Thursday, December 1, 2011

F*ck you Thursday

 Today, I give you Fuck You Thursday

The topic of today's Fuck you? 2011.
All of it.
I'm done done done with it.

Here's a recap-
February - H1N1
March - Pneumonia
April - TMJ
May - Busted the hell out of my ankle, which lasted through August
July - This year's lapse in judgement (L bastard)
August - see July
September - Root canal that led to infection, that led to  C Diff (again), that compromised my kidneys (again)
October - Lost my Dad
November - Porcupine in throat/chest cold from hell

With very few exceptions, 2011 has SUCKED for me. As in, the worst year of my life, as it contains the worst day of my life 10/23/11.

So, here I sit, counting down the days until 2012. No, I have no big plans for New Year's Eve. Likely, I'll be taking VonMom out to dinner then home to bed.

I have no hopes for 2012. I've turned in to a realist that way. No knight in shining armour will be sweeping me off my feet, I will not win the lottery, I will not write a prize winning book. I will not master the guitar and write the next great song. 
I simply hope it will be slightly better than 2011.

Because I'm tired.


Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

You made it through, even with all the suckitude. As a wiser man than I put it, here's to what the future brings, I know tomorrow you'll find better things.

Von said...

Thanks B4

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Your plans for 2012 sound like mine.

Let's hope it turns out better, anyways.

Jennifer said...

You're coming with us to a really fun party... and it's in the city!!! Like Foster and LaCrosse!

And then you will start your awesome year... even if I have to drag you. :)

I lahve you, Von!!!!

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Hmpf. A party I wasn't invited to.

Haven't been to Chicago in like WEEKS. I need a driving booster shot.

mikey said...

Hokay. 2 things here.

First, the most important lesson I ever learned, when people I didn't know wanted to kill me. And that is simple. You CAN'T give up. As long as you keep fighting you can't lose.

Second, and closer to earth. The shit you have to slog thru isn't your life. It's the shit. Your life is the singular moments when you contact people, when you hear music, when you smell jasmine or honeysuckle.

Don't demand of it more than it can give you - just ask it to, once in a while, feed your soul and allow you to see the whole thing, which is pretty cool...

Another Kiwi said...

Stick with it Von. *HUG*

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

My advice is more straightforward than mikey's.

"Drink New Glarus beer"

You're welcome.

Also, if you find some Lakefront Holiday Spice, DRINK THAT immediately. Even if it's 10 AM.

Brando said...

Knights in shining armor are overrated. Do you have any idea how much dudes sweat under metal plate armor? You won't want to hug that.

The sooner you shake off the dust and dirt of 2011, the sooner you can make a clean break in 2012. Hang in there.

Jennifer said...

And I can't imagine anything that's supposed to go wrong in 2012...


Kathleen said...

I hear ya Von. 2012 will be better.

fish said...

Knights in shining armor are overrated. Do you have any idea how much dudes sweat under metal plate armor? You won't want to hug that.

And chainmail totally pinches. Go for the jester. They usually wear fuckstockings.

Could be worse Von. You could have a leaky-ass dog.
Hang in kid.

Von said...

I luv all of you guys lots.
J - let's talk about this super fun party, shall we?

You all are the bestest.