Thursday, July 10, 2008

Nostalgia and reminisence

I have been feeling incredibly nostalgic lately. It's gone kinda like this - I'll randomly have a dream about some guy from my past. It's always a very vivid, odd dream (minds out of the gutter, friends!) and it stays with me for the whole day, sometimes longer. Then, I think about the person in the dream for days on end. There's one guy I'm pining for because of these stupid dreams, but I won't be writing about him. At least, not today. So, last night I have a whole new dream, and another big wave of nostalgia. I've been grinning all day remembering these two. Yep, I said TWO. Twins, actually. Back in the day I was awesome enough to have had flings with a set of twins. Here, we will call them M & B. Some back story: I met M & B at a fine arts camp I went to. Best. Camp. Ever. I hit it off with M & B right away. As the oldest group of campers both boys and girls shared a unit, and we all did all of our activities together, and hung out at night. I went to that camp each summer for three years. I had a huge crush on B for a long, long time. He was one of the first guys I kissed. He was also my junior prom date. Every summer at camp we had to do a talent show. My second summer B organized all of the older boys and they sang a song to me. The boys were all up on the stage, and B said "Von, This one's for you." and they proceeded to sing to me. I was so the envy of every girl at that camp!! At some point (much later down the road) I had a crush on M. What never turned into a defined "relationship" was still something unique and meaningful at the time. I don't know how we managed it, but B was totally fine with it, and we were still all good friends. My friend Laura and I spent a lot of time with M & B for a while. One of my favorite memories is hanging out at M & B's with Laura. We drank coffee that M called orgasmic coffee. (This was before Starbucks was all cool and everywhere, so awesome coffee was a pretty cool thing) I think that night Laura and B actually sang for us. Laura being a mezzo-soprano with years of training, and B being a tenor, with years of training. I remember feeling so grown-up and content. I remember hoping that my evenings as an adult were as awesome as this one was. Good coffee, fantastic music, sexual tension..... I don't really remember why I lost touch with M & B. I vaguely remember M moving away when he transferred colleges, and he definitely took a little piece of my heart with him. About the same time, B was busy with his life, he was seeing someone seriously, and was pursuing his greatest passion - singing Opera. I hadn't thought about them in years, quite honestly. Then, that stupid dream last night that they were both in (AGAIN, minds out of the gutter). So, of course, I googled them (God bless the Internet!!) Holy Shit. M is now DR. M and a professor of anthropology at a very respectable university. He's kinda far away. B is a professional opera singer. He's living his dream, and sharing his incredible talent with the world. And as far as I can tell, he's still living in the Chicago suburbs. I totally dug a little deeper and found some email addresses for them. I don't know if they are even good, current addresses for them, but I sent them both emails. I think life is too short that if you want to reconnect with someone, there's no time like the present. I have nothing to lose really. Fingers crossed I'll hear from at least one of them. I'd love to tell them how they made me grin like a 14 year old for an entire day without even trying.


Adorable Girlfriend said...


AG is listening.


Teh Internets are funz.

billy pilgrim said...

Hot Swappable Boyfriends!!

Von said...

Tee hee! Yep!