Friday, May 2, 2008

James Lipton R O C K S

Sometimes on the weekends, I'll stumble upon that Inside the Actors' Studio show with James Lipton. He's fun. He's cool with a capital C. My favorite part of the show is at the end, when he does that question and answer session with each guest. Some people give great responses, some are eh, but it got me to thinking. Two of my favorite questions in that segment are: What is your favorite word? and What is your least favorite word? So, I've come up with a little sampling of words that I love and words that I hate. *Disclaimer: This list is about ONLY the Word. Not what the word means, or represents, or anything. Just the word, so please don't get all word defensive in my comments. Thanks.* Words I Love: Bubble, Kiss, Smooth, Meander, Crystal, Klavier, Tryst, Skyscraper, Torrid, Clandestine, Bramble, Fire, Tramp, Vaudville, Smirk, Beatific, Harmony. These words make me smile and I like the sounds of them. Words I Hate: Kitchen, Fresh, Hook, Jejune, Trip, Smudge, Bus, Purse, Tangerine, Diner, Park, Pigeon, Spit. These words get tangled up in my mouth and I just don't like them. I could actually go on and on and on with both lists, but then this would be the post that never ends. Any words that any of you feel strongly about?


Adorable Girlfriend said...

Oh no she didn't. She didn't say jejune?!!

BTW, dude came by twice over the past 24 hours. If we are sooo insignif, why are you checking us out? He can check his stats because AG hasn't been there in more than two weeks. AG has no use for jejune a-holes who start trouble and have their little girlfriends with their fleas fight their battles for them.

AG's words:

Like: kiss, bzz, Von, Teh Marty, ginger, jejune, crisp, hollow, peep, spring, cotton, juice, jacuzzi, melanoma, biopsy, mesothelioma, hematoma, scapel, schmoopies, Snoopy, and Smurf.

Dislike: curtain, fart, tits, renal, dialysis, says, cleave, abdomen, flush, clavicle, tumor, Keith, Phyllis, certain bloggers names.

Von said...

AG - Sweets, you have to know I added jejune just for you! Great lists of words yourself! Ginger is a good one!

Anonymous said...

Like: , vapid, vituperative infrastructure

Hell said...

I hate, hate, hate the word mucus.

Just saying.


Shannon Erin said...

I hate the word moist. I had to say it today, and I shuddered.

Von said...

Shannon - I'd like to know the sentence in which you used moist. Lots of women don't like that word. Personally, it doesn't bother me.

Shannon Erin said...

"You can just wipe down the table with a moist paper towel."

Kimberly said...

I used to date a guy who would make cupcakes and muffins. He'd take it out of the oven and I would find him critiquing them with:

"These are moist..."

Since then, I don't mind the word. Especially from the mouth of a closeted gay man.

Lauren said...

I will third (fourth?) the dislike of "moist," though I don't think I ever really thought about it until someone else mentioned it squicked her (I don't know who it was, originally, but it was definitely a woman).

My vote for an addition to the list of awesome words: widdershins.

Nick W. said...

Like: Splendid, robust, furtive, askance, leverage, bewildered.

Dislike: tuber, special, issue, fatuous.

And I just have to say: James Lipton may be fun, but he is not cool. Definitely not with a capital C.

Von said...

Nick - Welcome! Great words by the way! I would have agreed with you about James Lipton, but ever since he was in that Geico commercial he's Cool. We can agree to disagree.