Monday, July 28, 2008

Still.....or again....who knows

SO, still or again, no facking internet at home. Quick recap of my second weekend in the NOrth Woods. It's all about the wildlife. We saw: A bald eagle (AWESOME!!) A skunk A porcupine (we saved it's life. It was the cutest non-cartoon animal EVER) A pair of loons (the real kind, not freaky people) A kingfisher (I'm usually not a bird fan, but this thing was TheAwesome!) Ok, I'm off to harrass and whine at my landtyrants for the millionth facking time. Sigh. AG and MenD are coming to Chicago to tear up the town with me, Shannon, and TheMarty this weekend. Chicago can't handle the truth. *Revision: I did NOT see a kingfisher. I saw a Blue Heron (or Herring) it was huge and still TheAwesome! **Still no internet at home.


Adorable Girlfriend said...

Exactly because the truth never set me free!!!!

Chuckles said...

I saw a kingfisher in March along the canal. Canada geese poop in the reservoir that feeds Georgetown which is kinda funny now that I think about it. Great blue herons stalk the shallows of Fletcher's Cove. I watched a snapping turtle swim through a shallow area of the canal. I see terrapins in the canal as well as bluegills and some variety of carp. I see cormorants quite frequently and wish I had a license to dispense summary justice on all invasion species. I think the same thoughts when I see starlings fighting over scraps.

Why I needed to make this a competition, I don't know.

Von said...

Chuckles - Duuuude. Why are you making it a competition? Where's the love?