Thursday, July 3, 2008

Name that Tune, this time a theme or two

So, I'm sure none of you are really working on Thursday. So, for your distraction, Name that Tune, again. This time around, there's a theme. Ok, there's two. There are also two songs that are specifically for two people (I'm looking at you, BP and TheMarty). All are welcome to play, even my Canadian friends ;). Rules: Again, there are none. Just please don't cheat. I will admit this time I had to get some Google help, but that was due to the theme, and the request for longer lyrics. A refresher: There are twenty song lyrics. Try to name the title and the artist. Bonus round: Name the two themes. If all 20 songs are named, there will be valuable prizes. Answers will be posted sometime next week. Play on, players:
  1. Far - We've been traveling far - without a home - but not without a star
  2. Devil without a cause - and I'm back with the beaver hats - and Ben Davis slacks - Thirty pack of Stroh's
  3. It's just a small step for him - It's a nice break from Vietnam (filmed in a factory)
  4. If tomorrow all the things were gone - I've worked for all my life - And I had to start again - with just my children and my wife
  5. Come back home to the refinery - Hiring man says "Son if it were up to me" - I go down to see the VA man - He says "Son don't you understand"
  6. Terrorists your game is through - 'Cause now you have to answer to - America, Fuck yeah
  7. Bright lights - the music gets faster - look boy don't check your watch - not another glance
  8. Colored lights can hypnotize - sparkle someone else's eyes - now woman, I said get away
  9. Laughing on the bus - playing games with the faces - she said the man in the gabardine suit was a spy
  10. I can't see myself at thirty - I don't buy a lacquered thirty - caught like flies - preserved for tomorrow's jewelry again
  11. Yankee dollar talk - to the dictators of the world - In fact it's giving orders - and they can't afford to miss a word
  12. As I was walking a ribbon of highway - I saw above me an endless sky - I saw below me a golden valley - This land was made for you and me
  13. Oh I've been smiling lately - dreaming about the world as one - and I believe it could be - some day it's going to come
  14. You see, war is not the answer - for only love can conquer hate - you know we've got to find a way - to bring some lovin' here today
  15. Tell us commander, what do you think? - 'Cos we know that you love all that power - Is it on then, are we on the brink? We wish you'd all throw in the towel
  16. How many times must a man look up - before he can see the sky? - Yes 'n' how many ears must one man have - before he can hear people cry?
  17. In the locust wind comes a rattle and hum - Jacob wrestled the angel - and the angel was overcome - you plant a demon seed
  18. 99 dreams I have had - in every one a red balloon - It's all over and I'm standing pretty
  19. It's just a rumor that was spread around town - a telegram or a picture postcard - within weeks they'll be reopening the shipyards
  20. How can you say - no child is left behind? - we're not dumb and we're not blind - they're all sitting in your cells


Adorable Girlfriend said...

I am actually working. I will get back to this soon.

billy pilgrim said...

Okay, I can hit a couple of offa the top of the melon...

19. Shipbuilding by Elvis (not the fat dead one) offa punch the clock.

18 is of course, 99 Balloons by Nena (saw Sigmund Snopek do this in the original german last weekend)

17. Bullet the Blue Sky by U2

16. blowin in the wind by Dylan.

12. This land is Your Land - Woody Guthrie.

10. Little America - REM. Nice one Von.

8. LA Woman, The Doors.

3. The MEKONS, from So Good It Hurts; Ghosts of American Astronauts!! Thanks for That, VON. Toldya I'd be the first one out of the gate on these.

Brando said...

I knew 17 and 18 as Billy labeled them, as well as:

2. "American Badass," Kid Rock

6. "America, Fuck Yeah," Matt Stone and Trey Parker (w/ MATT DAMON).

11. "I'm So Bored With the U.S.A." The Clash

15. "It's a Mistake," Men at Work.

I love this and hope you keep doing it. Only suggestion I have: can you number the entries next time?

Also, I think one of the themes is: Songs Toby Keith does not beat off to.

Von said...

BP - You are all correct Except for #8. Try again? And, you're welcome for the Mekons song, that was just for you!! And they happened to have a song that fit one of the themes!!
Brando - You got two of my favorites correct!! A+! Also, bonus points for you for creativity in theme. I will try to number the entries. I might have to ask Shannon to help me figure out how....

billy pilgrim said...


How many points do I lose for missing American Woman?

Von said...

Don't worry! No point loss. YOu got a lot right, so it's cool.

billy pilgrim said...

number 5 is born in the USA by BROOOOOCE!!!

Zelmo said...

#9 "America" - Simon & Garfunkel

#13 "Peace Train" - Cat Stevens

BP will not believe this...but no cheating. Honest.

Lauren said...

I don't have any new ones to add that haven't been guessed, but I can help you with the numbered list!

Where I have parentheses, substitute in ye ole html-ifying brackets:

(li)Thing one
(li)Thing two
(li)Thing three

Von said...

BP - Correct!!
Zelmo Correct, and welcome!
Lauren - Thanks, I'll try to remember that for the next list!

billy pilgrim said...

yeah, nobody should be surprised that Zelmo knows all the old overplayed hits. Probably saw the cover bands do them at Summerfest already.

billy pilgrim said...

Number one is America by Neil Diamond.

Totally gazoogled that one.

Did we get them all yet?

Von said...

Not yet! :)

Shannon Erin said...

The Doors Von? Really?

Which ones still need guessing?

Von said...

Hellz NOOOO - Shannon! There is no Doors! That one was wrong, I thought I let him know.
Long story for another blog, probably written while drunk.
I'll let you know in a second which ones still need guessing.

Von said...
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Von said...

There are FOUR left!! Here are the numbers, and hints:
#4 - think, THEMARTY, this one's for you, in a joking way, think back to MI, a song we discussed...
#7 - pop song, used in the opening credits of the movie "Clueless"
#14 - singer rhymes with Davin Faye...
#20 - singer has hair that matched her name, was married to 1/2 of Hart & Huntington...
I'll leave it open another couple of days, I want to hand out prizes!!

billy pilgrim said...

you didn't use Miss America by Styx...

Although I would guess Suite Madame Blue would work also.

Third time's a charm: American Woman by the Guess Who. I blame Summerfest for screwing up my head.

#20 is Pink, from your clue: dear Mr. President.

C'mon, somebody gazooogle the rest so we can tag Von for our Wonderful Prizes!!

Adorable Girlfriend said...

Crap! I got super busy. Sorry about that.

Zelmo?!! You never come to RoD!! And AG got banned by Dr. Fish.

Can a sistah get a little help with her banning at Fish's place?!!