Friday, February 20, 2009

Red Light Camera Hell

Dear Red Light Camera, Oh, you are SO tough. Ok, you got me. But let me fill you in on something. There wasn't just a little ice, the entire street was a sheet of ice. So, when you send me the pictures of me "running" the light, I'm going to fight it. I hope that the pictures relate to you that I didn't run the light. I skidded through the light. My car wasn't even going straight. I was in forward motion, but kind of going sideways. I think the camera will show my terrified face, and me white-knuckling the steering wheel. My normally 20 minute drive home from schule was a one hour nightmare. I went no more than 10 mph at any given time. I even yelled at a police man. He was at some mini-mart with a dozen other cops, and he's standing kind of in the street saying "Go! go!" I looked at him and said "No! No." Last night was one of the top 5 scariest driving experiences I've ever had. So, red light camera, send the stupid ticket. In April, when there's no snow or ice. I guarantee you, I won't be paying it.


Adorable Girlfriend said...

Fight the power, girl!

Anonymous said...

Just another example of how automated systems are full of crap.

Kick their ass vonnie.