesy songs....

Adorable Girlfriend said...

1. Bryan Adams: Summer of '69
2. Savage Garden: I want you
3. No fucking clue!
4. The Muppet Show!!!!
5. Garth Brooks: I got friends in low places. (Heard too many times at the Mulberry Inn on da Hill in 1995!)
6. Jimmy Eats World: Praise Course
7. No fucking clue!
8. Dave Mathews Band: Tripping Billies. Best band formed in the 1990s after Pearl Jam!
9. The Cure: Hot, Hot, Hot (I saw them in 2000 and I heart Rob Smith.)
10. Depeche Mode: Strange Love (I saw them at the same place I saw The Cure and did left handed cigarettes that night.)
11. Black Eyed Peas: Latin Girls
12. Indigo Girls: Galileo (First time I heard it was a friend's band doing a cover. Brian, the lead singer, died of a drug overdose about 3 years later. Makes me sad to hear it now.)
13. Googled: HelloGoodbye -- Here in your arms.
14. Rusted Root: Send me on my way!!!
15. Cannot for the life of me think of the band but it's I'll take you there.
16. Huh?
17. No fucking clue
18. Linkin Park: Points of authority.
19. Not afraid to admit it: Debbie Gibson: Electric youth.
20. Crap! I know this one and I cannot seem to belt out enough to figure out what it is.

AG will take her prize with pancakes made by Billy Pilgrim!

I can only win Von music contests because we have similar taste in music -- AG has cased her CD collection.

Von said...

AG - #11 um, fuck no. You are correct on the rest, but others have already guessed some of them. I'll have to see which ones were guessed before your comment, and then see who the winner is.
And that's not the prize. My contest, my prizes. YOu don't get to pick your own prize. Nice try though.

Lauren said...

I'm ineligible for the contest.

Why? Because I have the prize already. (<3 Von)


Adorable Girlfriend said...

I know it's your contest and your prizes -- but BP can make dem pancakes!!!!!!!!

Kathleen said...

oh man I sux. I got these. I think it reveals a lot about me, actually.

5- I got friends in low places, where the whiskey flows and the beer chases our blues away. Garth Brooks

12- How long 'til my soul gets it right? Can any humna being ever reach the higher light? I call on the resting soul of Galileo. King of Night Vision. Indigo Girls


Von said...

K-Unit, there is NOTHING wrong with knowing your cheesy songs!! Look at me! I came up with 20 of them!

Kathleen said...

It's not so much knowing the cheesy songs; just that the only ones I knew were (1) Garth Brooks, (2) Indigo Girls, (3) Def Leppard. LOL