Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Home...home again.

MA was wonderful. As always. I'm loathe to say "Boston" because we didn't actually go to Boston this time around. Things didn't bode well from the get-go. Shannon and TheMarty were 1/2 hour late. They emailed that they were going to be late, but still. I wanted to get the hell out of Dodge! We were on our way at 12:31. Sure, we immediately got stuck in traffic - it was like Chicago knew we were going to cheat on it, and didn't want to let us go. It took us a loooong time to get there. There was a couple of hour stop over for sleeping in a truck stop parking lot. This little break ended when TheMarty lept out of his seat - out of the car really. The reason? He had a dream that someone(s) were coming to kill us. Also, Shannon had seen a foreign film in which a bunch of people get raped and/or killed while sleeping in a truck stop parking lot. We got to our Days inn in Middleboro around 10am on Saturday. After a nice three hour nap we found we could hang. Shannon and I were off for very crappy mani/pedi (my nails were chipped and peeling the very next day) after which we met up with our Boston friends in Plymouth for dinner and drinks. Love. Plymouth. Love.It. The wedding Sunday was also in Plymouth - at the Plimouth Plantation. The gardens where the ceremony/reception were were gorgeous. The thing that was missing? Shade. Yeah, it was about 9,000 degrees out, and there was minimal shade. I felt bad for the bridal party (all of our friends!) who were dressed up more than the rest of us. We busted out of there about an hour early - we really couldn't take the heat anymore - and went back to the hotel. Ended up with the whole group over at Lauren and Greg's. They are fantastic hosts, who happen to have a gigantic pool in their yard. Aaaaah. Pooooooool. There was much drinking and many shenanigans. There was also a trip to Peaceful Meadows. Look it up. An ice cream place. On a farm. You can walk up and thank the cows for your frosty treat. Heaven. Monday was all about Persey's for breakfast, then a jaunt back to Plymouth so I could wade into the ocean. I wanted to go to a beach, but it wasn't really a beach, but it was still awesome. After that we went back to Lauren and Greg's for more quality time with them and more pool time. Ok, AND another trip to Peaceful Meadows. Tuesday morning came way too soon. So did 4am, which is when we left for the drive home. These trips always go by so fast!! The MA friends make very strong cases for moving there. They really do. As long as my parents are alive, I know I would never move any where else, but I'm not ruling it out for a down down down the road kind of thing. I probably should have taken off work today. I'm exhausted still. I know I got a LOT done today, but I know there's still a ton more to do. I guess it's good to be needed!! Some things I learned on this trip: When TheMarty decides to leave the Tricycle of Awesome, he becomes the Unicycle of Underwhelming. I am someone who "dances on the edges of nerd-dom" and I love that. That Dave and Eric are very very good at doing impressions of the lead singer of AC/DC, and the rest of us are practicing really hard to be just as good! That I really do love MA. That the only movie Roger Ebert found worse than "National Treasure" is "National Treasure II" That the mixed drink Sweet Tarts are fanfreakintastic and everyone should try one! That's all for tonight. I'm still so tired!!

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