Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Lemme 'Splain

Yesterday, I got something that made me all giddy and stupid, and I actually squealed. At work. I got my New Kids on the Block tickets. Now, now, let me explain before you just laugh and point. I know, The New Kids are actually not talented singers, or songwriters, or dancers. I also know that they average age of the "kids" is like 42. There is, at least in my opinion, a very good reason I am going to this concert. When I was a teenager, I actually didn't have any New Kids stuff. I had a Jordan Knight doll someone gave me, and this picture book someone else gave me. The posters on my walls were actually of The Cure, and Killing Joke, and Morrissey, and Metallica, and Siouxsie and the Banshees. I knew about the New Kids, I dug them as much as any other teenage girl did at the time, I guess. Most of my friends were really into them, and went to all of their concerts. Here's the thing - I NEVER got to see them when I was a kid. VonMom and VonDad are and were awesome, and actually really indulgent of me, but on this topic they did not budge. There was no way they were going to fork over the cash just so I could get some cool points for going to the 19th NKOTB show in 1990. I didn't really push the issue, because they were so cool about almost everything else. But, I did feel like I was missing out. Interesting side note though - I think my mom is behind a lot of my love of music. My first concert was Heart. I approached her nervously about buying the tickets with her credit card. She said "Heart, huh?" and handed over the card with a sly little grin on her face. I feel she was holding out until I picked a quality band to spend my money on. Anyway, back to the New Kids tickets: So, I bought these fackin' tickets for one reason: Because I could. It's really as simple as that. LB1 and I were having lunch, and I told her that there was this pre-sale for American Express cardholders. She said "I have an American Express." There. Done. The following week we went online and bought the tickets - pretty damn good seats too. I bought 3, one for me, one for Laura, who I'm pretty sure is so excited she may not sleep until the concert - which is in October, and one for SIL1X. I had no idea she even liked the New Kids until I was telling the story of how I was getting tickets. She got all excited too. Turns out she was a big fan back in the day too. Just another reason why I heart her big time. So, October 4th, I'll be oh-oh-oh-ohing, with an arena full of thirty-somethings just like me.


Adorable Girlfriend said...

Sounds fun. Enjoy and come back with the full details!

Von said...

Oh, you know there'll be a follow up in October!!

billy pilgrim said...

Ok, now that you've 'splained, can we laugh and point?

No, seriously, I wouldn't do that. Although the IMS Amnesty thread would have been the good place to admit to it.

But you've got serious props for the first concert being heart. My first one was.....neil diamond. Or Styx, if you don't count Neil as rock and roll. But I still have a disturbing tendency to show up at a BOC show, so who am I to judge?

But TMBG is gonna be at Summerfest, so I'm not gonna be pointing no fingers.

Von said...

Thanks for not judging BP. I knew I could count on you to be open minded!

Adorable Girlfriend said...

BP is awesome for that. Awesome.

I love seeing good sportsmanship on here because then I can learn. :)

See, I am still learning and working towards the goal.

P.S. My blog is broken. I cannot sign on to post something new. Waaa.

Von said...

We are having a BP lovefest over here! It's cool.
AG - I can't believe your blog is broken!! How am I supposed to get my fix? Fix iT! I need my RoD!!

Von said...
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Kathleen said...


sorry, it had to be said.

and, hey, I'm the one who gets super excited about a Neil Diamond COVER BAND, so I ain't pointing at nobody.

Except you really need to watch Music & Lyrics before you go to the show. hi-larious.

Von said...

You know K-Unit, I have not seen that movie yet! I'll check it out.