Wednesday, July 16, 2008

No blog for you

I didn't have time to write a "real" entry for today. Too busy burning the CDs I need for my new friends this weekend. See, 8 people going to the North Woods and we are supposed to bring something for everyone. I created a masterful CD entitled "The Best of.....Cheese". Next week I'll post the songs that are on it. I want it to be a surprise for those getting a copy first. Have a nice day.


Adorable Girlfriend said...

New friends? What -- we aren't good enough?!!!!

Kathleen said...

Love it! I need to know what songs you chose. Have a fun trip!!

Von said...

AG - there's always room for more.
KUnit - as soon as we're back (think we're coming home Tuesday) I'll post what's on the CD.

billy pilgrim said...


Is that some kind of Wisconsin slam?

....umm, what with the cannibals and the necrophilia, go right ahead. We're twisted.

Mendacious D said...

You don't mean Richard Cheese, perchance, do you?

Because that's just plain sadistic.

(did I just break the embargo? I hope not!)

Von said...

Cheese, as in a good-natured slam on WI. Please. I love me some WI. I'm going to be there 7 out of the next 10 days!! Two weekends in a row!!
Cheese - think Color Me Badd and Debbie Gibson. That's all I'm saying until next week.

Adorable Girlfriend said...

WI slam?


The fact that it calls itself a state is humor enough.

billy pilgrim said...

eat me AG.

Come here and say that. We'll shut yer yap with cheese and cream puffs.

We're the home of Russ Feingold, Tribe Member and The Last Honest Democrat.

Jennifer said...

I hope you included The Happy Schnapps Combo! No Wischedder compilation would be complete without it!

billy pilgrim said...


Now THERE'S some Wisconsin love!